• Story: Flying By Fire Wire


    Author: Conner Cohen
    Description: When one of her heroes appears out of the blue on a visit to Ponyville, Rainbow Dash very quickly makes the mistake of forgetting a promise she had made to a friend while trying to impress the Wonderbolt, leading to a confrontation between best friends that puts dreams up against responsibility for which should come first, with Sweet Apple Acres' business on the line.
    Flying By Fire Wire

    Additional Tags: Episodic, Comedy, Wonderbolt, Light Hearted
  • CAD Scale Map of Sugar Cube Corner

    Scraticus over on Deviant Art has done a full on architectual map of Sugar Cube corner, complete with pretty much every nook, cranny, and dimension of the place.

    This is pretty difficult considering how often Pinkie Pie loves to accidentally shatter the boundaries of time and space, with her black hole stomach devouring everything.

    You can find it here
  • MLP Abridged Episode (Update Episode 2!)

    Abridged Time! All episodes can be found after the break.

    Not to be confused with all the other abridges pony series going on!

  • Comic: Why Bother / A Winging Personality

    Comic time! Pinkie Pie and Twilight above, CMC learning about different pony body parts below.

    or something...

  • Story: It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia (Update Story 2!)


    Author: Bobcat
    Description: When Applejack goes with Rainbow Dash on a trip to Fillydelphia, she learns that life doesn't always go according to plan... and that can lead to something better.
    It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia

    Additional Tags: Eat pie, get a shipfic

    [Shipping][Adventure] (All New!)
    Description: What was supposed to be a simple trip to Ponyville instead leads Soarin on an adventure that will determine the future of all Equestria. Will he be able to save Applejack and her friends from a fate worse than death?
    Semper Fidelis 1
    Semper Fidelis 2
    Semper Fidelis 3
    Semper Fidelis 4
    Semper Fidelis 5

    Fanfiction.net (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Soarin, Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh, Everypony, Doctor, Get shipfic, get a sequel Whooves

  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The Game

    Does this happen to you? Does your Game Night involve dinner for one? Yeah, mine either. Isn't that silly? You're so silly Luna, go in the other room and play with your friends. While you're there, you should bring a copy of this nifty new RPG!

    Wow, that segue was twisted. Moving right along! We were sent a very interesting project from somepony credited as 'Fionacat': a fully developed, 53 page tabletop pony RPG system! It's got a very simple resolution mechanic, using a d6 dice pool to roll for a given number of 'successes' relative to the difficulty of the task you're attempting. And if that doesn't make any sense to you, there's also something in there called an 'Awesome Success', and I think any game with such a mechanic deserves at least one look, don't you? Check it out below:

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The Game

  • Drawfriend Stuff #155

    Why Twilight is the cutest pony in the show: 
    • Celestia Keychain
    • I love reading button
    Source 1
  • Q&Neigh: Volume II

    We're back, whether you like it or not!

    It's been a journey, ponies. The forces at work did not want this podcast to happen. There were setbacks. There was drama. There was action. Through it all, we prevailed, and this is the result.

    In all seriousness, this is the result of hours of thrown-out work because of both technical difficulties and three tired blog ponies. The final result is something all three of us are very proud of, so, we invite you to listen. For comedy's sake, though, I have also saved three bloopers from the first (unused) recording session, in case you want to hear me swear a lot. Not to say that the podcast isn't comedic. Actually, if it isn't, we did it wrong. But it is. Trust me. It's magical.

    Links and bloopers after the break.

    *Seth Edit*: Phoe and I would like to let everyone know that we eventually did come to a compromise on the final question, but we hit the limit on time mid argument and had to cut it off.  It took us a half an hour of debate post-recording, but we finally agreed upon a way that it would indeed work in the FiM universe.  We will include it in the next podcast, but feel free to toss your input in the comments.  


  • Music: Silly Voice Problems / Party Of One Rescore / Luna's Calm

    That Party of One song is so awesome. I'm glad remixes are finally showing up for it, and this one does a great job of doing it justice.

    1.) Silly Voice Problems
    2.) Party Of One Rescore
    3.) Luna's Calm: Luna Orchestral

  • Equestria Daily Greasemonkey Script

    My ALICORN LEVEL coding bro Knighty released a neat greasemonkey script for comments on the site.  It adds a few simple features that make  bloggers default system a bit more streamlined.

