• Nightly Roundup #18 (Updated)

    We have a Lyra header!

    Sadly this one is a bit short.   I think today was primarily major news.  Not a whole lot of minor.

    Lets do it!

    Friendship is Magic Subtitled In Japanese

    A Japanese website has subtitles up for Friendship is Magic.  I'm pretty sure our favorite little equines would explode in Japan.  They already have the bulging anime eyes.  All we need now is a 15 year old pony with spiky hair, a bad-ass attitude, and the ability to commune with an inner demon that allows transformations to various states of power levels throughout 300 episodes.  I'd be all over that crap!

    Fallout Equestria Audiobooks

    Scorch_Mechanic over at the Broni.es forum is hard at work converting every single chapter of Fallout Equestria into audio book versions.  I have added his progress so far to the Fallout Equestria post for those of you who are interested.  Currently the first 5 chapters and prologue are both complete.  The forums appear to require a login to access the threads, but you can find the actual post here once you create an account! 

    German Pony Forum

    Lots of foreign news tonight!  Our bro's over in Germany have started up a discussion forum for all things pony!  You can find it here!

    Vector Lab Deviant Art Group

    Do you need ridiculously high resolution pony images for various projects?!  Well I do! All the time!  And what better place to find them than the Vector Lab DA group?  You can find it here!

    Rules of the Bronynet

    Grey Acumen over on Know Your Meme has converted the rules of the internet into a more pony centric version! You can find that in the image to the left if that wasn't already obvious.

    There are some pretty funny ones in there.  He also did specific pony descriptions, but for the sake of not turning this into Nightly Roundup: Controversy Edition #18, I'll let you guys go dig that up on your own...

    Equestria Daily News

    Beta Blog

    Some of you have stumbled upon my old movie blog-converted EQD beta blog.  Right now I am testing out a new layout for this site.  The recent posts on the right side will be dropped to the bottom (a lot of the bigger blogs to this, and I can see why).  It's also only going to have one side bar, allowing for larger body posts. 

    I think in general this should un-clutter things.  I'm also stealing an idea from my new bro fanfic site (that I'll link when it's ready) and messing with a top banner bar.  Right now I just have a large black band up there for measuring purposes, the final will most likely be a image of cloudsdale that I can change out depending on the current EQD theme. 

    The main thing I want feedback on here is the layout.  Do you guys like having the bigger blog posts and archives at the bottom?  This will allow me much more flexibility for embeds, and cooler side bar buttons that aren't scrunched together in an attempt to fit. 

    Anyway you can find the beta blog here!  (and yes, I realize the top black spot is overlapping the text.  I ran out of time while measuring it.  This site takes too much work!)

    Artist Training Ground Comes to a Close

    Wow, a month already?  This pony hiatus is FLYING by.  I'd like to thank everyone for participating.  I'm still amazed that we stayed over 100 entries every night for 30 days straight! That's nuts!

    I'd also like to thank Calamari for the awesome submission website.  That dude saved our asses hardcore.  It wouldn't have been the same without him.

    And of course Phoe for hosting it.  I completely obliterated her sleep schedule with this event.  Sorry :3

    We will probably be hosting more stuff similar to this in the future.  But for now, get some rest! You earned it! 

    That's all for tonight! Off to organize the sidebar and schedule the morning!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here