• Comic: Randy Scouse Gummy / The Bestest Big Sister

    Source: RusselH
    Ever wonder what the pony pets are actually thinking during the episodes?

    Also some Sweetiebelle! 

    Source: Mixermike622
  • Fiends From Dream Valley Update #7

    I want this game to come out sobad.

    More gameplay demo stuff from the MLP Flash game: Fiends from Dream Valley.

    This is a bit light, but it does show off how different characters will work.

    Also Twilight Sparkle looks really cool when trotting...  And running... best pony.

    You can find it after the break!

  • PMV: Ponies Make You Feel Good / Fairy OddPonies / Weird Al Show Theme

    I'm surprised it took so long for a Fairly Odd Parents one to show up.

    1.) Ponies Make You Feel Good
    2.) Fairy OddPonies
    3.) Weird Al Show Theme

  • Drawfriend Stuff #138

    DEMONSHY edition.

    Or whatever this is.  I see angel is Cerberus or something. 

    Source 1
  • Pony Throw Blanket

    Shortyboo over at MLP Arena discovered this one while she was at Target.  Apparently it only costs 15 bucks too!

    That is pretty pink though...

    It sounds like you can get a bed sheet set for $25 dollars as well with the same design. 

    For those of us without pink rooms, where do you think the line is for bronydom?  How many of you would be willing to work with a bed like this? 
  • Comic: Just Like You / Trixie is a Science Troll

    Confound these Luna/Cele comics.  It's only a matter of time before they give me diabetes and a heart attack at the same time.

    Also some Trix....wow, thats just mean! 

  • The Brony Show Livestream Podcast

    The brony show starts at 6:00 PM PST (So like 2 minutes!)

    You can find the live stream here!
  • Music: Edge Of Everfree / Art of the Dress/Under the Bridge /

    Mashups! Covers! A Computer singing Giggle at the Ghostly! At least those of you who dislike all the techno stuff are getting a break.

    1.) Pinkie Pie (Kryptonite Parody)- Edge Of Everfree
    2.) Art of the Dress/Under the Bridge
    3.) Sparky: Giggle at the DecTalk

  • PMV: Is Pinkie Gonna Have To Choke A Pony? / Rainbow Dash's Implication / Avenue eQuestria

    Have a bunch of Lip Sync stuff! 

    1.) Is Pinkie Gonna Have To Choke A Pony?
    2.) Rainbow Dash's Implication
    3.) Avenue eQuestria: If Rainbow Dash Was Gay

  • Story: The Stars Above Know (Update Complete!)


    Author: Denim Blue
    Description: Nightmare Moon was known as the embodiment of jealousy and hatred within Princess Luna's heart, at least that's what the books and legends of Equestria say. The truth is much more complex than that though, but few know this. How did Luna change into such a powerful and vengeful pony? Who, or what, IS Nightmare Moon, really?
    The Stars Above Know Part 1
    The Stars Above Know Part 2 
    The Stars Above Know Part 3
    The Stars Above Know Part 4
    The Stars Above Know Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Jealousy, Corruption, Battle, Spacetime, "Good" vs "Evil"
  • Artist Training Ground Alumni Week 4

    Those crazy artists over at the Alumni group of deviant art are at it again.  Last weeks topic was: Draw a  pony inspired by a song.

    Look at that confident ass Trixie.  Amazing.

    Anyway, you can find their gallery here!

    If you are interested in joining in, this week, they have a choice of themes.  Either draw a pony SHOCKED, or draw.... a pony in socks.  Yes, socks seem to have taken over the internet. 

    For more information on the themes, check out the alumni group on Deviant Art!
  • Story: Twilight's Opus (Update Chapter 2!)

    [Normal][Shipping][Adventure][Comedy] "A cleverly written mix of humor, learning, and... wait, Pinkie Pie wrote a thesis? What?"- Slightly Confused Pre-Reader #2

    Author: EconomistBrony
    Description: Almost two years after first arriving in Ponyville, Twilight suddenly receives word that her 'field studies' must soon come to an end. Needing to prepare a final report for the Princess, Twilight must collect all the wisdom she has gathered from being with her closest friends in an attempt to truly understand the Elements, true friendship, and the nature of magic. However, as she plunges herself deeper into the subject, Twilight begins to realize that the underpinnings of their friendship is far more complex than anyone, even Princess Celestia, ever knew.
    Twilight's Opus -  Chapter 1
    Twilight's Opus -  Chapter 2 (New!)

    Twilight's Opus (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Epic, Thesis, Music, Dr. Pie
  • Custom Pony Compilation #3!

    I'll be honest guys, I make up the numbers on these non nightly roundup/drawfriend compilations.  I like #3 though!

    Some Custom Luna created out of the 5 pack Celestia (with some brushable hair addition) up above, Octavia from the blindbag ponies to the left, and some Mcdonalds Celestia nightmare moon to the right! 

    Apparently Tavy is for sale on Ebay!

    (Hi /co/) 
  • Story: Potential


    Author: Kiyyik
    Description: Six fates, tied into one. A single moment that transformed the world, and
    set six young fillies on a course that was to intertwine them forever. How
    strange the ways of friendship and magic, and how mysterious the handmaidens
    of fate that work behind the scenes to make miracles happen...

    Additional Tags: cutie mark chronicles, friendship, conspiracy, secret, behind the scenes
  • Brony Movie Night Pony Marathon Today!

    Today at 12:00 PM Eastern the Brony Movie Night website is hosting an all day pony marathon of all 26 episodes. 

    If you are interested in joining in, check out the channel here!

    I derped the title 
  • Random Custom Stuff!

    LUNA....IN...SOCKS edition.  Though I'm leaning more toward a certain yellow pegasus when it comes to foot warming devices. 

    Looks like dash got herself a car too.  It might be a bit too slow for her though!  I don't think anything beats flying around at supersonic speeds.

    And more lunchbag art! 

    After the break: Graffiti Kingdom Nightmare Moon/Twilight Sparkle, and More Perler Bead ponies!

  • Story: No Greater Power

    [Grimdark][Sad] This one definitely uses that Grimdark tag! It's not gory...just unsettling as hell. (According to the pre-readers at least!) 

    Author: buxton
    Description: A year after Luna's return, Celestia revisits memories of their parents, and answers a burning question for one unlucky pony. If there is no greater power in Equestria, why does she call herself 'Princess'?
    No Greater Power

    Additional Tags: Memories, conspiracy, evil is relative
  • Nightly Roundup #46 SO MUCH NEWS


    This one is...long.  Hope you are in the mood for my half-insane rambling and over-use of the exclamation point!  


    What happens when you open a google document up to the random board over on ponychan, and give everyone free reign for a week?

    Well, this happens.

    And it is ridiculous.

    But also pretty funny.

    You can find doc here! It is now closed for editing, and ready to be dug through!

    (It's a big doc, give it some time to load)
  • Pony PSP Theme

    Cell Phone quality camera ftw!
    My PSP is now 20% cooler.  Trixie was doing a good job on her own, but this is the epitome of perfection. 

    Now if only I could will myself to play some games on it... I think I have 12 RPG's sitting here waiting, but I can't will myself to touch any of them.  If only they had ponies.

    Anyway, you can download the theme here!