• Nightly Roundup #109

    Stitch by stitch, putting news together... new headlines, setting up the info bit by bit, making sure to keep in mind my pacing, always gotta keep control of spacing, I'm making the Roundup shiiiiiine.

    Minute by minute, fussing over details. Ticking clock, thinking I should be in bed now, instead of being on here singing, oh god why won't this phone please stop ringing, rhyming words is hard.

    Hour by hour, one last day, Pony News, such a chaotic game. Sethisto you are putting me in a bind, Cereal tell me what is on your mind? Oh my gosh there is simply not much time, keep pretending everything is fiii-iiii-iiiiine!

    Piece by piece. Clip by clip. Merch, Cakes, Crafts, Meetups, Quips. Line by line, do my best, illness looms; always stressed. And that's the... art... of...


    Brony Mount and Blade Server

    An Australian steam group, 'Aussie Bronies', has created a 64 slot Warband Server for the game Mount and Blade. The name of the server is AuB_Warband. If you're brave enough to run past the 12 poisonous spiney kangaroos to get to the room with you internet in it, go ahead and take a look

    On a Cross and Arrow Announces Male Voice Actors

    Well known and much beloved r63 fuel On a Cross and Arrow has been putting together an ensemble for an audio version for some time. Now, the auditions for the roles of the male parts are concluded and the announcement has been made. I tripped and dropped the video in the text below, so go ahead and look at it there.

    Single Reno Brony Seeks Like Minded Herd in Centralized Location

    Mason Trowel, a brony of Reno, Nevada and a half op in the Equestria Daily PonyChats (#EquestriaDaily) is trying to get an idea of how many other bronies exist within range to set up a meetup for fun and games like what everypony else is doing. If you're interested a Reno area get together, hit him up at [email protected] and help get the logistics rolling.

    Custom Pony Boot Sounds Created for PS3

    Not content to let Droid and iOS have all the fun, a brony has put together some bootup sounds for the PS3. The list promises to grow with time (and Season 2!), but for now what's available can be found here.

    Rainbow Dash Comes in the Only Place That Matters at the LA County Fair

    Name me one thing better than winning. Ribbons? You got it. The picture's all sideways and junk, but the important piece of information to take away is that there's an awesome drawing of humanized Dashie sitting right next to a big blue ribbon. Enjoy!

    E-mail Campaign to be Started Using 'Roleplaying is Magic' RPG system

    Kinda what it says on the tin. There's a brony and he's looking for players, and he even wrote his own little copy/paste to advertise. See?

    "In a world similar but very different to the equestria we know Earth Ponies are pegasi, Pegasi are unicorns, and unicorns are Earth ponies. And the Sonic Rainboom never happened, instead it was the Rainbow Carona. Send a email to [email protected] if your interested in a email RPG that will be turned into a story based on your exploits using Tall Tails My Little Pony: Roleplaying Is Magic system. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ShylNaVPRa7U8GmPayAtBhTOXZin07zkNVmvf6eSKks/edit?hl=en_US&ndplr=1&pli=1# "

    'Sketchy Sounds' Operates Pony Songcast

    He's also an op in the Equestria Daily irc (gee, that's coming up a lot today, isn't it?), and every so often takes the time to croon all of the music from Friendship is Magic, streamed for your viewing pleasure. Go here to see where the magic happens, as well as find recordings of previous sessions.

    Skype Soundpack for Bronies

    Skype is a super awesome program with really boring default sounds. Ponies are really awesome and make noises that are not boring. Do you see where I'm going with this? Here.

    MLP Online Releases Trailer, Buries Me in Links

    There's a lot of things happening in the online world of ponies and the games that are made to capture their adventures. So go ahead and look at their Facebook page and their website, or just look at the fancy video thingy below:

    Idaho Bronies Seek Partners for Bowling Night

    Slowly my plans to turn the Nightly Roundup into a dating service are coming to fruition. Actually, a group in the Boise area (I know where that is!) are looking to go bowling and have some pony-related fun times the Friday before episode three comes out. Which is rumored to be the 15th, but we don't know quite yet. But if you live in that area and wan to have some fun, keep checking this Facebook page and keep yourself posted.

    Cutie Mark Personality Quiz Explains Certain Equestria Daily In-jokes

    Which I will not be explaining here. Anyway, it turns out I'm Rarity. Or I have her cutie mark, or... yeah. There's 17 different results and a series of excessively silly questions (the best kind). What's yours?

    Luna Saddlebags Are Awesome, Says Pony

    Look, they just are, ok? These are custom made from vegetable tanned leather, using environmentally friendly dye. They are sturdy enough to hold, and I quote, "a book, abacus, astrolabe, large spyglass, a cupcake, a muffin, two apples, and a small water flask at the same time." Go. Gawk.

    Chicago Brony Meetup #2 Conclusion/Writeup

    So it turns out that ponies in Chicago are a lot more in-depth about this sort of thing then the rest of you. Seriously, they sent in a full letter complete with picture and video. Video! I don't see videos from any of these other conventions/meetups. For shame, ponies. For shame.

    Also, check that out here.

    Weekly Fanfic Spreadsheet Update

    If this isn't  thing I'm going to be highly embarrassed. In either case, you can look at all the pretty stories in their nice neat and organized cells and rows right here. Have fun.


    Derpy Hooves Blindbag Custom available at Auction - Time Almost Out!

    Phoe Breaks Into Song Again

    It's late and I am tired, wish I could spark a smile.
    The place is flying high but right now I want to be low.
    Don't want to move an inch, let alone a million miles
    And I don't wanna go but I know I gotta go...

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