• Artist Training Ground - Sidekicks Edition

    It's Tuesday night here in EQDland, and outside of the usual pony news, we have the weekly Training Grounds to attend to!

    We had a Spike and pet centered episode this week, but only the mane 6 and their critters got any love.  What about the rest of ponyville? Surely they have plans to hit up the Equestria Games, and pets that need tending to.

    Have a prompt:
    Pick a pony that wasn't included, and draw them and their pet.
    The deadline will be the usual: Wednesday 11:00 PM PST (Thursday 7:00 AM GMT). The submitter will stay open for an undetermined amount of time after that, but don't count on getting in too late!  If you need help, toss an email to [email protected]questriadaily.com. 

    (Submit here!)

    Have fun with it! We have just a few more episodes left, so savor the learning