• Story: Lower Deck Chronicles (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] Time for some crusading!

    Author: Ten Mihara
    Description: The Cutie Mark Crusaders are fed up with continually failing to discover their cutie marks. Wanting more direction, they ask other ponies around town how they got theirs. They discover that everypony in town has a little something special to share with them.
    Lower Deck Chronicles Part 1 (Bluenotes)
    Lower Deck Chronicles Part 2 (Daisy)
    Lower Deck Chronicles Part 3 (Trixie)
    Lower Deck Chronicles Part 4 (Zecora) 
    Lower Deck Chronicles Part 5 (Ditzy Doo)
    Lower Deck Chronicles Part 6 (Mayor Mare) (New!)

    Additional Tags: Discovery, Minor Characters, Growth, Fun
  • Hasbro CEO Discussion

    The CEO over at Hasbro has recently published a bunch of interesting information about the company's Q2 progress, including some good news about the Hub.  I'll drop some TL;DR bullet points here for everyone too lazy to read through it, but if you are interested, the article is right here!
    • Significant growth overall over seas, citing 30% after foreign exchange
    • Internation business now just as important as the USA (Probably a good indicator on why we see so many variations of pony popping up lately!) 
    • Friendship is magic recieves an entire dedicated section in the article, with piles of praise.
    • Friendship is Magic is a top-rated program in Canada.  (Keep up the good work canadian bronies!)
    • 30% increase in toy sales in Canada since FiM aired
    • 53% increase in rating for FiM's timeslot in the UK on the boomerang channel
    • Hub doing really well, and signing deals in studios around the world. 
    Sounds like it's pretty damn successful! The article continues on with a bunch of other brands and numbers you might find interesting.  No mention of the "surprise pony demographic" at all, which is a bit sad, but at least the 8-11 year old girl section is enjoying it.  

    Feel free to bombard me in emails if I got anything wrong.  I don't exactly have a whole lot of time to run around researching everything in detail!

    Thanks to hydra for the article link
  • Flash Game: Fiends from Dream Valley

    The auditions for voiceover work on The Fiends From Dream Valley have come to a close. 

    Apparently they had 1000 auditions...yah, that's crazy.   Wish my voice didn't suck! I would have given it a shot.

    If you guys are interested in checking out the winners, check out the video after the break! And be sure to stick around after the credits.  The game definitely looks really slick.

  • Story: Building Bridges

    [Normal][Shipping] "Were I to meet the author in a bar, he would not pay for a single
    drink that night.
    "-Pre-reader 21

    Author: Cloudy Skies
    Description: Rainbow Dash is torn between fulfilling her dreams and acting on her feelings for Twilight Sparkle. Does Twilight not feel the same way, or is she simply oblivious to Rainbow's intentions?
    Building Bridges

    Additional Tags: tender, Romantic, Cute, Suspense, Divebombing'

  • Letters to Celestia, Volume 2

    So, it's been decided this is going to become a regular event, occurring roughly 2-3 times monthly. There's plenty to say about ponies and the way they've shaped our lives, and hopefully it will remain a fun thing to write and hear about.

    Would you like to write your own letters to Celly? Wonderful! Send them to phoe@equestriadaily.com, and I will compile the very bestest ones, and on the 1st Volume of every month I'll post them up for everypony to see! Depending on how many there are, you might also see reader-printed letters in the other volumes that month, as well. Knowing you guys, I'm kind of expecting it.

  • Story: Pony Effect (Update Intermission 3/ Chapter 12!)

    [Crossover][Sci-Fi] Mass effect time! If it wasn't obvious already.

    Description: What if ponies replaced humans in the Mass Effect universe? Will Commander Sparkle save the day like Shepard did?
    Pony Effect (All Links)(New Intermission 3/Chapter 12!) 

    Additional Tags: Mass Effect, Long, Battle, Sci-Fi, Friendship
  • Drawfriend Stuff #133

     Has Zecora ever had a drawfriend?

    Well she has one now!  One of two side ponies to actually return in Season one.

    Source 1

  • Story: An Old Mare's Tale (Update Part 20!)

    [Normal] I'd like to think this is how Luna reminisces about these particular events. Huzzah for origin stories!

    Description: The long version of the story told in the opening of the pilot episode.
    All Links after the Break!

  • Story: Unwelcome Changes (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] These ponies sure are entertaining when they lose their minds.

