• Random Merch: Giant Bouncy Ball, Hermes Socks, Applejack Figure, and More!

    Giant pony bouncy ball! This completely trumps the tiny one from a week ago.

    We have a bunch of random merch in this one. Get it all below!

    Rainbow Power Sticker Set

    Apparently this is a full set coming in May.  They include a pocket collector and album. 

    Found at: Upcoming to Italy
    Found by: Grifen

    Magazine Applejack

    Part of that series in the magazines over in the UK

    Found at: Magazine Promo in the UK
    Found by: MLP Merch

    Felt Key Chains

    Key chains, MADE OF FELT woooah.

    Found at: FYE
    Found by: Blas and Annie

    Diary with Pen

    I guess you can color Rainbow in or something!

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Flarabelle

    Blind Bag Flash Rings

    Blindbag decoder rings! Do it!

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: John

    Winged Pony Socks

    Check out them wings.  Become Hermes, WITH PONIES

    Found at: Seattle Music and Pop Museum
    Found by: Abaikgirl