• Passion - Love the Ponies!

    Sometimes it's good to just sit back and take a look at this completely off the wall pony thing that has flooded just about every corner of the internet in the 2010-onward era.  We had our major influx of fandom growth a little over a year and a half ago,  and over time people become more and more jaded as the freshness wears off and expectations rise to astronomical levels.

    The video below is a good reminder of what exactly we have going for us.  This is a massive community, built around some of the best characters to hit pop culture in a while.  The art, stories, music, videos, and full blown fan animations are simply put, amazing.  Only a handful of other fandoms come close to what we've accomplished when it comes to expanding the original source material. 

    We've been through a lot together over the years, from run-ins with Hasbro shutting down major projects, to the huge positives via charity and and the armada of real life meetup events around the world.  There will always be bucketloads of drama and overly enthusiastic angry fans in comments on Youtube, Twitter, and here during episode posts, but that isn't always a bad thing.  It's good that people care enough to dig into something so deeply.  This is a sign of something that has changed millions of lives. 

    Anyway, what was supposed to be a simple video post ended up expanding a bit. Just keep rockin' on guys! We already made history, lets keep it going! And go watch stuff below!