• Larrys Comics Signed on for 25 Variants in Official Comic Series

    In the usual mass email from Larrys Comics revealing updates on the MLP stuff, a neat little tidbit of information was dropped about the series as a whole.  Apparently Larry is signed on for 25 variants in the main line.  This includes the previous 15.  I don't know if we can call that confirmation on 10 more comics already in the planning stages, but I wouldn't be too surprised considering how successful the series is.

    They also dropped some variants for #15, images above.

    Get the full pony section of the email below the break with the quote, and thanks to Thomas for the heads up!

    Check them out and order:
    Here on my new My Little Pony variant page!
    Pardon our appearance as se remodel.
    I'm having trouble updating the page while we rebuild the site & updates might be a bit slow.
    You can still order & pay [email protected] & just leave a note.
    price list:
    Larry's $19.99
    Blank $39.99
    Microprint $54.99
    Super savings six pack $99.00
    US shipping $5
    Foreign shipping $23.99

    Hey Gang,

    TWO IDW pony books are shipping shortly!
    My Little Pony Friends Forever #1!
    ( I will only be doing variants for #1 of this series )
    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #15
    ( I am signed on until issue 25 for this series )

    I am now offering the fabulous "Super-Subscription Six Pack" Bundle for each My Little Pony variant that I produce & regular covers.
    You get:
    #1-regular cover A
    #2-regular cover B
    #3-1:10 RI variant
    #4-Larry's variant

    $99 for Seven comics dlvd to the US.
    Out of country, please add $23.99