• Big Apple Ponycon Announces Guest Talent Seminars, Community Guests, More

    Big Apple PonyCon has a bunch of stuff to announce tonight as the convention starts creeping every closer. Announcing a number of panels and some community guests it's looking better and better!
    Check after the break for the details on some of what you can except.

    Bronies Behind the Mic: The Essence of Pony Voice Acting
    With Ponycon special guest Cathy Weseluck

    A seminar personally designed by voice acting legend CATHY WESELUCK for Big Apple Ponycon. Cathy will share her experience in voice-over acting and lead an interactive discussion on how to develop your career within the voice acting industry. 

    Completely Unique…PonyCakes Cafe!
    Come and experience the PonyCakes Cafe at Big Apple Ponycon! PonyCakes is a pony  themed, cosplay maid and butler cafe, serving the patrons of the convention delectable treats and gorgeous entertainment organized by the Tenshi No Ai performance troupe. Find out more at http://www.tenshinoaicafe.com/allaboutus.htm 

    EQD’s Calpain to be official Scientist at Big Apple Ponycon

    The guy responsible for everypony’s highlight of the day, (Equestria Daily’s Nightly Roundup!)
    is coming to Big Apple Ponycon as part of an anthropological study (graduating university with a Masters in Microbiology is not enough for this astute stallion of science)... EQD’s CALPAIN will observe the clan and custom of the NYC Herd, in a series of exercises examining the unique culture of the most biologically diverse pony fandom on Earth.

    Calpain will explore the origins of pony fandom, through encounters with enthusiasts who have been loyal fans of My Little Pony from the inception of the brand.
    His investigations will introduce him to collectors who have devoted entire rooms in their homes to their pony stashes, and culminate with a convocation with the original creator of My Little Pony herself, Bonnie Zacherle.

    The researcher will ruminate upon Ponycon’s cultural cavalcade of art, performances, gaming, panels, interviews and surprise special events, while applying his scientific method to his hypotheses from a uniquely Gothamist perspective.  
    He will explore our linguistics (Howyadoin’?  m*********er! fuhgeddaboudit!)
    and tackle the ages-old question, “What IS the correct way to hold a slice of pizza”?

    Educational pursuit will also take Calpain to the Friday night dance floor, where he will partake in ceremonial displays of conviviality… For ponies… for SCIENCE!

    Big Apple PonyCon Website

    Twitter: Calpain