• Spotlight Vocal Music: Already Gone / Join the Herd - Remaster / Equestrian Radio

    The music scene sure has changed over the years. Some of my favorite musicians have seemingly disappeared. You usually expect them to return when a new season starts, but no such thing happened for some of them! Horrible news. That first song is dedicated to the old MIA crowd. If you were around back then, you will get it a lot more than if you are newer.

    And in the other two slots, we have PARODIES! Forest Rain dominates the first one with a complete remaster of a song he did two years ago.  At least he's still around! I feel better now. And in the 3rd slot,   Dustykatt, Nowacking, and EileMonty drop yet another. All below!

    1.) Freewave + Friends - Already Gone (Vocal - Folk)
    2.) Join The Herd [ReMaster] - Forest Rain (Vocal - Parody)
    3.) Equestrian Radio, featuring Nowacking and Eilemonty (Vocal - Parody)