• MLP CCG: Send Tournaments!

    With the official card game finally out in the wild, and people slowly discovering combos and strategies for it, it's time to get some community building going! I know boatloads of meetup groups probably have systems setup for letting their members know when tournaments are taking place, but there are also loads of lone wolves looking for a place to throw down some Twilight Sparkle.

    There are a bunch of card shops out there that only advertise locally, and if they are anything like the ones here in Arizona, they don't advertise much at all!  It's time to blast it across the internet!

    If you see or plan to attend a tournament hosted at a nearby card shop in your area, send it in! If we get enough, we will convert it into a weekly post.  Otherwise keep an eye out for announcements on each in the Nightly Roundups.

    Include the following:

    Email Header: TOURNAMENT
    Rules (if any)

    Copy paste that up there, fill it out, and send it over!  Hopefully these become more common as the cards become a bit more available.  I know quite a few people in busy cities/areas that can't find them due to lack of stock.