• Cereal Receives a Magnastorm Rarity Plushie

    Well, this was a pleasant thing to wake up to this morning!

    This fabulous plush was an early Christmas gift from the wonderful and super-generous and awesome (and six other fantastic adjectives) Joshua Horne. I'll repeat that name cause this pony deserves it: Joshua Horne. This same pony would also like you all to know that if you also want one of these super-sweet plush toys, you can email them here. Of course, money never grows on trees for anyone, but if you're lucky enough and you get picked, you could also be getting one of these in the mail, because Josh is crazy (generous) and enjoys buying these for people!

    I'm sure you came here for pictures and commentary- it's after the break, of course.

     A box! I love boxes.

    Shit just got real, guys. No seriously, I was so excited to see this.

    Gotta say, I've never received a package from Canada before. I wonder what's in it-


    I linked it in the body of the post already, but this is the Rarity plush posted on Magnastorm's Deviantart a few months ago, which was commissioned for me by Josh.

    She even came with a bow! Her mane is a little flat from being in the box, but I straightened it out after taking this photo. I was just too excited to not take pictures immediately.

    Here's looking at you, too.

    See? Mane all fixed up and poofy.

    It's hard to get a sense of scale from these photos, but this plush is actually like a foot tall, minus her horn. I'm serious, it's huge, and it's so soft. It's made of fleece, I believe. I'm probably wrong. Point is that it's so cuddly you don't even know.

    A close-up of the card's contents. Not intended for young children? I'm disqualified, then!

    I do enjoy wordplay.

    Well aren't you just the cutest thing. You need a hat. I will buy you a hat.

    Obligatory plot. Also the cutie mark.

    And that's Rarity!

    Make sure to check out Magnastorm's other stuff, of course, and once again, special thanks to Josh for finding it in their heart to shell out a ridiculous amount of money on my behalf. You've made me quite happy- so if that was your goal, mission accomplished.


    1. I laughed at the part that said," Not Intended For Children."

    2. Haha. "You need a hat. I will buy you a hat."

    3. epic i would love to surprisinly recieve that!!

    4. Speechless. Or maybe I should say "wordless" since I'm typing a message and not saying it. Just awesome.

    5. OMG that cardboard box is amazing!!

      lol, jk; the real prize is the plushie.

    6. Damn, I'd love one! Everything pony-related in Poland either completely sucks or shipping fees are outrageous because of the distance form Celestia-knows-where. I dread to think how much would it cost to get something like that from Canada. Like those t-shirts from WeLoveFine. I'd buy 2 or 3 but i'd pay more for shipping than for the merchandise itself...

    7. Confound these ponies, they drive me to spend money I don't have.

    8. I want a Season 1 Luna plushie cuz' Season 1 Luna is most adorable Luna.

    9. Really Cereal? Plot shot on a plushie? WTF is worng with you dude? thats the type of sick shit bronies are trying to avoid. Its nice to know that the worst type of stereotype exists in someone who works for the flagship site. Thnx for being a force for bad in this fandom Cereal.

    10. How do these artisans all know where you guys live...

    11. @John

      I think someone needs to get their head out of the gutter.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. @John Someone needs to chill the hell out. Sheesh.

      Anyway. Super cute Rarity! Hopefully the one I'm working out turns out just as cute.

    14. @John

      i hope you're joking, as that wasn't a sexual 'plot' sot in any way.


    16. I'm so jelly, I'm convulsing with barely suppressed rage/envy right here.

    17. man i'd love one of these
      except there's no way i could afford one at the moment

      curse being a broke ass college student

    18. @John It's people like you that make us look like fools. No one cares about what you think if you're going to be an obnoxious 12 year old over a joke. Please restrain your close mindedness while you're typing, or vice versa.

    19. I'd rather have a Rainbow Dash, but I'd happily settle for even rarity!

      I'm scared to ask what he charges for a plush like that...

    20. @Sethisto

      And I think you need to hire some people that actually love this show for what it is, not try to make it sexual and fap to ponies in bondage. I think about 70 perent of cereal's posts are Sexual. And the word "plot" isnt a joke anymore. was funny like 5 months ago. Now its just annoying as shit.

    21. You lucky man you, makes me wonder how many Rarity plushies you have though. ^^

    22. Silly cereal, "hat" isn't how you spell "beret"!

    23. "Not intended for rough play".

      I have the dirtiest mind...

    24. "I love boxes!"
      I hope that was a metal gear reference. Seriously. That box may be your only safe haven in a world of conflict.

