• Music of the Day #245

    We need more daily Vinyl Scratch art in wide format so I always have a relevant header image for these.

    It's Music of the Day time. We have 15 of them in this one. Get it all below!

    [1] Source
    Wisp - Spirits Of The Everfree
    Instrumental - Chill

    [2] Source
    Generosity (Mystery Remix)
    Remix - Prog House

    [3] Source
    "Rise to the Challenge" - An Original Song by DnB
    Instrumental - Violin/Piano

    [4] Source
    Daniel Ingram & Aoshi - Generosity (Remix)

    [5] Source
    D3adray and Ziran-Broken Generosity
    EDM / Progressive House

    [6] Source
    Supersonic - Axon

    [7] Source
    SuperShy (VIP)

    [8] Source
    Hearts As Strong As Horses Cover (Feat. Feather and Chichi)
    Vocal - Cover

    [9] Source
    The Moon Rises Russian Cover by Renata Kirilchuk(Melody Note)
    Vocal - Cover

    [10] Source
    Daniel Ingram - Generosity(MGDerpyHooves Remix)
    Remix - Chiptune House

    [11] Source
    [Progressive House] Enuxa : Above the sky
    Instrumental - Progressive House

    [12] Source
    Bats! (Chang31ing Remix)
    Remix - House

    [13] Source
    ImTheMoon - (S4) Coco

    [14] Source
    Lurking Fangs - Flutterlover
    Instrumental - Orchestral Grimdark

    [15] Source
    Bats! (Jastrian Remix)