• Dr. Wolf's Analysis Channel Gets Axed by Youtube - Is Analysis Next on the Chopping Block?

    One of the more prevalent analysis guys, Dr. Wolf,  ended up with something we haven't seen ever happen over in the world of pony Youtube today.  While takedowns on specific videos via copyright notices and strikes on channels happen, they never result in an immediate termination of the account without any kind of warning.

    Earlier today while browsing his email, he was logged off and sent a message by Google stating "We have detected suspicious activity on this account" when attempting to log back in.  After submitting his phone number for recovery purposes, an email was waiting in his inbox stating that "Your YouTube Account has been Terminated".  When visiting the URL for it, the above message appeared. 

    Again, usually Youtube warns you of copyright infringement, or revokes your Adsense privileges on specific videos.  This would be the first time we have ever seen an entire channel instantly deleted. 

    As of right now, there still hasn't been any feedback on what exactly happened.  If you are experienced in the world of Youtube copyright termination, you may want to go give him some info over on Google Plus.  Hopefully this isn't the start of another wave of takedowns!