• Story Updates October 5th

    WAVES, that's how these come in.  I think something triggers around mid day that makes everyone submit story updates.

    Same rules as always: New Stories / Sequels / Completed stories will not show up here.  If you submit any of those, they will bump as normal.

    Updates after the break! 

  • Story: Silent Ponyville (Sidestory update 30!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Sounds like even the Pre-readers that have never played Silent Hill really liked this one.

    Author: Jake Heritagu
    Description: Pinkie Pie is being tormented by horrific nightmares. Unable to deal with it by herself anymore she seeks out Twilight's help, but will it have been the best decision when she finds herself alone in an abandoned, fog filled Ponyville?
    All Chapters/Side Stories After The Break! 

  • Story: The Book of Friendship (Update Chapter 34!)

    [Grimdark] [Crossover] [Comedy][Shipping] How in the world do you expect me to find an image for this?

    Author: BillyColt
    Description:  What if Twilight Sparkle's letters to Princess Celestia started a religion?
    This is the story of Brother White and Brother Scroll. One of them is an upstanding young unicorn eager to do whatever he can to make other ponies happy. The other is a shy little loner who's never had a real friend before. What do these two young stallions have in common? They are both members of the Fraternity of the Joyous Friends of Princess Celestia, an organization dedicated to teaching Equestria and the world about the magic of friendship.When Scroll and White are assigned to Earthquake Island, however, they find themselves in over their heads. Can the teachings of the Book of Friendship help them save an island run by a brutal warlord, racked by war, poverty, and hatred?

    The Book of Friendship (New Chapter 34!)1  |  2  |  3  |  5  |  6  | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 |

    Additional Tags: Two Ambiguously Gay Mormon Ponies

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  • PMV: My (not-so) Little Pony Parody / My Little Pony PSA: Sexual Harassment

    That first one is actually one of those anthology style PMV Things. Thirteen minutes of lip syncing and ridiculousness.

    And after that, a sexual harassment PMV, because we will ponify anything.

    1.) My (not-so) Little Pony Parody - CervarianMusic
    2.) My Little Pony PSA: Sexual Harassment

  • Comic: It Keeps Happening

    Source / Click image for Full!
    Poor Trixie.. She can't help that she's an asshole.  It's in her nature.

    Also some Derpy physics below.

  • 2012 Charity Pony Comic Project

    Over on Fimchan, a group of thirteen pony artists (Listed after the break) are collaborating on a massive calendar project. The main goal will be to earn money for Kids Donations , a group that helps provide clothing, toys, and other necessities to children and their families that are suffering from disasters, poverty, illness, ect.

    While the charity may be focused on kids...the calendar is planned to be a bit more adult in content. Each month is going to be a pinup (Note: not porn, more like swimsuit) of a specific "humanized" pony.

    While the topic of humanized pony may not be for everyone, it is still a massive project. If you have followed the drawfriend posts on the site at all, you were probably exposed to the majority of their art. John Joseco alone has been known to literally fill up half a post.

    For more information, check out the fimchan (Note: Fimchan is known for being non-worksafe) thread, and the artist list+Cheerilee example after the break!

  • Music: Elements of Harmonics / Meaningful Gift / Savannah Sunrise - Zecora Theme

    I have to admit, I downloaded the hell out of number one. Drums&Bass with orchestral!? It's too much!

    1.) Chain Algorithm - Elements of Harmonics (DJ Pon-3 vs. Octavia)
    2.) Meaningful Gift
    3.) Savannah Sunrise - Zecora Theme

  • Story: The Showmare's Tale


    Author: Chris
    Description: As Trixie finds herself performing for her smallest audience yet, questions abound. Can her ego take the strain? Are the old stories still worth telling? And just how did Prince Blueblood get his title, anyway?
    The Showmare's Tale

    Additional Tags: Story-within-a-story, folklore, soused on salt
  • Plushie Compilation #9

    Source / Ebay

    The one picture above actually sings.  The creator made short video to demonstrate it. 

    More plushies after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #206

     Yarrrrrrrrgh edition.  Even if there are only two pirates total.  We need more pony pirates.  Get on it!

    Source 1
  • 50,000,000 Celebration Post!


    See that Trixie? Shes so excited.  50 million of you came here just for her after all! What a showmare.

