• Story: Starstruck

    [Normal] More wonderbolts stuff!
    Summary: Rainbow Dash's plans to capture the audience at the Grand Galloping Gala's Wonderbolts performance ends with interesting results.
    Starstruck Chapter 1
    Starstruck Chapter 2


    1. Hey, that's my wallpaper!

    2. @Anonymous

      It was mine for a while too! Until madmax drew that luna one.

    3. I like how literally nobody thinks Dash's plan for the Gala would have worked. That was a fun read, though!

    4. Because it won't!
      None of their plans will!
      Well... I guess Applejack, Pinkie, and Fluttershy would be fine.

      Twilight never really specifies what she wants to do so I had her doing something Twilighty. Seemed to work at the time. It was that or visiting Celestia in person (in pony. Huehuahuehua).

    5. @Anonymous

      Well if she DID succeed, she'd spend all her time training with the Wonderbolts, and her role in the show would diminish. Thus, failure is the only option!

    6. @Lovecraft It could also be possible that she gets invited, but realizes how much time all the practicing would take, and that she wouldn't be able to see her friends, so she declines. Similar to what she did in the pilot episode, only with a real team.

    7. Well, this was nice and feel-good. Although I do have an issue with the grammar in places (especially related to the tenses used), the writing was otherwise good; it was still a thoroughly enjoyable read.