• Nightly Roundup #129

    Psychiatrist Sparkle is under-appreciated with all the shots of her losing her mind.  Luckily, JJ has fixed that. 

    Have some news!

    Space Cores Version Two

    Another set of space cores for Garry's Mod have been released, and some updates to pre-exhisting ones. Check out the list and video with download links in the description below!

    Available Cores:
    -Pinkie Pie
    -Twilight Sparkle
    -Rainbow Dash

    -Sweetie Belle

    -Big Mac
    -Derpy Hooves

    Dutch Episode List

    For the people out there that speak dutch, a Youtube channel has compiled all of the episodes for you to browse at your leisure. Check them out here!

    PDF Gallery Update

    The PDF Gallery has a few new updates, list below!

    Raiders of the Cutie Mark
    Blood is Thicker than Friendship
    Giving Love a Helping Hoof
    Celestia's Notebook: The Third Alicorn
    Not Exactly as I Dreamed
    Equestria War Z: An Oral History of Zombie Pony War

    Celestia Radio Airing the Vinyl Scratch Tapes Tomorrow

    Have some copy pasta!

    "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes - The Master Recording"

    As Sethisto once said, "The fanfic 'The Vinyl Scratch Tapes' is currently leaving the world of words and moving to audio."
    Well, the first of the four chapters of Corey Williams' “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes” is now ready. And I got to say,
    "IT ROCKS!”... in my humble opinion.

    So, if you are a fan of some of the most talented background ponies, and you want to laugh your socks off, head over to Celestia Radio this Sunday, October 16, 2011!
    It will premiere at 11 am CST (5 pm GMT; Noon EST). If you miss it then, we will be playing it 3 more times that day every 4 hours:

    CST: 11am, 3pm, 7pm, and 11pm
    EST: Noon, 4pm, 8pm, and 12am
    GMT: 5pm, 9pm, 1am, and 5am

    It’s only about 20 minutes long, so don't miss it! However, we will release it soon on YouTube those that can't tune in.

    A huge thank you to all the incredible people that worked so very hard on this. And a SUPER huge thanks to all of YOU. All you wonderful Bronies showed us that you cared and pushed us to do our best.

    Thanks again & hope to see you all on Sunday!
    -Keep Being Awesome




    Meetups/Groups/Guilds Looking for More

    Chicago Brony Haunted House Meetup

    What: Haunted House and Dairy Queen/Orange Julius afterword

    Where: Disturbia Torment of Fears 880 West Lake Street, Addison, IL 60101

    When: Saturday October 29. 7:00pm sharp. End time approximately 9:00pm.

    Details: $18 per admission. addition $5-10 for food. free parking. expect waiting in line.


    USC Bronies Group 

    Copy Pasta: 
    Looking for any bronies at the University of Southern California. No actual date or location for a meetup as of yet; just making sure that y'all exist first. :) Email me at irejaze12@hotmail.com if you're interested. 


    (Shes like Fluttershy, go be friends with her!) 

    Wikipedia Friendship is Magic Article Featured Status Drive

    A bunch of people over on Wikipedia are trying to rally some help getting the Friendship is Magic wikipedia article added to Featured status.  They have a list of things that need doing before it's able to reach that point.  I honestly am not sure what you non-wiki people can do, but have the list anyway!

    Idaho Brony Meetup

    A recent Idaho brony meetup just went down, have some copy paste:

    Us Idaho bronies just had our first successful meetup last night at Wahooz Family Fun Center...it was a total blast filled with laser tagging, mini-golfing, and merchandize raffles!

    Also, we now have a group on Facebook for any Idaho bronies to join for updates on future events. Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/206960622707356/

    It's a closed group, so Idaho bronies will have to ask permission to join, but the admins are cool and will pretty much add anyone who sends a request.

    Germany Meetup 

    And for those that aren't living in Idaho, another meetup recently went down way over in Germany.  They created a few videos of singing and stuff, check them out below!

    Singing with the Bagpipe
    Singing a Capella

    CBC Reports on Fighting is Magic

    Yet another news organization has noticed Fighting is Magic.  Check out the article here!


    This is why FiM is awesome. 

    Ponies Pop Up in MLG Streams

    Apparently Hasbro is really shifting its marketing focus or something.  I don't know many little girls that watch Major League Gaming streams.

    Season Two Episode Three First Reaction Commentary

    Another commentary group has started up! Check it out below!

