• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Final Gallery

    Well everypony, it's that time. This is your graduation ceremony. I'd lead you in a round of our alma mater, but I don't know the words and the tune is kind of lousy. I think the administration kind of botched it. Plus I really don't want tonight to be so super serious, which is why I ran with the image you see above instead of any of the man, many others that are, in the words of Hoity Toity, "absolutely amazing". This is a happy, silly event about happy silly ponies. Lots of ponies. So many ponies. How many ponies, Phoe? 227 of them. You all really went all-out for the final examination; we haven't had quite this many in a long time! That makes the final tally of images for the Newbie Artist Training Grounds... *drum roll* 5673 images! You're amazing. You're wonderful. I cannot sing your praises highly enough.

    Tonight there are no submission guidelines for me to link. I'm not going to remind you about my e-mail, either, although I hope by this point you all remember it. And even though the event is over, if there's something you think I can help with, it's still ok to contact me there. But this is still the submission guidelines paragraph, so tonight I want to use it to thank Calamari for creating the page we've been using all this time. I would have melted under waves of enthusiasm but for him reaching out a tentacle and pulling me out of the quicksand. He's not the only brony who offered this kind of solution, but he did act swiftly and on his own initiative, and we owe him a gigantic thank you. So here it is!

    Jeez, no theme of the day, either. This is getting kind of depressing. Not gonna cry. I swear I'm not gonna... ahem. Actually, I do have something pretty exciting to share with all you alumni. Hyper dedicated student Nullh, known for sketching ponies through such trials as a stag party, a museum, and a plane ride home has also created an Artist Training Grounds Alumni Group where you can keep in touch with your fellow artists and share new pieces that you draw on your own initiative. They've also already begun the work of sorting through all the themes and organizing galleries, so stop on by and help them out!

    And now, finally... I want to talk about you. All of you, whether you submitted 1 entry or 30, or even if you just stopped by to leave a comment for an artist you thought did a neat job once. If you did even that seemingly tiny thing, you helped to foster the spirit and the energy that kept this event alive all the way through to the end. I've gotten a ton of messages today thanking me for this event, but I was really only one piece of the equation. Without your hard work and enthusiasm, this would have been a flop. I'm just a cheerleader. I'm your cheerleader (and I always will be), but without you I would be dancing in an empty stadium. And as beautiful of an image/metaphor as that might be, we were here to help foster some artistic talent. And we've done that, thanks to all of you. You are so amazing, so wonderful. I am more proud of you than I have been of any group I've had the pleasure to be a part of in a long, long, time. So congratulations, everypony. It's time for a well deserved break. Relax a little, be proud of yourselves, and stay tuned. We have some wonderful events planned for you coming just around the corner...

    It's taken me an hour just to write that paragraph. I can't even see what I'm writing through all the tears. I knew this would happen. I'm such a silly pony, and so very proud of you. Enjoy tonight's gallery, it's a doozy!

    1) By Manga Meister (Yay cartoons!)

    2) By Manga Meister

    3) By Manga Meister

    4) By cosmeon (They can can, can you can can?)

    5) By Several Alpacas (I missed the bedmane jokes. Scratch looks cute with straight hair.)

    6) By BananaMangos

    7) By Spaerk

    8) By Emerald Dust (Spread your little wings, and fly away, fly away, far away~)

    9) By Avnas Ishtaroth

    10) By Mandy Tise and Jenbun Spahging (I would totally publish it, but they don't make books with spines that big. No really, I checked.)

    11) By ChaosDrop (Back to where it all began...)

    12) By Nimble Haste (There is wisdom contained herein. And possibly mispronounciations.)

    13) By Syggie (Looking much more confident with those fillies!)

    14) By Mooke

    15) By Mooke (Much much later, the mast of the Pinko would snap off and kill an inconsolable Jason. Nostalgia!)

    16) By DarkKnightWolf2011

    17) By DCPIP (That's cheating, Applebloom.)

    18) By Jaimers (It's not a Training Grounds post if my head doesn't hurt!)

    19) By Lucky Charm (Sorry, Lauren Faust said no.)

    20) By Lunar Apologist (I am thrilled beyond measure to have played some small role in helping you find a place among this community.)

    21) By Kooldude

    22) By Colin (Dashie looking mighty... suspicious. Wonder what's to the left?)

    23) By Gig (And on only three sheets of paper! Feeling the burn?)

    24) By Quint-t-W (Well, he <i>is</i> The Doctor...)

    25) By Quint-t-W (You tell 'em, Applejack!)

    26) By Fadri (Dashie's reaction largely mirrors mine when reading a recipe for the first time. 'Oh no it's impossible!')

    27) By EssAeEm (Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a two dollar banana.)

    28) By DarkKnightWolf2011

    29) By Doppelgänger (Considering the circumstances that seems like an odd request.)

    30) By harley

    31) By Mihaaaa (Don't cry, Celly...)

