• MLP Card Game Tournaments and Meetups - January 10th Update

    Tournaments! Card events! Hopefully these are doing relatively well so far.  I haven't had any meetup images of mass tournament playing outside of the pre-events, but maybe you are all just camera shy!

    We have a bunch of tournaments below the break, as well as the submission rules.  If you need card stuff, be sure to hit our card section.

    Anyway, go plan things below the break. 


    Moving on to week 3, I'm going to start requiring the exact template. If you email it without said template I will ask you to redo it. Your email message must include the following template, including Address:/When:/Rules: - 

    Note: Copy this template, replace the things in the brackets (including the brackets), and send it to [email protected]

    [City, State] - [Card Shop]

    Address: [Street, City, State, Zip Code] [optional phone]

    When: [Month, Day, Time]

    Rules: [Entry fee, anything specific, ect.]

    [Website / Facebook]

    Again, if you do not follow this format you will be asked to change it!


    Livonia, Michigan - RIW Hobbies

    Address: 29116 Five Mile Rd Livonia MI, 48154 (734)261-7233

    When: Thursdays at 5:30

    Rules: Constructed Play


    ^Send it just like that!^


    Livonia, Michigan - RIW Hobbies

    Address: 29116 Five Mile Rd Livonia MI, 48154 (734)261-7233

    When: Thursdays at 5:30

    Rules: Constructed Play


    Toledo Ohio - The Game Room 

    Address:  3001 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43613
    When: 1/12/2014 Sign up at 12:00p.m. Game starts at 1:00 p.m.

    Rules: All official ccg rules and cards no demos. Entey fee: $2.00
    Visit our Facebook called Toledo Game Room.

    Newbury, Ohio - Diversions

    Address and phone: 10643 Kinsman Rd. Newbury, OH 44065 (440)564-9142

    When: Every Sunday at 3:00pm

    Rules: Starting Tomorrow on 1/5/13 We will start with a learning session, after that I will run 2 tournaments onthe next 2 Sundays, 1/12/13 and 1/19/13. Prizes will go to the top 4 with the winner receiving a winner's prize.  AFter that, depending on the amount of people showing up, I will adjust the tournaments and play meetups according to the prize support that I receive and the players that enter.  The entry fee for the tournament right now is free, but that could change depending on how much the prize support is and the owner of the card/hobby shop. I will keep people posted on any fees, but I don't seeing it go above 5 dollars if we do have to charge.  Follow them on their Facebook page to get more information.  They are at https://www.facebook.com/DiversionsGaming

    Duluth, GA - Titan Games and Comics Duluth

    2103 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096 / phone: 770-497-0202

    When: 1st, 3rd Sunday of Every month, 1 pm

    Rules: Free to Enter, tournament type will be determined based on number of players


    Portland, Oregon - Guardian Games

    345 SE Taylor St
    Portland, OR 97214

    When: January 6, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

    Rules: Standard rules as determined by Enterplay including updated rule clarifications.

    Every Monday night come on out and play some My Little Pony the Collectible Card Game. Play will be casual constructed. Buy a booster pack to join in. Get a promo card after playing one opponent. (Limit 1 per night). We'll randomly award a premium foil to one player a night. Starting in February, we'll host tournaments on Mondays with more prizes and swag.

    http://www.ggportland.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guardian-Games/172453897701

    Portland, Oregon, Red Castle Games

    Address: 6416 SE Foster Road

    Time/Date: 6:30PM January 16.

    Special Rules/Additional Information/Entry Fee, Ect:

    Entry fee is $6.

    There might be testing of a booster draft style and that entry fee would be $20


    Syracuse, NY - Play the Game, Read the Story

    Address: 689 N. Clinton St. Syracuse, NY 13204 315.472.4263

    When: Month, Day, Time Every Sunday at 2PM

    Rules: Entry fee, anything specific, ect.
    Open play. Will begin tournaments at this time once turnout allows.


