• Charity Event: Bronyradio Gala Weekend

    This weekend marks the introduction of another good ol' fashioned charity event.  You know how it works! Get all the details below.

    Brony Radio Announces Gala Weekend Jan 11-12, Featuring 40+ Hours of Live Mixes & Interviews, Supporting Bronies For Good:

    After months of planning, the team at Brony Radio is proud to announce one of the biggest events to happen in the world of pony music all year: the Brony Radio Gala Weekend!

    Celebrating the station’s impressive 3 year anniversary, the weekend is jam packed with live mixes, interviews, and special guests.

    Here are just a few of the special interviews, with even more planned:

    Anneli Heed, comedian, voice actress, and the much-loved voice of “Swedish Spitfire” and
    Musician Oddysey Eurobeat, creator of “Discord”, “Luna” and many more.
    Of course, what would a Brony Radio celebration be without some awesome live mixing on the airwaves? The weekend is packed with exciting DJs, including:

    Silva Hound;
    Thorinair and HMage from “A State of Brony”;
    DJ OneTrick, host of Everfree’s “Mixology”;
    DJ Tetsuo; and
    BronyRadio’s own talented family of DJs, including DJ Calcos, DJ MidgetBrony, Shroo, Kyderra, TripDiam, Dreamweaver, and more!
    The whole weekend celebration is being held in support of Bronies For Good and their “Seeds of Kindness” album. We encourage anyone who can contribute to join us in supporting this excellent cause.

    All in all, this weekend is definitely one you won’t want to miss. To catch the Gala weekend celebration, just visit Brony Radio’s web site (http://www.bronyradio.com/ ), tune in to their station on Ponyville Live! ( http://www.ponyvillelive.com/ ), or listen in through the HoofSounds plugin for Chrome and Firefox. ( http://hoofsounds.little.my/ )