    25. @John *holds door open* Leave. You're obviously not enjoying being here, so please step out this door, sparing this peaceful blog from the likes of you, and never return.

    26. @John

      i guess you weren't joking 0_o

      there's really nothing sexual about that pic. it's a shot of the cutie mark.

    27. I have two dolls made from mangastorm as well Cereal, very high quality and omg soft. I also think it was the only Celestia doll she's made thus far~

    28. @John
      *sigh* We could do with less people like this in the fandom.
      Seriously dude if your just going to hate on people dont bother commenting,
      EQD is supposed to be a friendly community.

    29. Confound you Cereal.... now I'm jealous.

      Would love to have a Twilight or Scootaloo plush by Magnastorm, but her commission slots fill up literally seconds after she opens them.

      Congrats on the awesome gift though....lucky xD

      @John Wow dude, are you new to the internet or something? Might want to relax a bit. It's just a joke. But, if you don't like it then don't look at that fraction of art/fan fiction/etc.. Rule 34 reaches far...even for our beloved ponies. But, I'd rather see love for the ponies, even if in that way, rather than abuse and filth. A lot of what I'm talking about can be seen if you look up Gavalanche... or Cupcakes.

    30. That plush is absolutely incredible. I. Want. One!

    31. @John

      When we meant 'joke'. That wasn't the joke...

      I mean, what the hell man. Even I'm not like that...

    32. An adult guy making subtle sexual jokes?

      SRS BSNS

      Cereal, with his witty puns, is a disgrace to his fandom.

      As punishment, it is with a heavy heart that I'll take the picturesque Rarity Plush off of his hands...

    33. @John

      Dude, just because you fuck stuffed animals doesn't mean the rest of us do, so don't assume that just because he got a rarity plushie means he's going to pleasure himself with it. He's going to do what the rest of us normal people would do: he's going to cuddle it like the snuggly-wuggly fwuffy adorable thing she is.

      You, however, need to get your mind out of the gutter, and for the love of god, stop posting here. I don't want to know about what you fantasize about, it's bad enough we know about the plushies (and now, thanks to your second post, bondage *shudder*) please just shut the fuck up before we hear anything else we'll regret being around for.

    34. Nice plushie, man :D I so jelly :(

    35. @John

      leaves of blue, man. leaves of blue.

    36. On a more Rarity related note,

      Dat long horn.

    37. I can feel my money burning a hole in my pocket.

    38. Jeez, you guys are so lucky. You always get all this awesome free stuff. /Rarity whine D:

      I'm really tempted to email him and ask if he could find it in his heart to perhaps get me one made of Octavia... but I always feel so bad about others buying things for me. So I'll just sit here and dream about my Octavia plushie while petting my hair in the crazy Twilight manner. lol

    39. Oh wow. That's a friggin awesome gift! Grats Cereal! You lucky fellow you.

      Also, let's not feed the need to be mean.

      In other words talk of plushies awsoneness!! And our plans for stealing it. Er I mean..

    40. This comment has been removed by the author.

    41. AHHHHHGH!!! Cereal!!! Y U TAUNT ME WITH PLUSHIE!!!!????

      Seriously, this looks amazing!!! I want a plushie like this sooo bad, but of course it's gotta be the BEST pony Pinkie Pie!!!

      But of course, the designer isn't taking commisions anymore! *cries*

      I want a Pinkie Pie plushie....


      And yeah, dude. Just...leave this fandom. You don't belong in it if THAT is how you choose to behave. For shame, sir. For shame.

    42. Haha... I keep thinking but I have no fucking clue what to say here...

      I mean, it's like... I have five things to say and they all contradict each other. Because I have no idea what's going through his head. Or I have no idea anything.

      My head:
      Well, it's not full of fuck.

      I can't believe this but I'm going to have to ignore this one. I really don't do this, but this is out of my... comprehension.


      HEY RARITY PLUSHIE!!! Hmm... it's hair looks as if the top of her head is bald when looking at her right side. Her face looks kinda weird but I'll just blame you for bad photography and weird angles. DON'T WORRY! I'm just as bad at this! 10/10

      Overall I have nothing bad to say about the plushie because I know fuck about making toys. It probably takes a shit ton of effort or something.

