• Charity Drive for Brent Hodge "A Brony Tale" on Stay Brony My Friends

    Dusty is back once again with another charity for a good cause on this latest edition of Stay Brony My Friends. This week's guest is Brent Hodge himself, the director of A Brony Tale, and he has chosen the ALS Society of Canada for his charity organization that you guys can donate towards!

    Of course, there are some cool prizes you could win by donating so it's a win win for everyone involved! Check after the break for all the information you need.

    Another Stay Brony My Friends show has come and gone and this week we had Brent Hodge, Director of "A Brony Tale" the movie which just had its premiere at the TriBecA film fest in New York City! We had a rousing talk about all things movie and brony and when we can expect the film to be hitting theatres this summer!
    As you all know we love to do charity around here, and Brent picked the ALS Society of Canada as his charity of choice.
    ALS, also known a Lou Gherig’s Disease, is a crippling (and eventually) fatal condition. Research to fight ALS is ongoing throughout the world, and we are back for another twelve rounds of buckin’ brony combat!

    By going to this link: http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1074 you can find out how to help! Give aways this time are a Funko Trixie, 5 packs of Enterplay card game packs and a Promo card from the Tribeca film fest for the movie "A Brony Tale" signed by Dusty.
    If we break 500 bits, A stuffed Cheerilee toy and a Michael Dobson autograph will also go to the lucky winner.

    Thank you to those that have helped us with our Charity Drives in the past and also to those of you who will continue to help in the future, as well as you new fans!

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