• Twilight's New Groove - The Toys

    As many of you are pointing out in the submit box, there is a load of information buried in that EW post.  I figured I'd separate this off from the 1300 (and growing) comment riot.  This post is specifically about the new toyline. 

    As always, below the break for spoilers, even though at this point I don't think you can step 10 feet on the internet without running into it.


    While Twilight Sparkle did manage to dodge a bullet on a massive change in overall character design (Though she is a bit taller), her toyline is rolling with the traditional alicorn mold:

    This one is clocking in at $50, with the usual large alicorn lines when you click her butt symbol

    $23 for the Twilight car! I wonder if we will see these sneak into the show?

    Princess PAcks, coming with one Alicorn and one Mane 6 pony for $13 a pop.

    25$ for the Crystal Palace, with the ability to attatch to other castles in the pony toy line. 
    Obviously it's no secret that Hasbro is first and foremost a toy company, and now that Princess Cadance has come and gone, this was inevitable.  Dragonball Z fans and little girls everywhere are going to love their new alicorn princess, assuming they don't have parents who are joining the pegasus powered storm!