    43. A Madmax-style Rarity plushie? I like it.

    44. So, Cereal, where do you hide this lovely lady from your family?

    45. That is a great work of art and a wonderful gift for any Pony fan. And she looks soo cuddly! ^o^

    46. Awww why must it be so cute T_T, congrats Cereal :D

    47. @GHXpert59 Oh, very nice! I am so jelly! On Harmony Day too. 8^)

    48. Omg lucky Cereal!! that's so awesome!! im jelly XD

    49. I so jelly, even jell-o is thinking "Damn he jelly.

    50. oh my, I never expected one of my plushies to have their own post here! I was wondering why my twitter, facebook an deviantart got a random spike in activity considering I've been mostly inactive for the past month thanks to assignments, but then I saw this. Everything makes sense now. xD I'm really glad you seem to like her! And of course, thanks for this entire post dedicated to her :)

      And she's made out of minky, also known as the most awesome plush fabric EVERRR by the way. :)

    51. I jelly. I SUPER JELLY.

      Man, do you guys have any openings for writers on this blog? If you do, I'd like a job. You guys get so much neat stuff!

    52. @John

      -crosses hooves behind back, stands up on back two legs- John. John, why don't you have a seat over there?

      John, I'd like to ask, when you see this plushie... why do you think sexual thoughts? It's a plushie, John. You are a sick, sick man, John, and you need help.

      Also, get the BUCK out, we're having fun.

    53. @plushiluv

      So i guess this means you have no spare time for a commision, then? :(

    54. @ZeroHero

      I'm going through my last two full weeks of classes, I'm hoping to switch on the plush factory mode sometime during the week of the 19th. ;)Keep an eye on my DA to know when that happens!

    55. @plushiluv

      You betcha! You deserved it for your hard work.

      I had a feeling it wasn't fleece- my bad! It is pretty much the softest thing I've ever felt though. It's so snuggly.

    56. Ohmugosh ohmygosh ohmhgosh ohmygosh ohmyGOSH!!!!! That is SUCH a cute plushie of Rarity!!!!!

      I seriously wish I had enough to get one of those plushies, and I hate being poor and lame and not beig able to save up to buy one of these. But ohmygosh Cereal you are soooooooo lucky to have gotten a plushie!!!!

      seriously dood? Why are you here, being a huge jerk?? Sure, there is. Fraction of bronies who do that kind of stuff, but if thats what you're gunna go bad mouthing and calling one of our beloved blog ponies perverted and stuff I'm goin to PERSONALLY escort you out the door of our EqD!!! We do NOT need jerks like you raging and hating on the blog ponie who take a HUGE amount of time out of their day to be awesome and show us amazing possibilities the bronies can do. I know I'm not the first pony to say this but SERIOUSLY if you ave nothing awesome to say you can get the buck out and never return!!!

      Wow you're so talented!!!! That must have taken you AHES to make!!! I wanna ask you what pattern you used and if you have a pegasus one..... But thats probably a trade secret huh??

    57. @plushiluv

      Ok, thank you so much. I'll be sure to check back then. :)

    58. @plushiluv
      Awesome work on it. I made a stuffed snake (~4 feet long) years ago in middle school in an arts class. It was fun to do, and a good deal of work, despite it not being anywhere near as quality as yours.

      I know what you mean. I avoid getting free stuff from people (but not the government and schools, college is expensive, they can go ahead and pay for my classes all they want) because I just feel weird accepting things that I didn't really do anything for. Even if I've done nothing but help the person that wants to give me the free thing, I did it to be helpful, not for a reward, so I still feel weird about it then too.

      I voted "clop clop clop" on the poll. And guess what? I'm one of the ones that makes bronies look good in the community. When doing things, I help people that need it. Whether it's something at school, in the community, or on a video game. I don't troll, and I'm polite to other people.
      There are others who definitely do a lot more to help people than I do, such as donating money and setting up fundraisers and other projects, but I do my part. And who's to say some of those people don't look at ponies in a more adult way as well?
      It's when someone goes around being a jackoff like you've been in your posts that any group gets a bad name.

    59. I love what a tight-knit and loving community this is! *wipes away a tear*

    60. You better take a picture when you get it a hat.

    61. @John

      John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden



      I love plushies, and I love this one! I am desperate for an Octavia plush toy to somehow console myself over my undying crush on her. I am in love with that pony so bad ._.

    62. I think it's completely ironic and frustrating that so many well done fan-made merchandise gets shown here.

      You do some background checks and get bombarded with, "COMMISSIONS CLOSED! NO MORE! GO AWAY YOU DROOLING BRONY!"


      Not intended for young children is hilarious though.

    63. Oh this just isn't fair.

      We barely even have blind-bags over here, and as for a plushie.... WAYYYYYYY out of my budget... and that's just the plushie, let alone the postage.

