• "Three's a Crowd" Episode a Musical!

    From the cheese sandwiches and random tweets, to the hints during convention panels and Meghan McCarthy's usual shenanigans, this episode has been poked for over two years now.  Remember way back during April 2011 when this happened?  Jayson is the director over on the Friendship is Magic team for those curious.  A simple ponification of a Weird Al song was the trigger that sparked what we will finally get to see come January.

    Anyway, had on down below the break for some speculations on what we will be seeing in Three's a Crowd"!  

    Fast forward to a more recent time, and two tweets from Amy Keating Rogers reveals a bit more on the episode.  Both December 13th and 14th of this month had the following:

    Note the nonplural "Episode" where all of these lyrics will be taking place. It's pretty easy to put two and two together.

    So yeah, Weird Al is now a thing in pony, and a musical one at that.  Congratulations on breaking the internet in January.  I have a feeling every pop culture site on the planet is going to be freaking out.

    Update: And as Sweetie Bot points out, this is also the episode that was mentioned to be the place where Pinkie Pie's rival appears.  Possibly Weird Al himself!