• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with Peter New

    Everyone's favorite red stallion was recently on Stay Brony My Friends and, as usual with the show, has nominated a charity for you folks to possibly donate to! Peter New has volunteered Brony Granny, a community member and awesome lady all around, for this episode's charity target. After suffering from a heart attack last week it looks like she can use the help!

    For those who participate, there is a chance at some awesome items being given away once again this time around so check on after the break for all the details on what you can win, more on who Brony Granny is, as well as where to donate if you are able!

    And another Stay Brony My Friends is in the books. Episode 71 featured friend fo the program Peter New known for Big Macintosh but also Goldie Delicious and many other characters on our favorite show. We talked about may things pony as well as Littlest Pet Shop and his movie and TV parts.
    Peter has challenged us to help out the Dickman family, most of you know them as BronyMommy, BronyGranny and the rest of the clan.
    Granny had a heart attack last week and has been in the hospial a while, she is talking with her doctors to see about getting valves in her heart fixed! That is some scary stuff right there, but Gran is a tough bird and her Bronies give her the love and backbone she needs to stand up to such scary procedures. The family has already racked up 15,000 dollars in just Co-Pay bills!
    She wants to get well enough to attend Everfree Northwest and help with Registration again, I think we can help her attain that goal!

    Go to http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/?p=1026 and register on the Manliest Brony website then click the link to donate a few bits to them out in their time of need! This family is one of us, all of them. They have helped bring convention livestreams to you working with Everfree Network at cons all over the country.

    For any help 5 bucks or more you will be in a drawing for a big pile of MLP swag chosen by us and topped off by a Season one DVD donated by Dave Bryant, who wrote "Pony Tales" and RPG based on MLP. If you like that sort of thing here is a link.  http://catspaw-dtp-services.deviantart.com/gallery/39628312
    If we crack 500 bits then Peter has put up an autograph card from his GalaCon apearance last year. This has art by the wonderful Pixelkitties and was only available there. 
    we crack 1000 bits, I'll kick in a Twilight Sparkle season 2 Foil card from Enterplay AND Peter kicks in an "Are you a Princess too" autograph card from Las Pegasus Unicon which is Pixelkitties art!
    We crack 2000 bits? I'll put up a SDCC Vinyl scratch! We go higher? WE'LL THINK OF MORE!!
    So get over to ManliestBrony.com and check out all the great things you can be part of!
    And thank you all for your continued support from both Dustykatt and Screwball!