    64. And once again, ctrl-f 'Clop clop clop' seems to bring more lulz.

    65. I don't have anything bad to say about the plushie. Looks pretty good.

      I think John was writing more about the caption of that image than the image itself. The image just shows Rarity's cutie mark. However, Cereal's caption "Obligatory plot. Also the cutie mark." counts as a reference to plot jokes, if I'm interpreting that correctly.

      I think John cares a bit too much about what other people think of him and the groups he chooses to associate with.

      And by the way, I too despise "clopping" and sexual content involving FiM, but I know better than to get pissy about it when, in the big poni picture, it matters very little.

    66. Your Welcome Cereal! I hope you enjoy your Rarity.

      Also, for everypony else.., i'll be slowly adding on more plushies for you guys every month, or at least i'll try. If i'm lucky, i can actually start this month, with maybe 1 too 2 lucky winners of any pony they want, even OC ponies if you got a reference!

    67. You are sooooo lucky.

      Better hide it well, or else your family is going to start suspecting even more ;) I am so getting one as soon as I get enough money. Nothing will stop me from getting my Rarity!

    68. Wow, awesome plush! I hope someday the cost of these things go down, as it is now, I probably never will see one-- however, I am glad that you got one. For all the work you do on this website, you deserve it!

      ...The only thing is, if you are a closet Brony as others are implying, then this is going to be pretty difficult to hide... especially because, who would want to hide it? That is the kind of thing you want to display...

      Hmm... Not talking to you specifically, or anything, but... Interesting to see how you all display “love and tolerance” of other's views around here. Certainly wasn't how I defined the words, but if thats how you view “love and tolerance” than thats fine, though I think that was not how it was originally intended...

      I mean, some of us do tire at the constant gutter-jokes and generally “clop” nature that this site sometimes displays. If there was another site that was just as good to go to for fans of the show, then none of us would ever bother commenting on stuff like this here-- at least, I speak for myself when I say that I don't like to make people mad, and I would normally say nothing at all... and I really hope this post is not seen as intending to do that, but... you know, I don't know how else to say this, but not all of us came from or even visit 4chan, some of us Bronies-- at least I know one more other than me, now-- are simply fans of the show, and the constant “clopy” jokes are... well, I guess you guess all like that, but it does get... exasperating... for those of us who do not like that and try generally to avoid the parts of the Internet that even have stuff like that. And you know, I would never complain about all the cuss words and stuff that I do not see in the other fandoms I am in, or the horrid things that invert and turn the characters that I enjoy upside down (cupcakes), but this... really...

      I mean, this is THE pony fansite, there is no site as big as this one, there are no alternatives for pony fans, and so any pony fan-- of any age, and of any religion-- will be coming to this site. And I consider... no offense here, but it is true, that stuff like this is the worst part of the Brony community, and are the kind of things that make it that I do not feel “at home” with this fandom, ever, even though I really would like to... And this simple reference in this post was, for John, likely the “last straw,” not something big or horrid, but just after seeing the same thing over and over again, one does snap eventually, and I guess that was what did it for him... I suppose seeing the “love and tolerance” you all tried to kill him with did it for me, as I hardly ever post here because of things like this...

      I don't know, maybe I shouldn't call myself a “Brony,” but I don't know what else to call myself, as an avid fan of the show... but I don't seem to fit into the mold of Bronies that much... I wish one of us would get a different name, because of things like that mentioned by John-- and again, this was not the worst of it, but it is just all over this site-- I really don't know what to call myself... I am not a Brony like the people here, but I do come here, because I am a fan of the show...

      I guess you are going to tell me to “get out” now? The fandom has no place for me, is that right?

    69. @Nopony
      I have no idea about this whole thing. But I'm sure about just this.

      1. I don't mind his opinion.

      2. His attitude there was just completely unwarranted.

      Why I was confused about this whole thing is that I tried to understand John. But I don't know what could've just burst him into so much rage. Over a small jab at clopping? Even if cumulative, that was...just I don't know.

      And why the fuck would be tell you to get out?! What?! Did YOU scream Sethisto to FIRE Cereal?! John spat DIRECTLY at the head of bronies, man! He said some FUCKED UP things! Don't accuse us for being unreasonable.

    70. @Nopony Some people are better at Love and Tolerance than others. John and Jelfes, not so good at it.

      This an community of adult fans of a cartoon made by adults for adults and children. Because our Puritan mentors made it risqué oh so many centuries ago, off colour jokes and sexual innuendo are a never ending favorite of many adults. You are bound to get double entendres in a community such as this, and compared to some fan archives, this is one squeaky clean community.

