• Nightly Roundup #95

    It has been at least a week since Fluttershy had a night, so Fluttershy time!

    Brony Medical Term Glossary

    I guess Facebook/Google+ Bronies use a bunch of really weird terms I've never heard of. I don't really have a ton of time to spend on the social networks (aside from tossing random pictures of Twilight Sparkle up on the EQD page). You can find the dictionary thing below!

    Brony Medical Terms

    Ponies 15% Off In Moscow

    Over in Moscow at "Erevan Plaza" mall on the 3rd floor, a bunch of ponies are 15% off! For those of you out there in Russia without pony toys to love and cuddle and call George, you might want to head over there!

    Super Smash Brothers Character Idea List

    The people over at Smashboards have created a bunch of Super Smash Brothers character sheets for the mane 6! If only Hasbro would do something amazing with these characters in the gaming world... It's just begging for it. Go recruit more bronies so it would be a financially sound investment!

    Brony Meetups

    Woah, this one has a poster!

    Pony Countdown Droid App

    I called it "Droid" instead of "Android" to annoy Cereal. Apparently he has a massive pet-peeve for people that call all Android phones Droid.

    The guy that runs Ponycountdown.com recently released an Android app for it, so you can take the FINAL FREAKIN WEEK with you on the road while you wait.

    Check it out here!

    PDF Gallery Updates

    The PDF gallery updated again. Find the list below.

    Growing Pains
    Gun with Occasional Pony
    My Little Alicorn
    Cantering Death
    Sepia Tock
    Near Death Expereince
    Shadows of the Sun
    Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel
    The Ballad of Gordon Freemane
    Elements of Resonance
    Luna's Best Night Ever
    Mares in Manehattan

    Pony Banner Thingy

    This one actually got buried in the wrong email folder and lost. Confound these folders. This was found in Paraguay. Apparently it's about the light up Mcdonalds Toys.

    Operation DASHCASH

    A while back on 4chan, a project took place to draw lion faces on every single piece of paper money. A new one has started up over on Ponychan to draw dash faces on all of them. If you still use paper money, you might want to contribute!

    Another Pony Forum!

    For those once again seeking another new place to crash in the pony fandom, yet another forum has popped up. How long until we have our own forum hosting service?

    Light and Dark RPG Livestream Recordings

    For those curious about the Light and Dark RPG, a few of the recordings from today's live stream have popped up. Sadly anything live today was probably trumped pretty hard by the bronyville mareathon, but at least some footage is around!

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Another marathon is planned today at 9:00 PM based primarily in Photoshop, and another on 9/12/11 . If you are interested in checking it out, hit up the channel.

    Daily Pony Marathon until Season Two

    Another marathon is going down. Each day at 4:00 PM Eastern a new set of episodes will be played.

    -episodes 1-6 on September 12th, Monday
    -episodes 7-11 on September 13th, Tuesday
    -episodes 12-16 on September 14th, Wednesday
    -episodes 17-21 on September 15th, Thursday
    -episodes 22-26 on September 16th, Friday

    Each episode will be broadcast on Livestream in HD. If you are interested, head over there starting on Monday.

    Sesame Street Now 20% Cooler

    An official Sesame Street soundboard has a small pony reference in it. Pretty neat! You can find it at 1:04.

    Friendship is Madness Podcast Stars Penstroke

    For all the Past Sins fans out there, a podcast popped up recently from the guys over at Friendship is Madness with a full interview of him. I wonder what the next big fanfic will be now that Past Sins is finished?

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Custom Pony Shop

    Equestria Daily News

    Or until I burn out at least.

    Fanfiction Spreadsheet Update

    No fic report tonight!


    1. Forgot the pagebreak again Seth.

    2. Earliest Nightly Roundup ever?
      It's a bit cheating for me since it usually goes out at mid-day in the UK.

    3. Yay for Fluttershy roundups. Could do with a Celestia one sometime again though.

    4. hey why can't i have awesome posters and stuff for my meetup! Philomena poster time!

