• Derpymail Email!

    Someone over on Ponychan has set up an email server for everyonepony to use! He is asking that people send an email to [email protected] if they want an account for it!

    You can also find a ton of extra information below!

    Derpymail Email Information!

    Also check out this tutorial on migrating just the email address to Gmail after the break! (Thanks to ;♥~Rainbow Dash~♥; for this!)

    Ok so another tutorial just in-case people wanna know, say they have to use their gmail(but wanna still use their derpy address) do the following: 

    >Go into your Email Settings 


    >Find SEND MAIL AS 


    >Put in desired name, and put in your derpy address(i.e [email protected]

    >Click NEXT STEP 

    >It will ask you to put in the SMTP server info 

    >replace it with: mail.derpymail.com Port 25(or 465 if 25 doesn't work) 

    >put in your username for your derpy email and password 

    >Check "Always use a secure connection(SSL) when sending mail." 

    >Click Save Changes 

    >It will send a confirmation to your Derpy email 

    >click on the confirmation link 

    >Go back to the ACCOUNTS AND IMPORT tab in your gmail settings 

    >Your Derpy account should show up under SEND MAIL AS 

    >Click Make Default 

    >and Wallah!