• Regarding Rumored Images + CNN Bought Out EQD for Twenty Bucks and a Candy Bar

    We are fully aware that there are rumored season two images floating around. We posted two of them before the full scope of the situation was revealed to us, and we do apologize for that. The post will remain.

    We will not be posting any more of these rumored images until we get solid confirmation as to their veracity. That's our official policy, and we're sticking to it. Don't read into it any further than that, please!

    In other news, we are now owned by CNN for those wondering about the new banner. Yep. Totally not lying. 

    EQD out.
  • Story: Any Port in a Storm

    Author: JqlGirl
    Description: Rainbow Dash is grounded in some rough weather and must
    find shelter. She gets that, and more, from an unexpected source.
    Any Port in a Storm

    Additional Tags: RariDash, first person, flashback
  • Rumor: Season Two Screenshots!

    Google plus pony has hidden these after the break to avoid spoilers.  She's such a nice pony.

    Also tossed another since its in the comments on the other post anyway! 

  • Poll Results: What Month Did You Join the Fandom?

    That is actually pretty surprising.  Were you all just so bored over the summer that you decided to give pony a shot?  I'm really curious what drew you all in when season two wasn't even actually happening. 

    Hit up those comments!
  • Music: Fluttershys lullaby / Orchestral Chaos /

    Fluttershy sings a song, Orchestral Dubstep, and more remixes of Eurobeat Brony's Luna song, check it out after the break!

    1.) Fluttershys lullaby
    2.) ArtAttack - Orchestral Chaos
    3.) RobotPony befriends Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Insomnia Mode)

  • Story: My Little Metro (Update Part 18!)

    [Grimdark][Crossover][Sci-Fi] Metro 2033 and ponies?! Madness I say!
    "A stunning example not just of post-apocalyptic worldbuilding, but of storycraft in general."- Pre-reader #23

    Author: RedSquirrel456
    Description: The metro tunnels of Stalliongrad shelter the last remnants of ponykind from the ravages of the Apocalypse. Beneath the earth, ponies struggle to survive against mutants, radiation, and each other. But when an unstoppable threat emerges from the darkness of the Metro, one pony must brave the shadows to save not just his home, but the very existence of his people.
    My Little Metro (New Part 18!)

    Additional Tags: Adventure, OC, dark, not Fallout
  • Comic: 2Farm

    Source / Click Image for Full
    Someone needs to mod actual ponies into TF2 already.   I know their hit boxes would be all sorts of screwed up, but it has to be done!

    Source / Click for Full
    Pinkie Pie was made for Discord... the poor girl lost her chocolate milk rain! How could they!?
  • Story: Order from Chaos (Update Story 2!)

    [Crossover] Twilight Snarkle has made the impossible happen. You may recognize that image up there as none other than Doctor Robotnik (Or egghead or whatever... though I really dislike the hell out of that name). The Pre-readers have literally turned down 50+ Sonic fanfics over the last few months, so seeing one actually get through is like watching the sun rise after a hurricane.

    That being said, the requirement for a Sonic crossover to get through is apparently really high, making this supposedly really good.  So give it a shot before to 1 star it.  

    They even gave me a quote:
    "5/5. Accepted. Post now. You don't need to write anymore Sonic Crossovers now, people."-Pre Reader "THE LIFE BINDER" 

    Author: Twilight Snarkle
    Description: A journal recounts a remarkable discovery to Equestria by someone who sought only a little peace.
    Order from Chaos
    Justice (Sequel) 
    Hope (Sequel - New!)

    Additional Tags: Sonic, HiE, Second Chances, Chapters


  • Drawfriend Stuff #200

    200 Drawfriends?! How do you guys produce so much art?

    I didn't get any specific entries for this one, but Trixie being a badass should work right?

    Also thanks to Mixermike for the banner!

    Source 1 Harwick
  • Fibers Subtle Pony Shirts Round Two

    Fibers has released a bunch of new subtle pony shirts for those of you still unwilling to bust out a full on Princess Celestia getup.  They gave us another coupon too for 10% off too!

