• Nightly Roundup #95

    It has been at least a week since Fluttershy had a night, so Fluttershy time!

    Brony Medical Term Glossary

    I guess Facebook/Google+ Bronies use a bunch of really weird terms I've never heard of. I don't really have a ton of time to spend on the social networks (aside from tossing random pictures of Twilight Sparkle up on the EQD page). You can find the dictionary thing below!

    Brony Medical Terms

    Ponies 15% Off In Moscow

    Over in Moscow at "Erevan Plaza" mall on the 3rd floor, a bunch of ponies are 15% off! For those of you out there in Russia without pony toys to love and cuddle and call George, you might want to head over there!

    Super Smash Brothers Character Idea List

    The people over at Smashboards have created a bunch of Super Smash Brothers character sheets for the mane 6! If only Hasbro would do something amazing with these characters in the gaming world... It's just begging for it. Go recruit more bronies so it would be a financially sound investment!

    Brony Meetups

    Woah, this one has a poster!

    Pony Countdown Droid App

    I called it "Droid" instead of "Android" to annoy Cereal. Apparently he has a massive pet-peeve for people that call all Android phones Droid.

    The guy that runs Ponycountdown.com recently released an Android app for it, so you can take the FINAL FREAKIN WEEK with you on the road while you wait.

    Check it out here!

    PDF Gallery Updates

    The PDF gallery updated again. Find the list below.

    Growing Pains
    Gun with Occasional Pony
    My Little Alicorn
    Cantering Death
    Sepia Tock
    Near Death Expereince
    Shadows of the Sun
    Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel
    The Ballad of Gordon Freemane
    Elements of Resonance
    Luna's Best Night Ever
    Mares in Manehattan

    Pony Banner Thingy

    This one actually got buried in the wrong email folder and lost. Confound these folders. This was found in Paraguay. Apparently it's about the light up Mcdonalds Toys.

    Operation DASHCASH

    A while back on 4chan, a project took place to draw lion faces on every single piece of paper money. A new one has started up over on Ponychan to draw dash faces on all of them. If you still use paper money, you might want to contribute!

    Another Pony Forum!

    For those once again seeking another new place to crash in the pony fandom, yet another forum has popped up. How long until we have our own forum hosting service?

    Light and Dark RPG Livestream Recordings

    For those curious about the Light and Dark RPG, a few of the recordings from today's live stream have popped up. Sadly anything live today was probably trumped pretty hard by the bronyville mareathon, but at least some footage is around!

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Another marathon is planned today at 9:00 PM based primarily in Photoshop, and another on 9/12/11 . If you are interested in checking it out, hit up the channel.

    Daily Pony Marathon until Season Two

    Another marathon is going down. Each day at 4:00 PM Eastern a new set of episodes will be played.

    -episodes 1-6 on September 12th, Monday
    -episodes 7-11 on September 13th, Tuesday
    -episodes 12-16 on September 14th, Wednesday
    -episodes 17-21 on September 15th, Thursday
    -episodes 22-26 on September 16th, Friday

    Each episode will be broadcast on Livestream in HD. If you are interested, head over there starting on Monday.

    Sesame Street Now 20% Cooler

    An official Sesame Street soundboard has a small pony reference in it. Pretty neat! You can find it at 1:04.

    Friendship is Madness Podcast Stars Penstroke

    For all the Past Sins fans out there, a podcast popped up recently from the guys over at Friendship is Madness with a full interview of him. I wonder what the next big fanfic will be now that Past Sins is finished?

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Custom Pony Shop

    Equestria Daily News

    Or until I burn out at least.

    Fanfiction Spreadsheet Update

    No fic report tonight!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here