• Cereal Receives a Magnastorm Rarity Plushie

    Well, this was a pleasant thing to wake up to this morning!

    This fabulous plush was an early Christmas gift from the wonderful and super-generous and awesome (and six other fantastic adjectives) Joshua Horne. I'll repeat that name cause this pony deserves it: Joshua Horne. This same pony would also like you all to know that if you also want one of these super-sweet plush toys, you can email them here. Of course, money never grows on trees for anyone, but if you're lucky enough and you get picked, you could also be getting one of these in the mail, because Josh is crazy (generous) and enjoys buying these for people!

    I'm sure you came here for pictures and commentary- it's after the break, of course.

     A box! I love boxes.

    Shit just got real, guys. No seriously, I was so excited to see this.

    Gotta say, I've never received a package from Canada before. I wonder what's in it-


    I linked it in the body of the post already, but this is the Rarity plush posted on Magnastorm's Deviantart a few months ago, which was commissioned for me by Josh.

    She even came with a bow! Her mane is a little flat from being in the box, but I straightened it out after taking this photo. I was just too excited to not take pictures immediately.

    Here's looking at you, too.

    See? Mane all fixed up and poofy.

    It's hard to get a sense of scale from these photos, but this plush is actually like a foot tall, minus her horn. I'm serious, it's huge, and it's so soft. It's made of fleece, I believe. I'm probably wrong. Point is that it's so cuddly you don't even know.

    A close-up of the card's contents. Not intended for young children? I'm disqualified, then!

    I do enjoy wordplay.

    Well aren't you just the cutest thing. You need a hat. I will buy you a hat.

    Obligatory plot. Also the cutie mark.

    And that's Rarity!

    Make sure to check out Magnastorm's other stuff, of course, and once again, special thanks to Josh for finding it in their heart to shell out a ridiculous amount of money on my behalf. You've made me quite happy- so if that was your goal, mission accomplished.

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