    Check out their selection at the website here.

    And the coupon (To be added at checkout for 10% off): TOM10
  • YTPMV: YOUR FACE ! / Froggy Bottom Bog

    This is seriously the greatest YTPMV Ever I think. Or maybe I just like Fluttershy being evil way too much.

    1.) YOUR FACE !
    2.) Froggy Bottom Bog

  • Comic: After the Rain Goes

    Source / Click for Full
    More sad stuff, because you all love sad stuff.  It's suppose to gain some happy in part two though!

    Actually, have some Trollestia to balance it out, even if this might be a bit cruel on poor spike.

  • Story: Never Truly Forgotten (Update Part 4!)


    Author: IrishZombie
    Description: Celestia and Luna tell Twilight about a friend they both had, many years ago, which sheds light not only on Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon, but also on the three's relationships to each other.

    Never Truly Forgotten: Prologue
    Never Truly Forgotten: Chapter 1
    Never Truly Forgotten: Chapter 2

    Never Truly Forgotten: Chapter 3
    Never Truly Forgotten: Chapter 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Friends, History, OC pony, Guilt, Remembrance
  • Story: Out of the Blue (Update Part 9!)

    [Shipping][Normal] According to the shipping chart, this has NEVER been done before.  How the hell have we not had an Applepie? This is sort of a sequel to Epiphany, though the former isn't required for it.

    Author: NinesTempest
    Description: The arrival of a traveling magician seems to be marked by some strange occurrences in Ponyville. As these events start to strain the friendships of each pony that holds an Element of Harmony, two ponies start to come closer and closer together.

    Out of the Blue (New Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Desperate, Lying, Emotional, Manipulation, Magic
  • MLP Online Single Player Demo

    MLP Online has released it's single player demo/beta test for everyone to participate in. They are looking for direct feedback, particularly the comments below.  If you are interested in helping out, hit up the new MLP Online blog for download links and instructions, or the forum post dedicated to it.  

    You can also find a video of the combat after the break!

  • Ponyswag Megamix

    I hope you all have a seventeen minutes of free time, because the Ponyswag Megamix has finally completed.  Rappers from all across the internet tossed their verses intok the mix in what has become the RAP PROJECT OF THE CENTURY.

    Have an embed, and a list of rappers, after the break!

  • Music: The Wings You Earned // Ballad of the Alicorn Princess // Disharmony // Fluttershy Smiles

    Ruffled feathers are best feathers.

    1.) The Wings You Earned
    2.) Ballad of the Alicorn Princess
    3.) Disharmony
    4.) Fluttershy Smiles

  • Nightly Roundup #112

    Flutterbitch edition, because taking sweet and innocent characters and turning them into assholes is awesome or something.

    Have some news. 

  • Story: Night's Favored Child (Update Part 13!)


    Author: Municipal Engines, Assisted By LordOfTheWrongs
    Description: For almost a thousand years, the immortal Nightmare Moon has reigned over Equestria as Empress. To the average pony, Nightmare Moon is an overarching enigma whose rule is absolute and whose wrath is terrible. But to Twilight Sparkle, who as an orphan has never known her parents, the Empress is something else entirely. When the young unicorn is brought under the royal wing as an apprentice, she learns a great deal more about the supposed tyrant than she ever knew. But as Twilight is introduced to life with her new mentor, she is thrust into a world of political intrigue, conspiracies and secrets. Secrets that were never meant to be revealed. As allies and enemies plot against the very peace of the nation, will Twilight fall prey to the perils of her new position? Or will she prosper and find in Nightmare Moon the mother she never had?
    Night's Favored Child (New Part 13!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Family, Relationship, Conspiracies, Betrayal
  • National Pony Writing Month Pep Talk Finale

    It is the final week of the National Pony Writing Month event, and Siraj has some words he would like to share with you all.  Check them out after the break!

  • Venture Ponies

    We will seriously ponify anything.  I guess a fellow cartoon isn't too far off.  Check it out after the break!