• Let's get Twilightilicious Trending!

    As some of you may know, Tara Strong over on Twitter has been having a riot with her character Twilight, spawning many remixes and drawings of our purple pony over the past week or so. Tara's antics continue even into this week with some new vocal clips from her based around Twilightilicious and her new goal of getting Twilightilicious trending on Twitter as well!

    Check out a the message from Tara and some vocal clips from her after the break!

    Drawn Together song using Twilight's Voice

    Truffles from Chowder talking about Twilightilicious

    More Twilight from Tara

    More Twilightilicious from Another of Tara's Characters 

    Even more Twilightilicious and a Mention of EqD

    Tara's Twitter Account
    Not only do we have more from Tara, but apparently Twilightilicious has it's own little website now for you guys to get your jam on! Click dancing Twilight below to rock out!