    Ebay/Merch Stuff
    Luna Blind Bag
    Doctor Whoof plushie
    Brony Tags (at the bottom past all the furry!)
    Brony Car Decal


    1. That compilation image, oh my.
      That pony cake looks amazing too.

    2. That collage of psycho Twilight is fantastic, just as the episode was...

    3. Sorry twilight, I don't think you can help me with my insomnia. Since you ponies are the cause of it XD

    4. I always knew she wouldnt be able to last another season. I told her she would go insane.

    5. I'm wondering if anyone is planning a London MCM Expo meetup. It's not that far away now...

    6. Insane Twi is awesome... and scary.

    7. The best one was the Twilight Sparkle compilation.

      This might sound silly, but since I watched the show I experienced and improvement in the way I draw facial expressions and faces in general. You may not notice but the extremly cartoony style of this show can help you draw better :)

    8. Dutch ponies... Now I gotta show that to my mom, she speaks dutch!

    9. The Twilight sparkle compilation really creeped me out. OCD is one thing, but this is a kids show.

      Explaining Twilight's behavior, and the Atomic Rainbomb to my daughter after the show took a little effort.

      Not that it wasn't funny as heck...

    10. Twilight can help ALL of my problems you say?

    11. The Vinyl Scratch Tapes airing sounds interesting. I never really read the fan fic myself so I may have to check it out.

    12. Live 'The Vinyl Scratch Tapes?' I have to see this.

    13. My little ponies, redefining insanity every other episode.

      It's okay Twilight, you're still the best pony to me. <3

    14. @Zoronii

      It's actually a 20 minute long radioplay, complete with SFX and music! Though your comment has sent some gears turning within the TVST:TMR Skype group...

    15. Oh boy.. This week's episode is gonna spawn so many new memes.
      Too bad I didn't like it at all.

      Maybe a piece of that RD-Cake will cheer me up.

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    18. What does it look like when applejack or rainbow dash snaps.( goes insane)

    19. Confound this Sethisto, he drives me to YouTube! (Thanks for sharing our commentary, the publicity is fantastic for my channel ^_^)

    20. Crazy Twilight compilation is win! :prints it out, slaps it on wall:

      That Luna custom is one of the best ones I've seen too! Very nice!

    21. i am dutch and......wl i like it but english is aaaloooot better ,stil our dutch one is realy meant for the little children you know?

    22. @Killsteal_Wolf

      I was thinking about it. I've got to head up* to Bristol the evening of that Saturday, but was considering going to MCM for that afternoon. I'm kind of curious about how big this pony thing is over here.

      *Up? It's not really up, is it. But it's not really down either. I've got to head left to Bristol that night.

    23. Are there any bronies in Stuttgart, Germany? That bagpipe group's over in M├╝nchen and that's a bit of a ways away

    24. @geressen

    25. I kept thinking that Twilight should see a dentist after that episode. I don't think your jaw, not even a pony's jaw, is meant to move like that. Just image how cute Twilight would be with braces.

    26. @jrk08004
      Check out bronies.de, that's where the idea for that meet-up started. They have created maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the location of almost every member of the board on it.
      There are a few bronies in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, but I'm not really sure about Stuttgart.

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    28. Guys I can't see any of the images on the entire website, not even the title banner - has anything changed / anyone else had a similar problem? It's the only website I'm having a problem with and it's really annoying :c please help!

    29. Oh god... Another Portal Crossfail... *Takes out Heavy Muffin Gun.* KILL IT! *Shoots.*

    30. >MLG stream ponies

    31. @dwarfyz

      'MFW' = 'My Face When'

      you must construct additional emoticons.

    32. Lol @ the cake.

      Don't let Twilight see it though, she might find one part on the cake with a little less frosting than the next ;)

    33. @CascadeHope
      What!? The cake's uneven!? Weeeell... We'll just have to fix that!

    34. Can somepony make a video of the two season-openings next to each other so that all the embellishments can be more easily noticed?

      Every single frame has new stuff added in, and I can't even count how many background ponies were replaced with fannon characters.

    35. Just to follow up on the Wikipedia thing - the main problem we have is that while the brony fandom is well sourced, the *show* itself isn't. We've got a few bits and pieces that extend from the fandom, but most of all the dev section is taken from the wonderful interviews that EQD has with Faust and Thiessen - but little else.

      Given that reliable sources have noticed (And not made fun of) the brony culture, like Wired, etc. it would be *really* nice if they would go a bit deeper into the show itself to help boost the history and development stuff. (and of course, anything Brony too).

    36. I am both amused and terrified by Crazy Twilight...

    37. This comment has been removed by the author.

    38. Well, that was awkward... and yet it felt so right!

    39. As another note from Wikipedia:

      The EQD article has been restored but is undergoing another "articles for deletion" review.