    32) By D4SHTH3R4INB0W (Just look at him win.)

    33) By D4SHTH3R4INB0W

    34) By mmelvin420 (If I ever get arrested it's going to be too tempting to use that line.)

    35) By Tarynsgate (Bellydancing ponies!)

    36) By Goggle Sparks

    37) By Goggle Sparks

    38) By Goggle Sparks (And thanks to you as well for participating. You've really improved!)

    39) By RoyKirbs (I dislike Monopony because there is no element of strategy. Unless you're good at setting dice, but then you should play Craps.)

    40) By tmaster

    41) By Spurs

    42) By Invidlord (Lookin' mighty cute, Standing Twilight.)

    43) By A.Q. Nichols (That is seriously badass.)

    44) By Bravura (I will treasure this forever.)

    45) By Smock (And <i>that</i>, little ones, is how you earn a cutie mark.)

    46) By DB (I can't think of a good song joke right now.)

    47) By Snap77 (Now that's a heck of a slumber party.)

    48) By Philith (So darned inconvenient.)

    49) By DarkKnightWolf2011 (It's no wonder you love drawing Octavia: she's an awesome and classy filly.)

    50) By Partition (Congratulations, everypony!)

    51) By Bl3berry Muffin (Seeing it side by side like that is pretty incredible.)

    52) By Paintroller

    53) By Amehdaus (Wow, look at those strawberries!)

    54) By Farvei (In answer to your question, yes. I spend a ton of time agonizing over what I should actually cram into this space. It's hard!)

    55) By loz (Who's a little pony? You is!)

    56) By Tabs (A-and on this, the last day... uh... I, uh... y-yeah.)

    57) By Invidlord (Well said.)

    58) By Fribox (Your first submission? Better late than never I guess!)

    59) By Delta Pangaea (Dedicated to everypony who missed a day for any reason.)

    60) By WoefulWriters

    61) By DaVca (I feel like there is a story behind this but I am afraid to ask it.)

    62) By toonboy92484

    63) By Nullh (I'm going to go find a park so I can pose in it like that.)

    64) By 20percentcooler

    65) By rabidcow147 (Back to the pony, Samurai J-- wait, doesn't rhyme. Shoot.)

    66) By Miyajima (That's an awesome cake.)

    67) By GonzaHerMeg

    68) By Caron

    69) By 041744 (Y'know, most of the guys who tried this did a couple of combo ponies...)

    70) By midnight shadow (Aw, I hate being a cube.)

    71) By Saphin (All themes present and accounted for!)

    72) By Thanqol (Take note, because this is frankly the best dating advice you're ever going to get.)

    73) By DJ Rainbow Dash (D'awww.)

    74) By Glaber (Jebus, talk about going old school...)

    75) By PrincessSpartana (All the ponies in this event are CRAZY!)

    76) By Infinity

    77) By Rainbow Derpy

    78) By Dr. Trotson

    79) By Mere Jump (I like sleepy Fluttershy the most in this picture.)

    80) By Your mother

    81) By Puffy

    82) By Ori (Trixie with Blade.)

    83) By NonoPony (Wait, but what are they fighting over?)

    84) By Uncle Leo

    85) By EssAeEm (Where's that Citizen Kane .gif when you need it?)

    86) By Randomjack

    87) By Interrobang Pie (Makes sense to me.)

    88) By FLASKGARG (Consider yourself all caught up! Here's your diploma.)

    89) By FLASKGARG (Artist requesting a color job,)

    90) By Mr.Wrann

    91) By rich-tea (This made me smile.)

    92) By Jdan-S (Crisp and clean and beautiful.)

    93) By Erthilo (Clap, clap, clap for you!)

    94) By Mr.Paulsen (In answer to your question, Octavia is a wonderful pony. Her only real problem is that she isn't Lyra.)

    95) By Mr.Paulsen

    96) By Argembarger (Yay!)

    97) By Mr.Paulsen

    98) By Ambrose

    99) By Immersa (Angryshy.)

    100) By EssAeEm (You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this. Also, thank you for making a papercraft Phoe. Totally cool!)

    101) By Chris (I'm happy that you got so much from the event. If it helps, I've been tearing up all day, too.)

    102) By Chromadancer (Congratulations!)

    103) By Chromadancer

    104) By Relias (The banana makes her 20% greater and more powerful.)

    105) By Alipes (I guarantee you Seth loves this.)

    106) By Vergioso

    107) By Sherlock Hooves (Please tell me there's no counterspell. Squee!)

    108) By TensaiOni

    109) By Pony Stark (It's very very true.)

    110) By Muffinsforever

    111) By blasthemis

    112) By Zumi10 (All caught up, friend!)

    113) By Dangereaux (You do really amazing color work.)

    114) By Atlur (30 ponies! Collect them all!)

    115) By otherunicorn

    116) By Amy (Please tell me I never made an Assassin's Steed joke already. Please.)

    117) By Shiver (Thank you very much for participating. Rarity is pleased.)