    5. Operation DASHCASH? Alright, let's do this thing!

    6. Wooo :-D
      I got the Moscow ponies news in :-)

    7. those pony toys need to return to american mcdonalds!

    8. Fluttershy night! <3

      Can't say as I've heard any of those Facebook and Google+ Brony terms either I don't believe. But I hardly use either of those sites myself.

      Pony toys to love and cuddle and call George! <3

      Pony countdown Android app now... pony countdowns, pony countdowns everywhere! Also, Scootachicken. :D

      I love pony banners. Still not quite as cool as the entire side of the Mexican bus's plastered with ponies on them.

      Oh wow! I remember Operation Lioncash! Seems like so long ago now. I love this idea. Nothing brightens up your day quite like receiving change at the pump and seeing Dash's /)^3^(\ face staring back at you.

      The Sesame Street soundboard with the 20% cooler line was indeed, pretty cool. That meme is everywhere it seems. It invades everything!

      And Equestria Daily Fooorrevvverrr!

    9. >No fic report

      You've cheated me today.

    10. well glad this was early, now i can go to bed at a decent time :D

    11. "Apparently he has a massive pet-peeve for people that call all Android phones Droid"

      He's not the only one, I sell them for a living and I cringe whenever someone says they are looking for a "Droid". It's always the same thing...

      Needs a widget though, missed chance at awesomness.

    12. No non-fanfiction label! :O
      Almost missed it tonight...how very sneaky Seth!

    13. I was thinking of making pony movesets for Brawl. But theirs are better.

    14. I like the new page top image/banner thing.

    15. Orange County meet-up? HELLS YES

      I just need to convince my mom to let me go

    16. great roundup as always, glad i was up for this one xD

    17. I'd pick MLP toys over shitty Byakugan toys ANYDAY

    18. SPREADSHEET YEEEAH!!! now i can feel special reading it

    19. If this pony was less sleep deprived, he might have something more interesting to say about the news.

      HOWEVER! Ponies met up at Colorado's premier anime convention and it was glorious. A write-up with pictures and possibly videos will be on the way soon.

    20. @Arcane Scroll
      I'll be releasing an update at some point with a widget, but this is my first Android App so I don't really know my way around it too well, and with the daily site updates and other stuff I have to deal with, I don't have a lot of time.

    21. I wish I could go to that OC meet up... but it's way too far :(

    22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    23. Oh wow. Hey everypony, I'm somewhat amazed you all happened to stumble across our Smash movesets for the ponies like...two days after they were posted. I'm the guy who wrote up the Rainbow Dash moveset and I had a heck of a lot of fun doing so. I didn't think we'd actually be noticed outside the community but...now that we are, I hope you enjoyed our take on what the mane six would (hopefully) be like in Smash Bros! Thanks for the feature! Also my last comment messed up. Sorry 'bout that.

    24. I wonder how many MLP forums are out there.

    25. Ha, nice Looney Toons reference, there.

    26. Dash-Cash? I can say that I am all for this.

    27. "And to think this whole ambitious venture would have been ruined had I posted my Princess Celestia moveset instead. Oh well, next time.

      Sadly, this contest is probably now rigged because the moment Equestria Daily finds out about this, the bronies will swarm to make new accounts just to up-vote the pony movesets (And yes, I am beings serious about both details)."
      Pretty much this for the MYM.

    28. @ryan

      Don't bet on it. The contest's already closed to any more new voters.

    29. Signed up my AIM here just for you guys; you should feel special!

      Hey, I'm Dave, I made the Twilight and Pinkie Smash Bros sets, both were a lot of fun to make. We posted them a day before this MYM was ending and someone brought up EQD vote-rigging. Fortunatley, it's closed to new voters so that won't happen now. Hopefully, they all do well with honest-voting.

      Anyway, I invite you all to check out our humble little contest. Feel free to make some sets, if you want!

