• Pinkie Pride on Google Play Already (Update Also on Hasbro's Youtube Channel)

    As the droves of people have pointed out,  It looks like once again, we have an early episode release.  Pinkie Pride is now up on Google Play.  There isn't much else to say there! Massive derp? Or maybe they do this so people will grab season passes? It wouldn't be the first time it has happened, at least with iTunes.

    Anyway, you can find their full season pass over here.

    Obviously if you want to stick with Saturday for your new pony shenanigans, it may be best to avoid the usual random submission area of the internet for spoiler evasion.  We will keep it spoilered for now here on EQD though. 

    Thanks to Don, Will, Jeremy, and the swarms of others for the heads up.

    Update: Hasbro also put it up for sale on Youtube already.
    Update 2: Only USA accounts have access to it both on Youtube and Google Play apparently.
    Update 3: It's 3 bucks for HD.  If you are in the USA and have access to it just skip that cheeseburger you were going to eat later and support the show! YOU WOULDN'T PIRATE A CHEESEBURGER (alright I probably would).
    Update 4:  It looks like the episode has been pulled from Google Play.  Thanks to Marguerite for the heads up there!