• Midwest Brony Fest Gets Kelly Metzger (Spitfire), Fiesta Equestria Grabs Brenda Crichlow (Zecora)

    Zecora headin to Fiesta Equestria, and Spitifre to Midwest Bronyfest! Conventions this year are going to be crazy.  Get the full releases below!

    Midwest Brony Fest is excited to announce that Kelly Metzger, Voice of Spitfire will be in Kansas City this spring! Come meet and greet the Capitan of the Wonderbots!

    Come hang out with Spitfire the Wonderbolt! Kelly Metzger, voice of Spitfire will be in attendance of Midwest Brony Fest in Kansas City, MO. While Kelly is best known in the brony community for her work as Spitfire, she has also voiced several other characters including  "Buttercup" In Powerpuff Girls Z, "Sparrow" in Tara Duncan, and that robot-building little warrior, "Nya" in LEGO's NInjago.
    Not only will you be able to meet a Wonderbolt, but you will be able to work out like one too! Back for round two, Working Out with the Wonderbolts, a group of exercise activates hosted by military bronies to simulate the Wonderbolts Accademy, with less flying of course.

    After the workout, be sure to sit back and relax at one of many panels, meet old and new friends as you enjoy a weekend of pony in The City of Fountains. Midwest Brony Fest takes place at the Marriott on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri on May 23rd - 25th.Tickets are $30 until March 31st, and can be purchased on our website. http://mwbfkc.net

    If you are interested in hosting a panel, be sure to fill out a panel submission form. The last day to submit a panel application is May 2nd. http://goo.gl/sOV1I2

    Fiesta Equestria Announces Brenda Crichlow

    Howdy folks! Here is the first guest announcement for Fiesta Equestria!, and this one is just the first of many to come. Our first voice actor to be announced is quite special because she is unlike any pony in the show! That could be because she's not even a pony at all, but a zebra. That's right! The amazingly talented Brenda Crichlow, who provides the voice for Zecora, will be at Fiesta Equesrtia! this year. You can check out the full announcement at our website here: http://www.fiestaequestria.com/#celeb

    That's all for show guests at the moment, but we are starting to announce some musicians that you can expect to see perform at Fiesta Equestria! this year. Our concert is going to be a special event this year for a specific reason, but we will leave that to a future announcement. The first of the fabulous musicians that we are pleased to announce are IBeABronyRapper and F3nning! The Saturday night concert at Fiesta Equestria! will be incredible and it will even have a theme, but that will be announced along with our other show guests in a few days!

    Please don't forget that this convention cannot happen without all you wonderful people, so please register today: http://www.fiestaequestria.com/#tickets

    Also, if you have a fun or interesting idea for an event at Fiesta Equestria!, then please apply to be a panelist here: http://www.fiestaequestria.com/#panelApp

    Volunteers are always needed and help the convention run smoothly. You can apply to be a volunteer and if you're accepted, your badge will be compensated! There are a lot more perks than just that too! You can apply here: http://www.fiestaequestria.com/#volunteerApp

    If you would like to connect with other people that will be going to be at Fiesta Equestria!, the best way to do that is by checking out our forum: http://fiestaequestria.freeforums.org/

    You can also like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fiesta-Equestria/465591543463252
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    Thank you all and stay posted with the latest updates before they are even announce on this site by going to http://www.fiestaequestria.com/.

    Hope you all are enjoying the Spring break or the Spring time! Look forward to hearing more soon.

    - Pickle and the Fiesta Equestria! Staff