    118) By zorg

    119) By Windfall (Don't get too down on yourself; you <i>can</i> draw. We'll see each other again, my faithful student, this is not goodbye.)

    120) By Mistal

    121) By Djrk16

    122) By MHPayne (...Goodnight, everypony!)

    123) By Tenchi Outsuno (Maximum doodles.)

    124) By Passer Palmatum (I'm not a Hufflepuff? Zzzzzzzzz)

    125) By Neoridgeback (Why <i>is</i> the rum always gone?)

    126) By Relias (In regard to your comment, you will be happy to know I do infact have Megaman 9 and 10, and will be playing them soonish, just not as part of my relaxation marathon. Thanks for the image!)

    127) By Relias

    128) By Landmine

    129) By David Anakah McGee

    130) By Kelz (There is so much amazing going on in here. Look at the bottom left, for instance. =D)

    131) By Foxtrot (Poor Twilight.)

    132) By Starlite (Coooomiiiiiing~)

    133) By MasterofRoku (I was about to complain about her lack of wings. And then I saw them. Whoops.)

    134) By HyperMark (After all that, how could I not leave you a comment? Thanks so much for hanging out with us and sharing your work!)

    135) By Philith (I hate Monopony so much. Every game is like this.)

    136) By harley (Can't banish Pinkie! Probably.)

    137) By Da Chi

    138) By EvilMan

    139) By Shockwave (You're welcome. Thank you for the kind words.)

    140) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi (Are you going to be keeping this up on your own time?)

    141) By Eliwood10 (Make-up complete, extra credit received. Graduating with honors, sir!)

    142) By Colaz

    143) By kits (This is precisely why I lifted the usual 3-per limit! Fillyshy is as adorable as ever.)

    144) By kits

    145) By kits (That video is awesome.)

    146) By Frith (Do iiiit.)

    147) By Erica C

    148) By Kt Kat (Fluttershy looking spectacular.)

    149) By Frith (You had to make my eyeballs explode one more time.)

    150) By kits

    151) By Kits (It's kind of funny watching your mind snap as these went on.)

    152) By kits

    153) By kits

    154) By kits

    155) By Frith (Have fun car shopping!)

    156) By Miguel. i am tired

    157) By RaspleZS (Alicorn gasp!)

    158) By Starlight Bolt (Friendship!)

    159) By RaspleZS (The most interesting pony in the world.)

    160) By Natry

    161) By fetchbeer (Oh gods, I've been reduced to space filler!)

    162) By Albert (Scootaloo? Hey! Listen!)

    163) By Tenchi Outsuno (Getting saucy up in here!)

    164) By ASGallardo (But that's how it was supposed to look!)

    165) By ASGallardo

    166) By Aku (The many faces of Twilight Sparkle.)

    167) By Riokenn

    168) By QuickSticks45 (Don't worry, she sleeps like this all the time.)

    169) By A Terrible Person

    170) By codemanj94 (Come on guys, really?)

    171) By Zarcophagus

    172) By Horizon Bound (For somepony who didn't find this until late, you're sure knowledgable about your ATG memes!)

    173) By Horizon Bound (One more for the road, baby!)

    174) By Circuit Mane (Massively smoother and more confident.)

    175) By Easteu (Holy hell on toast, dude.)

    176) By The Recliner (It's too heavy!)

    177) By Panda_Instinct

    178) By Thattagen

    179) By yiKOmega

    180) By nuclearsuplexattack

    181) By Buddy Vox

    182) By Fox E:

    183) By Fox E:

    184) By Croop

    185) By Croop

    186) By DJ RBDash

    187) By Hiro

    188) By Pageturner

    189) By Pageturner

    190) By PaintSplash

    191) By Rydel

    192) By Virga Rainboom

    193) By Leaf Growth

    194) By LifeSequenceBreak

    195) By yiKOmega

    196) By Virga Rainboom

    197) By Prismatic Pretzel

    198) By Prismatic Pretzel

    199) By Coat Rack

    200) By FoxOfWar

    201) By 8ftmetalhead

    202) By PinkamenaPie

    203) By Silent Oink

    204) By Randomjack

    205) By Sapphire

    206) By Scootaleo

    207) By 8ftmetalhead

    208) By Zach

    209) By Madtaz64

    210) By Muffinsforever

    211) By djTeka

    212) By Jeff

    213) By Jeff

    214) By Liska

    215) By StarStep (Hahahahaha, fantastic! You rock so much.)

    216) By Drilltooth

    217) By Black Tea

    218) By Black Tea

    219) By DI-FL

    220) By Black Tea

    221) By ShoeboxWarrior

    222) By Black Tea

    223) By McGack

    224) By Periphery

    225) By RToasts

    226) By Ego (...you picked a hell of a way to end this, girl.)

    227) By DI-FL (This is as emotionally powerful as anything I've seen. Thanks for submitting it. Seriously, thank you.)

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