      *PLEASE* don't barnstorm as a random editor and leave a comment - fly-by "supports" don't help. What will help are references to articles that do more than just name drop EQD; eg, the Wired article is the type of coverage we want to add on to that. If you do know of more of that style, by all means drop a note at the EQD talk page on Wikipedia and it can be incorporated.

    40. On one of the forums I frequent we've all chosen avatars from the "insane twilight" compilation.

      It's frankly kind of terrifying in there now, as you scroll down reading what seems like a conversation about ponies talking place between all of Twilight's split personalities...

    41. Oh dear...we've slashdotted the Brony Tags site.

    42. Holy shit the CBC? Thats a big deal. Like a really big deal. For those who don't know thats the Canadian Broadcasting Channel. For them to report on anything from our fandom with accuracy and respect is HUGE

    43. @Erroneous
      Dear Prince Erroneous,

      That's Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, not channel.

      your helpful student,

      p.s.: *yay*

    44. A chicago meet up?! Unfortunately, I'm still well over an hour (closer to 2) away from my college location, and my home town is 2 hours away on the other side. Sorry chi-town, maybe next time. =P

    45. I need to go back and screen cap all of Twilight's crazy faces. They were too hilarious not to save.

    46. Yay for the Idaho bronies! That was such a fun night.

    47. The Brony tags are also posted to the artist's FurAffinity page : http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6682991/

    48. Twilight, I've got problems, but your hair definitely ain't one...Can I hug you?

    49. I wonder when they'll do an episode where Celestia loses it.

      They'll probably also put in Molestia, or Trollestia....
      Actuallly I wouldn't doubt it.

    50. @Bpendragon
      "Well... Ieee guess you can..." She blushes a soft shade of light pink. "But only a small one."

    51. I laughed so hard at all of Twilight's crazy expressions. Although, it was a bit terrifying. Poor CMC. lol But she's still best pony.

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      Translating in progress!
      We need players and donaters to make the server international.
      Server rates: Everything is blizzlike
      Debugging in progress, instances are working perfectly.
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      Sorry for my bad english.

    53. USC huh, i live bout 5-10 minutes from it but i dont goto it or school for that matter

    54. Er. Space cores? Aren't they all based on all of the portal 2 personality cores?

      I mean aside from their optic color and animations you'd never be able to tell them apart

    55. Huzzah! I made it to Equestria Daily!
      My not-so-life-long dream has been fulfilled!
      I'm the big guy on the far left.

    56. oh god, the horror. dutch dubbing is awful.

    57. @BoiseBrony

      dude you look like a freezer, you'r huge xD

    58. Howdy from Idaho! I'm the chap with the brown hoodie who played pink at four-player Pac-Man.

      Best night ever! /)^3^(\

    59. Psychiatrist Sparkle is great. Unless her and crazy Sparkle are one in the same pony. Then I'm unsure if I want her to be my psychiatrist. Though I'm sure some would argue she would be like any other psychiatrist if that were the case. ;P

      I love the pony space cores, they're fun. CMC and Trixie space cores. <3 Needs a Flutterbitch too now.

      I'm probably not going to listen in to The Vinyl Scratch Tapes audio project. There's some personal qualms I myself have with it that I won't get into here.

      Yay, another Fighting is Magic article. Though, "and everyone's rootin' tootin' favourite Applejack." The Applejack fans will of course love that. Everyone else will probably rage. :P

      That Twilight compilation is certainly something. A nice collection of some of Twilight's best faces!

      I dunno if I'd call what Hasbro is doing with their ads popping up in different places "shifting" completely. Most likely though, they are spanning out to other places now to try and cover more ground. Especially since they know about the Bronies of course. So it's like "what not?" :)

    60. Oh wow...that compilation was just hilarious, and that CBC article was pretty good too.

    61. I will NEVER underappreciate Psychiatrist Sparkle. *swoons*

    62. @frith

      It's funny because his wording was erroneous!

    63. "I'm probably not going to listen in to The Vinyl Scratch Tapes audio project. There's some personal qualms I myself have with it that I won't get into here."


    64. For a second I thought I saw my old roommate in the Idaho meet up.

    65. @Mike

      Sure, my YouTube channel is "Vanacus" if you subscribe you'll get your request within the next couple of days. ( Depending on how busy I am with schoolwork, Smarty Pants approves )

    66. "Uh, I cant read this."
      "REPLACE HIM!"
      "OH GOD!"
      I had a laughing fit when I herd that!