    (At least that's what we tell her.  She doesn't shut up otherwise.)

    Great and Powerful ponies aside, thank you everyone for following the blog! EQD wouldn't be anything without it's massive community of content creating bronies to back it up.  I remember way back when I first created the site, not knowing if we would even see a season two.  We were all pretty worried whenever ratings would come in.  That sure did end quickly though! All the ponies in this fandom are CRAZY!

    I think Friendship is Magic in general is breaking new ground in terms of internet cultural phenomena.  Lauren Faust and Jayson Thiessen both commented on that.  The entire FiM team deserves mad props for what their creation accomplished.  They very easily could have slacked off and thrown out the same toy commercial commercials that the last three generations suffered from.  Instead, they went all out, and I'm sure TV studios everywhere are sitting back in amazement at what true quality can do. 

    And to think... It's all about colorful ponies.  I doubt many of you expected to be here a year ago.  I wouldn't have it any other way though!

    The one year anniversary of the show is on the 10th.  Hopefully we will find some time to do something cool for it. Regardless though, lets aim for 100 million! This community will take over the INTERNET at the rate we are going. 

    Check out some celebratory images/comics after the break.
  • Story: Well Grounded


    Author: Cloudy Skies
    Description: Being a blank-flank filly is tough enough, something all the Cutie Mark Crusaders can attest to. When somepony points out that Applebloom has neither fancy magic nor awesome wings, the world can seem downright cruel. Fortunately, she's not alone, and Applejack knows a little story or two.
    Well Grounded

    Additional Tags: Earth-pony pride, fable, collisions, contentment.
  • Custom Pony Compilation #19

    Custom time, and Luna in just a few weeks!  What could be better?

    More after the break.

  • Fallout: Equestria Comment Post

    This is the new Fallout Equestria Comment post. The old one capped out. Continue discussion below, but keep star ratings and such on the main post!
    Warning: Comments contain spoilers.  In fact, the author strongly encourages spoilers in the comments.

  • Comic: Rainbow Dash:The All Lantern

    Source / Click Image for Full
    This time around, we have some Rainbow Dash with various lantern rings.   I'm also throwing a bonus colored version of that really popular "grown up spike" comic down there too. It's worth double posting for color!

    There is a video version too for those that don't feel like scrolling.

    Source / Tumblr / Click for Full

  • Story: Precipice


    Author: Whip Lash
    Description: With Discord defeated and the sanctity of Equestria restored, a new entity stirs. An ancient enemy is about to awaken... and when the precious Elements of Harmony are simply not enough, Twilight and her friends must throw away their lives in order to come face to face with the single greatest threat that Equestria has ever known.

    Additional Tags: Evil, Changes, Equestria, Forever, Long
  • Fifty Million Ponies Clicked On This Site By Accident


    I made a banner for the occasion, but Seth went to bed, I think. You'll see it later today. I just thought this milestone deserved a small mention by somepony. Because, really, holy flank.

    Happy Derpy Banner Vector
  • Nightly Roundup #118

    Surprise edition? I got nothin.  Have some news

  • Story: Confessions and Considerations (Update Story 6 Part 19!)



    Author: BronyNeumo
    Description: In the wake of a fun performance turned dramatic, two mares weigh their feelings for one another. In a sea of internal doubt and external crisis, might two struggling souls meet and find happiness together?

    Confessions and Considerations

    Additional Tags: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Shipping, suspense, falling

    All Additional Stories After the Break!
  • Story: Brotherhood of the Moon (Update Part 17!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] Yep! Assassins creed!

    Author: Zak TH
    Description: Luna is no longer Nightmare Moon, and has returned to rule Equestira once again, but not everypony is so ready to forgive. When a secret organization kidnaps the Elements of Harmony and threatens to murder Luna, Rainbow Dash must go back into the memories of her ancestor Firefly, to learn the ways of the Assassins to fight this new terror and save the new princess, as well as her friends.
    All Chapters after the Break!
  • Super Mare Saga / Flight of the Parasprite / Take off and Gala (3k)

    I got nothin, have some YTPMV's

    1.) Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie Super Mare Saga
    2.) Flight of the Parasprite
    3.) Take off and Gala (3k)