    Montclair, CA - Gameology

    Address: 9742 Central Ave, Montclair, CA, 91763 (909) 626-6926

    When: January 12, 1:00 pm

    Rules: $5 Entry, Promos Available, Prizing based on attendance

    Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/SoCalBronies/events/159001092/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gameology/150573268301134

    Livonia, Michigan - RIW Hobbies

    Address: 29116 Five Mile Rd. Livonia, MI 48154 (Phone- 734-261-7233)

    When: Thursdays, 5:30 PM, Weekly

    Rules: $3.00 entry fee. Prizes will be the organized play promo cards and booster packs.


    Rogers, AR - Gamer Utopia

    Address: 100 N. Dixieland A6-7, Rogers, AR, 72756, Phone Number: (479) 202-5177

    When: January, 9th, 6:00 p.m.

    Rules: $5 entree fee, Swiss Format, Best of One, top 2 Promo Eeyup!, top 8 promo Twilight Sparkle: Research Students!, Store credit Prizes scale with number of participants.

    San Francisco, CA - Gamescape SF

    Address: 333 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA, 94117 (415) 621-4263

    When: January 25, 12:00 PM

    Rules: Constructed format, $5 Entry Fee, Prizes based on attendance with everybody getting at least something, along with a couple extra prizes TBD. If you have any questions, e-mail us at [email protected]

    Gamescape SF Website
    Gamescape SF Facebook

    Johnson, Arkansas - Bears By The Maul Gaming Lounge

    Address: 6302 Wilkerson Rd, Johnson, AR 72704 (479) 530-2567

    Time/Date: Sundays at 3:00 p.m.

    Special Rules/Additional Information/Entry Fee, Ect: $5 entry.
    One booster pack is added to the prize pool per player

    Facebook / Website

    Bedford, Texas - Legends Tournament Center

    Address: 2813 Central Drive, Bedford, TX, 76021 (817) 685 0855

    When: January, 12th, 2 PM.

    Rules: Constructed decks (Already built). We'll be doing one match per round, everyone plays the entire tournament, no eliminations. Eight players make a tournament. Call if you are running late! We'll wait!


    Bellevue, WA - Uncle's Games

    Address: 15600 NE 8th St. (425)746-1539

    When: Every Sunday at 12:30 PM

    Rules: $5 entry, swiss format tournament. Everyone gets at least one pack!


    Lewisville, Texas - Black 7 Comics

    Address: 1110 W Main St, Lewisville, Texas, 75067, 972-420-0161

    When: Thursdays starting at 5:00

    Rules: Entry fee 5$, Standard rules


    Collegedale, TN - Epikos Comics, Cards, Games (Chattanooga Area)

    Address: 9408 Apison Pike Ste 9 Ooltewah, TN 37363 (423)-531-4184

    When: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

    Rules: No Entry Fee, Constructed Deck

    Epikos CCG
    Epikos on Facebook

    St-Hubert, Montréal - Carta Magica Montreal

    Address: 6360, rue St-Hubert, Montréal (Québec) H2S 2M2 (514.286.9099)

    When: Every Thursday a 18:00 (may change overtime, please check website)

    Rules: Free entry and inscriptions are between 17:00 and 17:55 (feel free to call for more info)


    Bakersfield, California - Leeters

    Address: 1065, 3000 Mall View Rd, Bakersfield, CA ‎(inside the mall)

    When: January, 15, 7:00 p.m.

    Rules: 5$ entry fee, Constructed Deck, Double-elimination. Prizes TBD based on Turnout. Learn more on Facebook.


    Fullerton, Ca Zero to Hero Comics

    642 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA

    Saturday, Janurary 11, 2014 6:00 pm

    Entry Fee is FREE : Prize for 1st place would be 3 Booster packs, 2nd is 1 Booster of MLPCCG
    Bring your own deck
    Sign up at starts at 6 PM
    Actual Game 6:30 PM
    Single Elimination
    Final Round will be Bo3


    Pasadena, CA - Game Empire

    Address: 1793 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA, 91106 (optional phone)

    When: January, 18th, 11:30am-6pm

    Rules: No Rules! If anyone wants to host/organize a
    tournament, we need someone to take the helm and do it!


    Palmyra, Pennsylvania - Pastimes on the Square

    Address: 1 East Main Street Palmyra, PA 17078

    When: January, 11th, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    Rules: Just come have fun. If we get a good turn out, we'll start to hold it every other weekend.