• Nightly Roundup #9

    What's that?  I'm out of new Lyra to post?

    Well we all know what that means...

    The Great and Powerful News is after the break!

    The Great and Powerful Trixie Reports on Fox News Reporting on Bronies

    The Great and Powerful Trixie urges everybrony to RISE UP against this DASTARDLY new menace to all things pony.  These FOALS have the AUDACITY to compare the Great and Powerful Trixie's mindless loyal followers to one of the most epic of manchildren The Great and Powerful Trixie has ever lain her BEAUTIFUL amethyst  colored eyes on.

    You can find these infidels lounging in their own feces-covered narration here at 1:20.

    The Great and Powerful Trixie tops the Beathazard Leaderboards

    Oh, and some other pony named Vinyl Scratch, but Trixie is pretty sure nopony cares about anyone so...average.  You can find the Great and Powerful Trixie and her illustrious victory here!

    Ponychan Science Experiment

    Ok, that's enough of that Trixie stuff, I'm way too tired for that.  Over on Ponychan they are conducting a scientific analysis to determine the best three episodes for turning people into bronies.  If you are interested in helping out, you can find the Ponychan thread here!

    Another Site Reports Ponies

    You know, over the past few weeks we have been receiving a LOT of bad press.  We need some good stuff every once in a while!  Luckily this site has finally shown us in a positive light.  Science Fiction from the Right Wing has released a relatively detailed article on all things brony.  You can find it here!

    Another Pony RP board

    Another roleplaying board has popped up!  If you are sick of your current board and need a fresh start, you can find Ponies of War here!

    Steve and Preston Read a Brony Email on Air

    The one radio station that didn't completely trash us received a few thank you letters from various bronies, and one in particular was actually read live. You can find the sound cloud of the reading here!

     Tribute Album in the Works

    Do you have musical talent?  Are you interested in thanking the Daniel Ingram and crew for their amazing work on the show we have all become obsessed with in the last few months?  A composer over on Ponychan is working on creating a thank you style tribute album to all of the awesome people over at Studio B/The Hub.

    If you are interested in helping him out, you can find the website for it here!

    Rainbow Dash License Plate

    I think I can let the image speak for itself!  You crazy bronies and your merch!  

    If we ever do take over the world, I promise I'll create a man-made island in the shape of dash just for you. 

    Fluttershy and Derpy Plushies for Sale

    For those of you looking for a really high quality plushy, look no further than these new eBay auctions for your choice of either Derpy Hooves or Fluttershy.

    If these two ponies aren't your thing, you might want to check out the artists DA page and possibly toss a suggestion for the next one! 

    New Layout Supervisor For FiM

    I can't pretend to have any experience in animation at all, but hearing anyone being hired "for the next few months" involving season two gets me pretty excited. It's not that far away after all... Maybe one of you animation people can give us some kind of timeline on how far into a cartoon's creation process a Layout Supervisor is required for.  Anyway you can find Jayson Thiessen's tweet here!

    Escher's Hints For Writing Better Fiction

    Similiar to Cereal's guides from a while back, another brony has stepped up to the fanfiction 101 white board to coach you would be writers in the fine art of throwing ponies into all sorts of dangerous and ridiculous situations.  You can find the guide here!

    MLP Essay Reading Video

    Another brony has sucked up is pride and attempted to spread friendship to his peers in the form of a public speech about My Little Pony.  The class reaction is, once again, priceless.  You can find the full youtube video embedded below, and the Ponychan thread here!

    And that is all for tonight! Hopefully you have found my nonsense insightful, and sorry about the Trixie, I had to do something ridiculous to take my mind off of how long this was inevitably going to take!  I skipped proofreading this.  I have too much to do still before I head to bed!

    Oh and 12,000,000! Yay!

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