• Toy Fair Pony Toys

    No Trixie
    No Luna
    No Nightmare Moon
    No Gilda
    No Vynil Scratch
    More ugly ass G 3.5 garbage

    Why don't they just have Lauren design the toys? 

    Toy Display


    1. Someone should get Games Workshop on it.

    2. Because while the show may be marketed to a wide audience of ages, the toys (and Hasbro) is only interested in selling to girls 4-10. There just isn't any reason for them to invest in making toys of minor characters.

    3. @Anonymous

      I really don't want to pay 35$ for one model though, and then assemble and paint it myself. Plus, it'd end up having armor and weapons everywhere, and then the Orks have a battlepony.

      On second thought, that's awesome.

    4. I'm just ticked that they don't have "styling size" of the full main cast still. The styling models are closer to the show's proportions. I'm ticked off that I can't use Twilight to model a recreation of the dress made for her in Dressed for Success. Sure, for the purpose of designing them it will suffice, but when it comes time to display the final product, it feels wrong to have rarity wearing twilight's dress and fluttershy wearing Dash's dress.

    5. Why Hasbro, I have more acquisitive power than a 4year old, you should realize the potential MLP:FiM has, and make some good NEW toys, not just try to recycle those 3.5 ponies you still got on stock.
      I feel McDonald's toys were more accurate, cheaper, but at least more loyal to the current pony gen.
      I mad.

    6. Why Hasbro. Just... why.

    7. Awful. So far the only toys I would like to buy are the Gift Set and those small sculpted ones because those are the most on-model.
      I was hoping for a second gift set with Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy, instead what we get are cars and bikes (seriously) and that creepy cherub baby Pinkie.
      I'm so disappointed, I would give serious money for decent looking, fully on-model figures.

    8. @Anonymous

      This X100

      I want the rest of the molded ones.

    9. I...
      I kinda like Pinkie in a car... Sorta...
      Well I WOULD like it if it was a unique mold that could sit in the car.

    10. Like, if they're gonna have them is cars and stuff, they should go all out.
      Like give them sunglasses, wraps for their hair, give em "fuck yeah, you stylin' on my ride" facial expressions.
      Have fun with toys for god's sake!

    11. @Pacce

      That would require new molds, effort, work and money and Hasbro seems to be pretty damn cheap.
      They just repack the same figurines with some crappy looking accessories. I wouldn't be surprised if that car is exactly the same as the G3.5 car.
      The only hope we have left is some decent toy company buying the license and cranks out high quality stuff.

    12. @Anonymous
      I've put all my pony hopes into the little molded plastic ones.
      But maybe they'll surprise us yet.
      I shall remain cautiously optimistic!

    13. Think of it this way: we're getting the itty bitty little wittle twinkie pinkie!

    14. I'm a little bit optimistic too but Hasbro seems to be pretty comfortable with the "kids don't care and buy our shit anyway" mindset.

    15. @Taco Wiz

      True it's just not how I imagined it. It gives me nightmares.

    16. Those toys are pretty meh. Part of me hopes they wise up to their older demographic and make some rather nice larger-sized statuettes / figures just for display.

    17. It's because MLP doesn't have the long fan backing that Transformers and GI Joe have. That's why there'll most likely be no high-quality toys.
      Sure, you may say that the current show has a large amount of fans, and that all of you are currently purchasing the toys that are out.
      But that's not a good enough of a guarantee for profit from making show-accurate toys.
      Best bet would be modding, or hoping that some small independent toy company starts putting out "Rainbow Sky Pegasus" and "Apple Farming Cowgirl Pony" each at the price of around thirty dollars or more. With no accessories.

    18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V59MgGRHvo

      Awesome theme music remix.

    19. While I agree that Hasbro, as a Toy Company, doesn't NEED to cater to older-audiences, (anyone who thinks they're obligated to do that just because of FiM's popularity are simply deluding themselves) I honestly don't see the problem with having, say, Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon toys.

      I mean, if I were the one marketing Princess Luna, I'd make her the "cute younger sister" for Celestia (which she is) and have her as kind of a bed-time pony, with light up wings who says things like "Don't be scared; see how pretty the stars are?" (or whatever is cuter/prettier-sounding) since some kids are afraid of the dark. (I never was, though)

      As for Nightmare Moon? Probably impossible to market to little girls- but in all honesty? When I was little (and I mean really really young- I'm talking before any supposed "pretty princess phase") I *always* liked the Wicked Queen from Snow White way more than I did Snow White herself. I remember thinking I wanted to be just like her- she was beautiful, had authority, and pretty dang hard core. That fear was something to be respected.

      Anyway, TL;DR Hasbro's too closed-minded to give us Luna, but if they did I'd certainly be impressed.

    20. I finally have the whole set -- first got the 5-piece set (Celestia, Pinkie, Applejack, Twilight, and Spike) then bought the other core ponies individually.

      I'm thinking of trimming Rainbow Dash's hair to give her more of a 'butch' look. Also considering repainting Celestia white.

    21. When I saw the mcdonalds ponies, I was thinking of getting Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy.
      But when I saw the final models, let's just say that the kinda talked me out of it.

      What I'm saying is that if they stuck to the original look, I would've actually risked getting me some ponies.

      TL;DR: Hasbro, I am disappoint.

    22. In the grim future of Equestria, there is only war.


    24. Lots of good reading here, thank you! I was searching on yahoo when I discovered your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to more from you.


      -CCCCCCKKKKKK you hasbro. Fuck you.

      Looks like I'm going to sculpting model-accurate toys out of bars of soap.

    26. Oh Noes! Who would be so foolish to let Pinkie drive a car. That will be more work for nurse Tenderheart and Fluttershy.