• BABSCon - Show Writers Panel Summary

    BABSCon has quite a few writers on their impressive array of show staffers here in San Fransisco, and today was the first of the writers panels.  As usual, we have a summary of everything that went down at the event, with everything from personal silly questions to season four and beyond detailed.  Head on down below the break for all of it!

    Season 4, Future Seasons, Pony Movies, and More!

    Does Hasbro have any plans on G4 Movies other than Equestria Girls?
    Meghan: Anything is a possibility, Meghan wants to do a pony movie but it's up to Hasbro.

    (That is probably the biggest one.  Make it happen Hasbro!)

    More Derpy?
    Meghan: A definitive yeah

    Will there ever be a Celestia focused episode?
    Meghan: Perhaps, there are potentially some things that will happen in the near future
    Amy Keating Rogers: If you want to learn more about Celestia and Luna's past, grab the Journal of the Two Sisters book releasing soon. 

    Will we see any Spike and Cutie Mark Crusader combo stuff?
    Spike has a few fun things coming up by the end of the season.  Not so much Cutie Mark Crusaders, but Rarity may be involved.

    Will Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ever be reformed/Show some decency
    Meghan: Maybe, though we can't say right now.  Meghan likes how villainous they are and wants to explore why they are that way.

    Will we see more of the mane six's family in future episodes?
    None in season 4 as far as they can remember.

    Any Plans on Revisiting the Diamond Dogs?
    In human form yes.

    What's in the box?
    Who does the tiny things in the background?
    Background characters are generally handled by the animators/storyboarders, not the writers.  The scripts would be too large if they detailed every little thing. M.A. Larson: Gwyneth Paltrow's head

    Something you loved but had to get rid of in an episode
    It happens a lot between drafts, but you need to axe things a lot to make it fit into 22 minutes. 
    Ma Larson: Luna Eclipsed had a very different Luna for the first draft fromthe scond draft, becoming a much better character. 
    Pinkie was supposed to do a konga in The Best Night Ever, but it got cut, then was cut again in Pinkie Pride. 

    Will we ever see Pinkamena again?
    It's certainly a place they know they can take her.  Perhaps if something inspires them.

    Personal Questions, Writing Careers, ect

    Favorite episode to write was?
    Josh Haber:  Leap of faith
    M.A. Larson: Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
    Natasha Levinger:  Pinkie Pride
    Amy Keating Rogers: Testing, Testing
    Meghan's: Season 4 finale and Party of One

    How do the writers get along when writing new episodes? Do you work in teams or by yourselves?
    Everyone joins together a few times each season to discuss ideas, browse the internet, and eat lunch.  Only Meghan is around all the time as head writer, with each other writer splitting off independently. 

    How do you deal with negative feedback?
    The worst thing to do is read the comment section on a post online.  It's weird on this show because everything is delayed by a year. Amy says it's a total bummer to see the negative stuff.  At first everything is positive, but people analyzing the episode too deeply usually ruins it as more people jump on the bandwagon with the few tiny issues. They understand that people are very attached to the characters, but so many people are involved in each episode it sometimes changes a lot.  They do their best to not let the feedback influence their writing. They are fine with people being critical, but non-constructive feedback isn't helpful.

    Is writing professionally as fun as it is writing fanfiction? Or is it just for the money at this point?
    None of them would be here if it wasn't fun, but there are times where it is stressful with the deadlines and general writers block.

    Do you ever get stuck on an episode script?
    Meghan: If you are stuck it means something was wrong.  Things flow much easier when everything is the way it should be.

    How do you get out of writers block?
    M.A. Larson: Banging your head against the computer until it's done
    Josh: Writers block comes when you want everything to be perfect, but sometimes you just have to put something down to keep it going, and change it later when inspiration comes. 

    Who would you be best friends with from the show?
    M.A. Larson: Applejack
    Natasha: Fluttershy
    Josh: Rarity
    Meghan: Rainbow Dash or Twilight
    Amy: Applejack

    Of all the characters, who is your favorite character to write for?
    M.A. Larson: Rarity
    Natasha: Pinkie Pie
    Josh: Rarity, and Fluttershy because she feels like she could explode at any moment
    Meghan: Discord
    Amy: Pinkie Pie, though she likes to write them all starting with season 4.

    To Josh - In Simple Ways we saw Applejack and Rarity switch, would you ever swap any of the other ponies?
    Josh: Pinkie and Twilight

    How do you manage the 22 minute time limits?
    When you start a story you plan for three acts, then build it and cut it from there. 
    M.A. Larson acts it out with costumes and a timer.  Now we know where the princess twilight thing came from