• Everfree Northwest 2014 Holiday Sale

    Everfree Northwest comes bearing gifts this holiday season with a chance to get your ticket to the convention at a discounted price! It's only for a limited time though so make sure to grab yours quick. Check out the full presser and a promo video after the break.

    Happy Hearth’s Warming everypony! In the spirit of the season the Everfree Northwest convention chair, Royal Coat, would like to wish you Holiday greetings and wants to let you know about a special gift from the staff and organizers of Everfree Northwest.

    Everfree Northwest is pleased to offer a 10% discount for a regular full-weekend pass to our 2014 convention. This discount begins on December 23rd and lasts until January 1st. You can purchase the special discounted Hearth’s Warming badge tier on the Everfree Northwest website here.
    And once more, Happy Hearth’s Warming!