• Random Merch: Pins, Pretty Mane Set, Candy, and More!

    Time for some random merch! We start this one off with a couple of new buttons available at Hot Topic.  They even tossed some muffins in there!  Thanks to Nathan for the heads up on these.   Find them here.

    Head on down below the break for a while bunch of stuff!

    Pony M&M's

    Apparently these are only available at Hasbro's office in Rhode Island.  Guess you guys will need to do some travling if you want them! Thanks to Nostalgia Schmaltz for the heads up and image!

    Shirts Popping up at GetDigital.De

    It looks like all you Germans out there might have a shot at some much cheaper shipping on the Welovefine shirts.   It can be pretty expensive out there in Europe! Find them here. Thanks to Julius for the heads up!

    Pretty Mane Set

    Have we started calling our hair a mane yet?  I don't really follow the become a pony section of the fandom! I know Cereal "tailswishes" sometimes, but I usually just ignore it.

    Anyway, a new set has popped up at Rite Aid in LA.  Thanks to Jena for the image! 

    Pony Ribbon

    A website called Antassu.com has pony ribbons available.  I guess this would tie in well with what we have below, namely a whole pole of Party supplies:

    Party Supplies

    I actually had someone bug me about these a while back.  Well here you go mysterious person! Party supplies.  All you need to do is import them!

    Thanks to Karoliina for both the ribbons and napkins!

    And that about covers it! If you have random merch, send it in!