Well, folks, the episode you've been waiting for your whole life is almost upon us. Season 3's finale to end all finale's (of season 3, at least) is almost here.

    And it's a doozy, as you can tell by the scrunchy faec

    The unicorn we all know and love is, by all accounts, about to... (spoiler'd!)
     ...take a step up and – in The Hub's own words – ascend to princess-hood.

    Behold, the face of your new super-saiyan alicorn, Princess Sparkle:

    Taken from The Hub, via Entertainment Weekly

    More information can be gleaned from multiple places popping up as we speak, each one slowly but surely edging us from incredible rumour to outright fact. Only time will tell, but it's one heck of a lot of work if not.

    More information can be found from EW.com and The Hub's (and probably Hasbro's) Facebook pages.

    You may now commence the fanficcing.