• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 22

    Twilight Doesn't Quite Get It Edition. Also, I love pointless capitalization. And pointed capitalization. Oh Celestia I'm so tired. That actually sounded funny to me. Ahahehe... eh. Today also doubles as wishful thinking night because it's the middle of June and I am tremendously hot and haven't gone swimming in... gosh, how long has it been? Years, I think. But these 167 splishy splashy little ponies are making me feel very cool and relaxed. Cool enough to celebrate our total rising all the way to 4,218 in total! *party favors!*

    Well, before I pass out let's get this part out of the way. Submission guidelines are here. If there's something else I can help you with, talk to me at [email protected]. Rain or shine, your Blog Princess is always there to help!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony building something. This night is dedicated to productivity. But what are these ponies building? Iono. Tables, houses, computer programs, giant robots, relationships, statues in my own glorious image, shrines to Lyra... you didn't hear that last one!

    Earlier this week I found myself talking to Sethisto and asking if he'd be willing to take over the duties of this for a night or two so I could catch up on sleep. You'll notice that hasn't happened. He agreed, of course, but every time I go to tell him that this next night is the one, I think about all of you. I mean, granted I did miss that one night when a freak storm knocked out the electricity to my town, but there are a surprising number of you who have never ever failed to submit a drawing to me every single night. And a whole bunch more beyond that who have been doing everything in your power to get in a drawing every night you can. And with all of that hard work and dedication directed at me, I'm supposed to take a break? Because I'm tired? Sorry, friends. I'll make it. I can do this. I will do this...

    1) By Thanqol

    2) By Partition (Dedicated to the squid who saved my life.)

    3) By Quint-t-W

    4) By Several Alpacas

    5) By ShoeboxWarrior

    6) By Philith (The explanation I received for this one was... interesting. And no, I'm not telling. Come up with your own!)

    7) By ChaosDrop (In case you were wondering why Rainbow Dash gets all the chicks.)

    8) By Dark Glare (Sure you can!)

    9) By otherunicorn

    10) By FoxOfWar

    11) By Shiver (Fluttershy is going to save the world!)

    12) By engel-angelica

    13) By rich-tea (Faster, Applejack! Faster!)

    14) By ASGallardo (Hey... Celly? How do you get your hair to do that?)

    15) By Sherlock Hooves (This is an homage to Secret Tub Fun, which you should go read.)

    16) By ZenEffy

    17) By Vanner

    18) By Tarynsgate

    19) By PandaRoux (dunnnn dun... duuunnnnn dun.)

    20) By Smock (Damn it Rarity you will swim in that water and you will like it!)

    21) By MHPayne

    22) By NikaScott

    23) By TensaiOni (This is a sneaking mission. The use of stealth is required.)

    24) By Emerald Dust (I love the M&M series.)

    25) By Easteu (I don't think you're supposed to dive with flippers.)

    26) By Axwrend

    27) By Rai-dash (I can totally see this happening in Season 2.)

    28) By Farvei

    29) By Amehdaus (No, Dashie! Go up! Up!)

    30) By midnight shadow

    31) By ASGallardo

    32) By Goggle Sparks

    33) By Goggle Sparks

    34) By Argembarger (Swimception.)

    35) By Colin (Hey, all right! Swimsuit edition!)

    36) By Argembarger (This game wasted so much of my time in elementary school. Ford! Fjord!)

    37) By Invidlord

    38) By Alipes (Rarity is pearl diving. Is that a euphamism? I feel like it is.)

    39) By Nido Media (After Celestia took away my moon banishing powers I had to get creative. Also where did my wings go? D=)

    40) By Kitty Tail (Hey Lyra. Whatcha lookin' at?)

    41) By Circuit Mane

    42) By GonzaHerMeg (Paddle paddle paddle.)

    43) By Flutt3r5hy

    44) By Vergioso (The backstroke is improper muffin swimming form. -10 points, Pinkie.)

    45) By LifeSequenceBreak

    46) By Mere Jump

    47) By DB (There's really nothing I can say that will add to this.)

    48) By EssAeEm (I hear they updated that ride after the movie, but I haven't been to the park in years.)

    49) By Hindsight

    50) By DarkMemories (They look like they're having fun.)

    51) By Ego (You say you should never be allowed to paint. I say you're brave for publicly experimenting. Also this is gorgeous.)

    52) By Taco Bandit

    53) By PinkamenaPie

    54) By Tibberly (I keep thinking about doing exactly this, but every time I do I feel guilty.)

    55) By Daichi

    56) By Foxtrot

    57) By Natry (Oxygen kindly provided so Derpy wouldn't drown.)

    58) By Ori (So relaxing....)

    59) By Ambrose

    60) By Colaz (Have I done a shoo be doo joke yet? Well, just in case.)