    30. And remember if you want to join the G+ bronys add either me or wilton rao we are like brony herders.


    32. I really did enjoy reading the Smash movesets...but sadly, most of those would be impossible to recreate in-game.

      See, I come from the Kitty Corp brawl hacking forums (hence the name) and most of the movesets would be either INSANELLY difficult to code, or just plain impossible. There's a whole bunch of things in their way, such as article limits, file size limitations, etc.

      Plus there really aren't any pony models out there yet.

      IF, and I cannot stress the IF enough, IF a good pony model comes out, I would be more than willing to write up a Brawl-compatible moveset and possibly code it into the game.

    33. I don't think whoever did those Smash Bros. movesets has any understanding of how the game is played and balanced...

    34. @Rollout
      not to mention the ridiculous amount of coding needed to make those movesets possible. Bottom line: It ain't happening, at least with those movesets.

    35. orange county is kinda far from oceanside, wish I could go

    36. i have an android but it not a phone :(
      Hopefully it will work

    37. @Pony Corp - Ren


      Do keep in mind MYM has evolved from the standards of Brawl a long time ago. We've done way more un-Smash things then these sets, it's practically a different game at this point. No one here expects to see a set even remotely related to MYM in a future SSB game ever; we just write 'em for fun.

    38. @7789e0b4-dc82-11e0-a545-000bcdcb8a73
      Ah. Thanks for clearing that up.

      But my promise still stands. If anyone has the knowledge of how to hack brawl models, I'd be happy to write up and code pony movesets!

    39. @Pony Corp - Ren

      Wouldn't it be possible to import the GMod models?

    40. Saw Orange County Brony Meetup
      Got excited
      Realized it was California, not Florida
      Got sad

    41. Brony meetup? In Orange County? On my birthday? What's next, Sethisto is gonna make an appearance? But no, that's crazy coincidence! I will def consider making time.

    42. @ The interview with Pen Stroke.

      One of the guys says that "Fluttershy didn't have the balls to say he/she/whatever loved it".

      I said my part, which wasn't love, but a balance between praise and criticism... mostly criticism. And now I'm editing the story with my trusted team!


    43. I really want to play with ponies in Super Smash Bros. now!

    44. "Apparently he has a massive pet-peeve for people that call all Android phones Droid"

      That's because the Android Mobile Operating System is multiplatform for phones other than the Droid, which is a specific phone (but it does run the Android OS which is probably why it's so easy to interchange and Droid flows better).

      Shortening it to Droid works for Droid owners but kinda shortchanges anyone else who runs the Android OS.

      I mean I don't mind calling them Droid apps since I own one, but that's the difference.

    45. @Super Smash Brothers Character Idea List

      Well, there's always that fighting is magic fangame right?

      @Pony Banner Thingy

      Wonder what the bakugan toys were. Mexico's still on Gundalian Invaders?

    46. @Super Smash Brothers Character Idea List

      some one tell those morons to use something that doesn't have bandwith limits..

    47. @Mattwo

      Or maybe you should stop being such an idiot and learn your facts.

      How the hell was MT supposed to know EQD would find out about the pony sets, when we didn't even want you to know? You guys are the reason his images went down, not us. So just shut up, alright?

    48. Well considering my phone's model is "DROID X2" and not "ANDROID X2" Cereal is wrong.

    49. Derp. Sorry about that guys. Wasn't expecting THAT many views on my stuff, PB bandwidth had a fit; never had it go over bandwidth let alone 200% over it. Trying to upload my images somewhere else but that requires me to find a lot of them again as I can't just save them from my account...

    50. @7789e0b4-dc82-11e0-a545-000bcdcb8a73
      You know, I'm not quite sure of that. What file format are the GMod models in?

    51. I still have yet to find a brony meetup in my town. D:

    52. Yes! I requested that Pony Countdown App!

    53. But Seth, Droid is a specific family of AndroidOS phones, Cereal has every right to be annoyedd at you