• More Random Plushies Appear in the Wild - Russia Edition

    A bunch of plushies are popping up over in Europe from a plethora of different companies with loads of new designs.  All of them have their benefits and negatives, but the big one here are the three up there above in the second image.  We haven't gotten much Celestia or Cadance yet, and Shining Armor is completely new.   Those three are listed over here:

    Shining Armor
    (Mane six on the last two pages)

    I'm sure these guys will start popping up everywhere soon.  At the moment mainly Russian sites like the links above are the places to get them. 

    We also have a few Peruvian plushies:

    Pinkie Pie

    With how many of these things are invading the wild from so many different companies, It's going to be interesting to see who innovates the most this year.  I'm going to guess that the majority of you that want plushies already have the mane 6, so a lot of these releases are probably redundant at this point.  It's going to be all out war to conquer the side/fan favorite ponies though!

    Thanks to Leopatra for the heads up!