• Drawfriend Stuff #600

    600 Drawfriends?! I didn't even realize it until I labeled this thing! You guys are nuts!  If we average them out to about 25 each, that's 15000 images posted to EQD so far, and that is going easy on the estimation! No wonder my drawfriend folder is breaking 9 gb. 

    Anyway, I'll quit blabberin'.  Have a bunch of art!

    Source 1
    Nightmare Chrysalis

    Source 2
    Dead flowers

    Source 3
    MLP: FiM -- Back in Black

    Source 4
    Release the Crackle

    Source 5
    Flying with Rainbow

    Source 6
    The Best Foal Sitter

    Source 7
    Clifford Augerson

    Source 8
    Applejack's Jetbike

    Source 9
    Prepare the Juice Boxes... THE HOODIES ARE COMING!

    Source 10
    Hunter Spike

    Source 11
    MLP - Rainbow Dash

    Source 12
    My little pony

    Source 13
    Banishment of the Sun

    Source 14

    Source 15
    Green Gryphon

    Source 16
    MLP: Pinkie's Tea Time (Desktop wallpaper)

    Source 17
    MLP : Queen of the night

    Source 18

    Source 19

    Source 20
    Friendship Overwhelming

    Source 21
    future Spartan

    Source 22

    Source 23
    Shadowstalker Rainbow Dash

    Source 24
    Is that a yes?

    Source 25

    Source 26
    Dashie's cloud

    Source 27
    Itty Bitty Mane Six

    Source 28
    Tuckered out, tucked in

    Source 29
    The Second Seal is Broken

    Source 30

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