    61) By Diakaern

    62) By Invidlord

    63) By TheLaughingMare (Aw, come on! Please?)

    64) By Squidbombed

    65) By Nullh (I feel safe in saying this is the first ever submission sent from a hotel room at a stag party. Talk about dedication!)

    66) By Dangereaux (It'd be pretty cool to get a postcard ike this.)

    67) By Jdan-S (Ha. Awesome.)

    68) By kits (Swimsuit edition is teaching me I shouldn't like ponies in clothes as much as I do.)

    69) By nekoneko (I know that I shouldn't count this. But if you were me, wouldn't you?)

    70) By Chris

    71) By Chris

    72) By Georgia

    73) By Mihaaaa (I... what do I even say to this?)

    74) By Infinity

    75) By Lunar Apologist

    76) By Eliwood10 (Don't think I'm ever going to get enough of this. So cute.)

    77) By Doombah

    78) By Narwhals' Bend (Self deprecating humor is the best humor.)

    79) By Starlight Bolt (Hahahahaha... aw.)

    80) By fluttersara97

    81) By Relias (Water wings! Get it? *sigh*)

    82) By Afentis

    83) By PenguinPlayer

    84) By A.Q. Nichols

    85) By purpletrauma (Derpy is the best swimmer.)

    86) By fairiedragon999

    87) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    88) By Lee Readman

    89) By Zach (Wow, that looks like fun! Guys, let's go exploring!)

    90) By Infernal_Dalek (I say this to friends often, but Derpy is the bestest mommy evers.)

    91) By Chromadancer

    92) By Hisari

    93) By fetchbeer (Don't laugh!)

    94) By Saphin

    95) By Tanman

    96) By Rydel

    97) By Albert

    98) By Frith

    99) By The Headless Horse

    100) By The Flying Tomato (Good luck on chemistry!)

    101) By Leaf Growth

    102) By Leaf Growth

    103) By Riokenn (Fillyshy's first swimming lessons didn't go very well.)

    104) By Rachel (Her 133rd went slightly better.)

    105) By DI-FL (I love this. I love everything about this.)

    106) By Scootaleo

    107) By Kephra

    108) By Eeful (The chicken of the sea was the better of your two titles.)

    109) By Sapphire

    110) By Panda_Instinct

    111) By badzerg

    112) By Da Chi (This made me hurt myself laughing.)

    113) By Syggie (<3)

    114) By Horizon Bound

    115) By TapeDiggity (You're right, this came out looking really nice!)

    116) By Horizon Bound

    117) By Avnas Ishtaroth

    118) By RaspleZS (The url goes to a google doc for proof of the all text nature of the image. ASCII!)

    119) By MasterofRoku

    120) By Buddy Vox (They never invite me on nights they go scrying. Sometimes I feel so unappreciated by royalty.)

    121) By Atlur

    122) By Kelz

    123) By Tenchi Outsuno (Just keep swimming, just keep swimming~)

    124) By Immersa

    125) By Kt Kat

    126) By Prismatic Pretzel

    127) By Pony Stark (An Appletini sounds really good.)

    128) By Shockwave

    129) By Josh Yee

    130) By dinoburger

    131) By Starlite (I'm too tired. I was about to ask why it was Applejack and Roseluck, and then I realized why I'm an idiot. That's fantastic.)

    132) By Uncle Leo (Go back and look at entry number 1. Now look at this. Isn't that creepy? Right down to the two dollar banana. o.o)

    133) By Neoridgeback (...Buh?)

    134) By Mint156

    135) By nuclearsuplexattack (Sweetie Belle's mane looks lovely underwater.)

    136) By VeoBandit

    137) By Periphery

    138) By Pcjoyce (Proud of you, brony. You know why.)

    139) By Drilltooth

    140) By Virga Rainboom (I adore your proprosed theme idea. But I think you knew I would.)

    141) By Aku

    142) By Xiagu

    143) By DiZaster321 (Holy gloriously absurd. Shoo bee doo.)

    144) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    145) By Passer Palmatum (Our second Secret Tub Fun reference of the night.)

    146) By Fox E:

    147) By Kitsune (Haven't had a crazy make-up entry in a while!)

    148) By Randomjack

    149) By Liska

    150) By Kooldude

    151) By A Terrible Person

    152) By DessertFox

    153) By Thattagen

    154) By Jena-su

    155) By 8ftmetalhead

    156) By DJ RBDash

    157) By Graycon

    158) By Keinherz

    159) By Rhanoa

    160) By Erica C

    161) By emeralddarkness

    162) By djTeka

    163) By Spurs

    164) By Silent Oink

    165) By redcladhero

    166) By Virga Rainboom

    167) By Periphery

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