• Musician Performances, Steffan Andrews at BronyCAN 2014

    You can't have a pony convention without some music and BronyCAN is promising to rock the house with some musical guests attending this summer. Steffan Andrews, one of the people responsible for the great musical score on show is making an appearance alongside some community musicians that are sure to make the convention a blast!

    Check on after the break for the full presser.

    Here’s even more great news out of BronyCAN, particularly for the musically inclined! Last week we announced songwriter and composer Daniel Ingram would be attending this year, so we are doubly excited to announce fellow composer on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Steffan Andrews! Steffan will be attending all weekend to talk about the music on the show, sign autographs, and interact with fans of the show’s tunes!

    The excitement doesn’t stop there however! With the incredible line-up on community musicians that we had last year, we are looking to repeat that success and then some, starting with a few of the community musicians who will be performing at BronyCAN 2014! The musicians that we are pleased to announce are FenPony, StrachAttack, GeDM, BronyMike, Equestrian Lord, Forest Rain, HeyLasFas, Skeleton Umbrella, Maestro Scherzo, and Brightside. We’ve got more lined up later on, so stay tuned!

    Last, but not least, we’d like to remind those of you in the northwest US and Canada that  BronyCAN will be holding a contest to give two tickets to the 8PM screening of Brent Hodges’ A Brony Tale at the VIFF Vancity Theatre. Participants are asked to snap pictures of what it means to be a Canadian brony, and tweet them to #BronyCANDOXA for a chance to win these exclusive film tickets. Travel will not be provided; participants must be able to attend the screening in person. Winners will be announced on May 7th.

    About Steffan Andrews
    An award-winning composer & orchestrator, Steffan has written over 2000 minutes of score for internationally-recognized television series watched by millions around the world. Steffan is best known for having orchestrated the majority of songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic including the Daytime Emmy-nominated "May The Best Pet Win" as well as composing the underscore and orchestrating songs for both musical episodes to date, including the Leo Award-winning "Magical Mystery Cure" and Weird Al Yankovic extravaganza "Pinkie Pride." He is regularly working on many projects, with credits including Littlest Pet Shop, League of Super Evil, Voltron Force & more.

    Twitter: Calpain