      There are alternatives. There's a brand new anti-brony FIM-fan community on LiveJournal (a kind of hate and intolerance group) that was created for all the wrong reasons but is quite popular, for LiveJournal. There are venerable MLP forums such as the MLP Trading Post. Very prim and proper, I'm sure. You could try to start your own spin-off blog that you could moderate to your heart's content.

      I like it here. The people are intelligent and generally friendly. We don't all like the same things but it's good to be exposed to opinions you don't like. It makes you think. 8^)

      Please stay.

    71. @frith
      Wat? Jelfes is a cool dude, and his actions on John was completely appropriate to the situation! The amount of hostility he was secreting all over the place was just absolute nonsense!

    72. @frith

      I'm not going to leave... Still, you won't see me posting much, not because of anything here, just because... I am not the type who posts that much. I would never have done that post even, normally...

      Looking back now, I did over react a bit myself. I think I took it all a little bit more personal than I should have... I am still kinda new to the Brony community, and while I came expecting something like what I see at the many video game and other TV-show fan sites I visit... it was nothing like at all. Instead of what I thought, I got “cupcakes” cussing, and lots of... clop jokes. And by now, I have been here long enough to know that is not a representation of the entire Brony community, but when one keeps seeing it over and over, well, I can understand how John snapped the way he did. I do think that a lot of what he said and the way he said it was wrong and far too insulting, but I can sympathize with what made him say those things... and then, you know, when I saw everyone jump on him like that for stating an opinion that I can relate to-- not his hurtful words to Cereal, mind you (I don't agree with those at all), but the rest of it, the general thoughts that caused it... It kinda was like the only person who seemed to be offended by the same thing as me got completely smashed for it.

      I did react a bit too strongly... but the fact is that all these double entendres are... disturbing... when they are so contrary to the innocent nature of the show I am a fan of. They make me feel like I can't be a “Brony” because when it is a leader doing that (called by some “the head of bronies”), it makes one feel that is what all who are called “Bronies” do. And that is flawed logic, I know, but that is what it seems like sometimes, when one sees it over and over again...

      That said, it is not what I was expecting here, but for fans of MLP:FIM, there really is no place better to go (I may not like what seems to have become standard for “Bronies” but “Anti-Brony” sounds... about 20 times worse). It was nice to have a civil response to my post, and I thank you very much for that. There is a whole lot of good in this community, really. I just wish that it would shake off some of the remaining troubles of a difficult beginning.

    73. @Nopony

      You must be new here. Sethisto *has* actually toned it down quite a bit after a bunch of crybabies wouldn't shut up about the drawfriends... IMO, it was ridiculous. I mean really, this is *his* blog. Who are you to tell him how to run it?

      If you are correct that a lot of people don't want any hint of mature topics, then why not start your own puritan pony blog? I bet he'd even advertise it for you in the Nightly. It should be a wild success, right? The focus will shift from this site to yours.

      Also, there *are* alternative blogs already, you just need to look around. For example mylittleponynews.com, which is great for merchandise.

      Something to think about: Maybe this blog got so popular BECAUSE of some of the things you complain about, rather than DESPITE them. To me, this blog seems relaxed, fun, filled with 4chan "ruffians"... Ponyville? I think maybe you're looking for Canterlot.

    74. I either need to learn how to make those or I need money to buy one.

    75. @calamari
      I think I did mention that I was new, yes... I think I said that was one of the reasons I made that post at all...

      As for the rest of what you said, that is your opinion, and you are very welcome to it, mine just happens to b different, but you are right, it is not my decision, it is that of the persons who run the blog.

      If I was not doing college, I might try to do a site of my own, though I'll admit, I do not think I could ever do as well as the good people who have run this site have. There would only be a few things I would change, and I would not change them drastically... I would just make them... less. The way you refer to the 4chan “ruffians” seems a bit... I don't know, it makes the whole thing sound a bit more tame than it really is... plus, I really would not mind it as much, if it did not seem to almost be a focus at times (the recent poll as an example).

      Comparing the blog to Ponyville and what I want to Canterlot, though? I don't think that is a very truthful view of the situation here. I could not see any of the things that I was speaking of setting very well in Ponyville at all... A better comparison would be Equestira and Earth; I would rather Equestria, whereas you seem to like the nature of Earth more. Nothing wrong with that, just our views differ.

      As for if this site became what it is because of the clop jokes and stuff like cupcakes, well I don't know, but I hope not...

    76. oh,dear, that's is such a cute plushie of Miss Rarity. I need to learn how to make one of those *Art of the plushie song starts woaahahaha:D*

    77. @Freekles1245 Hello! I'm from the future! I took a time machine to get here! Quick, what year is it?!?