    Included in the script are:
    • Read more link expands selected blog post
    • Comment quotes show the quote in a balloon popup
    • Quoted comments display which comments quoted it
    • Timestamps change to reflect your timezone
    You can download it here! You will need Greasemonkey to run it though!
  • PMV: Hardware Store / Gay Stable / On The Rise / My Eyes

    Has any other cartoon spawned this many videos?  I don't think even pokemon can rival the amount of youtube stuff we put out.  

    Confound these ponies they cause..something.

    1.) Hardware Store (PONY STYLE) ( ゚ヮ゚)
    2.) Gay Stable PMV (Gay Bar)
    3.) Dr. Horrible Song 5 - On The Rise / My Eyes

  • Pipe Cleaner Ponies #2!

    Confound these pipecleaner ponies! How do they WORK!?  These continue to amaze me.

    Lots more after the break!

    And the source here!

  • Crusaders' Jam / Confound These Ponies /

    Mixed music time! yay~

    1.) Starshine - Crusaders' Jam
    2.) Starshine - Confound These Ponies

  • Awesome Super Mario 2 Mod

    This is the most amazing game mod I have ever played.  He actually sent it to me yesterday before the video was up, so everything is a surprise.

    My suggestions:
    • Don't watch the video first if you plan on playing it anyway for maximum brix shatting
    • Dont use warp for maximum "holy crap this boss is totally ___" 
    • Luna is best pony
    You can find the video after the break, with download instructions in the description.

  • Garrys Mod Screenshot Compilation #1

     I'm not sure how much demand there is for these, but people keep sending them, so have some Garrys Mod pony screenshots!


  • PMV: Friendship is the ultimateg power / Pony Outside / Ponies Don't Wear Clothes

    Ponies in Dragonball Z?!

    Madness I say!

    1.) Dragonball Z Friendship is Magic The Ultimate Power
    2.) Pony Outside
    3.) Ponies don't wear clothes

  • Story: Karamel (Update Part 7+8!)

    [Crossover][Shipping] I'm pretty sure heterosexuality doesn't exist in Ponyville at this point.

    Author: The Unnamed Pawn
    Description: When the night sky fills with glamor, a lovely story awaits you. Welcome fillies and gentlecolts to the Golden Playhouse. Tonight's story is Karamel, an unconventional romantic horror. A stallion with a certain curse has a terrifying week. Our hero in this story is Big Macintosh. He's a quiet and hardworking colt, but one day we begin to see him have terrifying nightmares. On top of that, a torrent of sweet seduction sweeps down upon him. Will he be able to work his way out of the maze known as love?
    Sorry to keep you waiting. Raise the curtains. Now enjoy the show.
    Karamel Part 1
    Karamel Part 2
    Karamel Part 3
    Karamel Part 4
    Karamel Part 5
    Karamel Part 6
    Karamel Part 7 (New!)
    Karamel Part 8 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Big Mac, Atlus, Catherine, Caramel, Love
  • Nightly Roundup #66


    Have some news!

  • Spiderses - A Dramatic Live Reading

    Someone did a live reading of Spiderses! You guys DID ask for it right?!

    On that note: I think some of you actually thought Spiderses was a serious story submission.  Hopefully you realized the truth after reading a few of the comments.   A story called Half Life: Full Life Consequences was released a while back, and each fandom has tried to emulate it's amazingness in their own style.  While Spiderses does come close, I don't think it's possible to top it, but the valiant effort and ridiculousness of it warranted a nonsense post.

    On that note again:  Please don't send more fics like this in an attempt to take the title! Spiderses sort of built it's own mini community pre-post, so it was passed on to me by the masses.  It wasn't actually "submitted".

    Anyway have a live reading!

  • Custom Ponies: Background Pony Edition

    Well, okay, Zecora isn't a background pony. We'll call it minor pony edition.

    This Zecora comes to us from hgraves, the same pony who did the custom Luna in Socks, which also appears in that image. Find it on their DA page, here.

    Click past the break to see a custom Derpy by xanthestar, a custom Berry Punch by Hope Loneheart (who I spelled correctly this time), and a custom Octavia by JPP.