• Game Informer Responds to the Feedback From Their... Response

    I've never seen a magazine rebel so hard against something before.   At least they used a Rarity avatar to get their point across.   I think a lot of us started that way back when FiM first started out.  Reaction images were huge back in the old days.  It's only a matter of time...

    That image is pretty difficult to read, so have a transcript after the break!

    Transcript thanks to Morgan:

    -I recently read your Feedback response to Angelo's defense of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ("Who You Calling Frilly?", issue 233). Now, I won't harp on you (love and tolerance is key), but I'm curious; just how many emails did you receive regarding the show? I ask because fellow bronies were posting pictures of your letter before I got the issue, and a main FiM news source mentioned it as well. I just hope that they didn't spam you with hate mail; that's just rude
    -David Rawls
    Southbridge, MA
    -Hey guys, I just wanted to comment on the one dude talking about my Little Pony. When I read that, I just shook my head. I hope you guys don't think that all us bronies are that over-sensitive. Most of us are normal guys, girls, and even servicemen like myself! I love the show as much as anyone, but dang, that dude should learn to take a joke. "Frilly" is a pretty much the series in a nutshell-but that's what makes it great
    -Michael F.
    Montebello, CA
    -Despite never describing FiM's frilliness as a bad thing, some bronies took serious offense to our comments and responded with language that would make the show peaceful ponies wither up and die. most fans were surprisingly cordial, though, so in the spirit of peace and crap, we won't hold a grudge.

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