• Nightly Roundup #952

    HAHA CEREAL I STILL HAVE MY LAPTOP.  Fluttershy wins. 

    Brazilian Pony Fandub

    Ive had a few people say the Brazlian dubs aren't too good.  Luckily we have fandubs now! Have some episodes!

    Episode 1
    Episode 2

    Trixie Paint!

    Glorious Trix!

    Pinkie Pie Lunch Box

    Found over here!

    Tracy Morgan Wants to Voice a Pony

    According to his AMA on Reddit, Tracy Morgan wants to be a pony! Full post over here!

    A Brony Tale Free Ticket Contest

    Hodgee Films is giving bronies the chance to win two tickets to "A
    Brony Tale", which is SOLD OUT for the Tribeca Film Festival.

    From Hodgee Films:
    Hey BroNYs in ‪#‎NYC‬! Jonesin’ to be the first to see our SOLD OUT
    film, ‘A Brony Tale’? Well, you just might!

    Just take a selfie in all your Brony glory, tag ‪#‎bronytalemovie‬ and
    you have a chance to win 2 tix to the world PREMIERE at Tribeca Film
    Festival on April 26th with VIP passes to the after party where you’ll
    meet Ashleigh Ball! @ashperson chooses her favourite on April 24 so
    get to posting! ‪#‎TFF2014‬"
    Find it here


    One Bad Apple Analysis

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F1osJzVDtY
    Title: One Bad Analysis 3 - The Right Number of Pinkie Pies

    What's this today? A new episode of One Bad Analysis? A large swarm of Pinkie Pie's should put a stop to this! Or would it? Were there really too many Pinkie Pies? Not enough? Or just the right amount? In this episode of One Bad Analysis, Owen takes a look at the possibility of the number of Pinkie Pie's featured in the duplication disaster being... Just the right amount!

    Last Exit to Ponyville

    ARE YOU EXCITED?!?! Cause I’m excited!
    In today’s special content we have a DVD commentary on Equestira girls from the good folks of TWiG and a few special guests we brought in from CANterlot’s panel on Equestria girls.
    If you came here looking for something deep and metaphysical then BOY, did you come to the wrong neighborhood! What you get is 2 bronies and 2 pega-sisters going down a rabbit hole of MST3K proportions
    It’s weird, amusing and for you!
    Now gather up some cupcakes and sit your butt down and listen to the Last exit to Ponyville’s FIRST DVD commentary!
    More to come if there isn’t a total train wreck!
    New episode

    D.E. Round Table

    Find it here!

    Treebeard takes over my podcast and we discuss Leap Of Faith, Review, React and Rate it. Fanmail, characters we want to see more of, rock candy and favorite candy, and what we do when we don't talk pony. Topics, we cover EQLA Shutting Down, Babscon with most of us arriving at the hotel and our main round table topic of Conventions being oversaturated and reasons why you're an idiot for thinking you can start one out of thin air!


    - Fanmail #1 - Characters that need to return.: 5:33

    - Fanmail #2 - Favorite Candy and Rock Candy: 13:24

    - Fanmail #3 - What we do when not reacting to MLP?: 21:32

    - TOPICS: 24:24

    - EQLA Shuts Down 25:53

    - Babscon Convention: 27:43

    - Episode Review - Leap Of Faith: 29:55

    - Episode Opinion and Rating: 37:16

    - Round Table Topic - Conventions and Oversaturation: 48:45

    - Special Shoutouts: 1:06:05

    - Wrapup: 1:14:37

    Bronies React: Trade Ya

    Find it over here!

    Glass of Analysis

    An in-depth analysis of the song Glass of Water from the fourth season episode Three's a Crowd, examining the many allusions made in the lyrics and animation to, among other things: indoor pony plumbing, Clark Gable, a medical text from 60 AD, and perhaps evidence Discord has visited our dimension or one similar to it.

    Find it here!

    Your OC Sucks Episode 7

    This week we look at Alicorn OCs
    Part 1 http://youtu.be/nNE1-vArvvo
    Part 2 http://youtu.be/fyKwOQvzD1c


    Successful Meetups

    The Cellist Said Yes Fanfic Read

    Find it over here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Rust Brony Group

    my name is mandible, and i have an offer for every-pony who plays the game "RUST" on steam. send me an email at: [email protected] and i can get you into an exclusive clan, where you never have to worry about greivers, raiders, or of ever playing alone again. come and join the elite, join changeling hive #039


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rarity Plushie