• Nightly Roundup #178 - Trixie!

    So, I got this in the mail the other day.  Apparently the DC brony meetup group sent one to each of us.  We appreciate it! Thanks guys!  Bonus points for the Greatest and Most Powerful pony of course.

    Have some news!

    I'm going to go take a break now... holy crap so much news.  Ignore the typos!  

    Pony Hairstyle Guides

    If you bought a pony toy, and have Rarity level OCD bout the messyness, a massive step by step guide has been released to help you all out.

    There is also an Applejack's hat guide, because she needs a hat. A hat-less Applejack is like Rainbow Dash without wings.

    Both sections can be found at the deviant art pages below!

    Bad Mane Days: A Guide to Fixing That Mess That Came Out of the Box


    Doctor Whooves in Sweet and Elite

    I have had a few people mention this, but no one has tossed it into an image form.  Much better!

    And so true!

    Scootaloo Grows 10 Hooves and Plays Piano

    Go Scootaloo!

    Wooden Pony Christmas Giveaway

    For those of you out there that want your very own wooden pony, a Christmas Give-away contest is currently under way. If you send an email to "[email protected] by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, he will enter you into a drawing for one.

    Check out the deviant art page here for more information!

    Dutch Fansubs 

    For all the Dutch bronies out there that can't stand the actual voiceover work, a group is tossing out subbed versions of the episodes.  Check the channel out here!

    University of Oklahoma  Daily Newspaper Pony Article 

    Another College newspaper has been hit by the pony.  Check it out here!

    Ponies in Brazilian Newspaper 

    Sadly it hasn't been fully translated, but I've been told by Petra (The person that sent the image) that the general gist of the article is that pony isn't just for little girls anymore.  Pretty neat!

    EDIT: Translation added thanks to Federico

    A design full of colorful ponies and cute songs. Something for girls right? WRONG. The animation "My little pony: friendship is magic" featured in the discovery kids channel, makes a success among kids and teenagers.
    The fanaticism is such that they call themselves "bronies". "Brony is a guy older than ten years that watches the cartoon", tells Felipe Martins, 16, creator of a site dedicated to the subject. A "bronie" site exists already in english: www.equestriadaily.com. It reached almost 80 million views!
    The cartoon tells the story of Equestria, a world where ponies can talk and sing. Among the characters, there are unicorns and even a pegasus that leaves rainbows in its way.
    Most bronies started watching the show on the internet. It was with the premiere, last 21st, that the show became popular among the newest members.
    "My little pony: friendship is magic" features on Mondays at 8, on Discovery Kids.

    Successful Meetups


    They literally didn't give me anything but the image really!

    Winter Wrap Up in B Major Demonstration

    Way over my head, sounds great though! Maybe you piano bronies can pull it off? I think you might need a few people though.

    Reddit Brony Adventures

    The reddit pony community has started up a new podcast. Their first episode showed up a few days ago. Check it out here!

    Fluttershy Gamecube

    I sometimes miss Smash Brothers Melee.  Brawl is just so... slow?

    Gamecube was awesome.

    Mane 6 Pony Survey

    Another survey is looking for volunteers.  This one is dedicated to determining which mane 6 pony is the best pony.

    Honestly I switch every day, but some of the more dedicated among us might be able to nail it.  Hit up the poll here!

    Little Big Planet - My Little Pony

    Is there anything this game can't do? That dash is badass.

    Check out the video demonstration of them here!

    Canterlot.net Moves to a New Domain

    Some community fallout recently went down at Canterlot, and they have moved on to a new domain.  For those wondering where to go, hit up this site for the new community!

    Brony Made Brony Documentary 

    A new brony documentary project is under way.  If you want to help out, hit up their youtube channel here for more information!

    Yelling at Cats Album Art Contest

    A new album called "Smarty Pants" is on the way from Yelling at Cats, but they need some album artwork.  Hit up this video for information on their new contest if you are interested in helping out!

    Everfree Radio Episode 6: Disregard Fame Acquire Friendships

    Copy Paste:
    Good day, ponies and others!  This week, we've got yet another interview lined up for you all to enjoy, along with the review of Sweet and Elite and a review of the fanfiction "A Drop of Moonshine," written by PenStroke, author of Past Sins.  Last, but most definitely not least, the interview: AcousticBrony joins us and they've got a special treat for you all: a brand new track!  That's right; you'll hear it first here at Everfree Radio!  Now stay tuned, as we have a lot lined up in the weeks to come.  Things nobody has ever done before.  Things that will rock the foundations of the Earth.  Hold on to your chickens, everyone, because it's going to be a ride!

    Hit up the website here!

    The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: Master Recording - Episode 2, The Spitfire Interview

    Another episode of Vinyl Scratch Tapes has released! Check it out below!

    Finnvasion PMV Hell Tribute Video

    December 6th is a national holiday over in Finland.  94 years ago, they broke off from the Russian Empire and claimed their independence.  In a tribute to that, they have created a PMV Hell pony video.  Check it out below!

    Official MLP Charity Event

    Over at The Hub, they are holding a holiday charity event to help donate toys to children in need.  Check out the website here, and the commercial here!

    Successful Meetups


    They literally didn't give me anything but the image really.  It looks like they need more though, get on it Houston people!

    Dutch Meetup

     Woah, there are a ton of you out there in The Netherlands.  They gave me some copy pasta, so have it:
    Hello everypony!

    We’ve done it again! After two earlier successful two-monthly meets back in October and August we’ve successfully finished our third meet in Utrecht, The Netherlands! The amount of people that came doubled from 26 to a whopping 59 since the second meet!

    We rented a place in Utrecht to keep our hoofsies warm and had a lot of fun in the few hours we were together. Card- and boardgames were played, pony-related music was played, new people were met, interesting conversations were held and at 4 pm our time we all watched the live stream episode together! This resulted in 59 people bursting into singing the intro tune together and a lot of cheering was heard several times during the episode (and boo-ing when commercials came along). All in all, it was great fun!

    We hope to see all of you again on February 4th to help us wrap up winter and with a bit of luck, the amount of bronies in the Netherlands will continue to grow! Please visit www.bronies.nl for future updates about our next events and help us to make the community even bigger!

    Video: http://youtu.be/THuk4SDHANo

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Guadalajara Mexico Meetup

    Why is Dash so awesome in armor?  These posters are being given out at the Guadalajara, Mexico meetup.  They totally didn't give me links, dates, or exact locations though, but that sure is a pretty poster!

    London Meetup

    All info in the Duckdash image!

    Phillibine Brony Con

    Hey! they sent the banner!

    Check out their main deviant art community here, and if you are in the area, hit it up!

    Racing is Magic Mario Kart 7 Group

    Code: 64-0336-6768-1642.

    Battlefield 3 Platoon

    Name: Solar Empire


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Spike Plushie
    Fluttershy Plushie 
    Custom Rainbow Dash Plushie

    Then I took an arrow to the knee