    Author: Blinky
    Description:Twilight questions her sanity as events don't match up with her memories.
    Unwelcome Changes Part 1
    Unwelcome Changes Part 2
    Unwelcome Changes Part 3 
    Unwelcome Changes Part 4 
    Unwelcome Changes Part 5
    Unwelcome Changes Part 6 
    Unwelcome Changes Part 7
    Unwelcome Changes Part 8
    Unwelcome Changes Part 9 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Psychological, Changes, Dreams, Mystery, Insanity
  • Ponies Around the World Round 6

    This is the final labeled round!  All I have left is images that are unlabeled sadly.  I've sent emails to everyone asking them to add stuff to their images, but only about 5 responded.

    I'll try to find some time tomorrow to get them all in and label them manually, but I don't really get a whole lot of time for stuff like that, so there might be a delay!

    This was an awesome event.  I'm still amazed at how far reaching this community is.  Go ahead and save your vacation shots, I'll probably run this again in the future

    This entire thing wasn't even my idea.  Someone sent an email asking me to host something for him, and we eventually decided to just turn it into an event.  You guys are always free to ask me to do events/discussion posts/polls/ect, just drop me a line (Though make it brief!)

    Anyway, have some pony!

    Oh, and I screwed up on the numbering, so have some Trixie for number 1!
  • Live "The Brony Show"

    The weekly live cast of the big 10th episode for The Brony Show is tonight! Have some copypaste.
    The Brony Show will be having their 10th episode live today at 6PM Pacific - 9PM Eastern. You can find the live stream on our front page link at http://thebronyshow.net. We'll be interviewing part of the team behind the flash game My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The Fiends of Dream Valley. We also have an interview with Sir Sprinkles of Brony Movie Night to talk about a new streaming event they're doing. Along with all the news, fan content, and hilarious randomness that only The Brony Show can bring! 
    Go listen to some pony! 
  • Story: Longer than Diamonds

    [Normal][Sad] "THIS WAS VERY.......cute"-Pre-Reader who doesn't say much

    Author: SPark
    Description: Rarity has had many frustrations in her sewing career, but when
    her finest hour seems to have come, she finds it brings with it all
    new troubles and worries.
    Longer than Diamonds

    Additional Tags: Depression, frustration, friendship, memories, sewing
  • Synchtube Filly Mare-athon

    So I heard you guys liked watching pony episodes in marathon format with a bunch of other people every single week!

    Have another one of these! Filly is running the entire season...right now!

    You can find the channel below!


    Isaac Shark is also running a marathon! You can find it here!
  • 8bit Battle Music

    I heard you guys liked battlemusic!  So have some in chiptune style! 

    And one mashup thing that makes me want to bust out my old gameboy and play some pokemon for some strange reason.

    1.) AJ vs RD 8bit Battle Theme
    2.) Octavia 8bit JRPG Battle Theme
    3.) Rarity Stage (Art of the Dress + The Moon Combo)

  • Story: The Sacrifice and the Return of Spring


    Author: Demetrius
    Description: Guided by the curator of the Royal Library in Canterlot, and forbidden knowledge he had stolen from the alicorns, a group of of non-unicorn ponies restore spring to a cold and famine-stricken Equestria. This is the account of their brave sacrifice, the intrigue surrounding its aftermath, the birth of a beloved city, and the beginning of a tradition whose original meaning has long been forgotten.

    The Sacrifice and the Return of Spring

    Additional tags: origins, mythology, retelling, history, word
  • Canterlot Set and DVD

    Canterlot Castle: $19.99
    Mixed news coming from our drawfriend bro Atlur.  Apparently target has these toys siting in the back room, with the release date set at August first.

    Everything comes with a specific Canterlot style theme, including the DVD which holds both "Suited for Success" and "Ticketmaster"for $9.99.   Lets...pray this isn't the planned episode releases Hasbro was talking about.  Call me crazy but last I heard 10 bucks was a lot for two episodes in SD!

    You can find more images after the break, including the street date and the DVD boxes.  Sadly it's all done with a cell phone camera, so it's difficult to read, but at least it's there!

  • Machine Shop Rainbow Dash and Filly Speedpaint

    Some crazy brony who works at a machining center sent this one in.  Apparently he popped one of megasweets simple pony vector's into his Gibbscam program and produced this with it.  He's doesn't yet have permission to actually plug it into the machine to make an aluminum rainbow dash (yet), but it's still pretty neat to watch the program in action!

    Also some Filly guitar speedpainting!  Art queue's are fun.

    1.) GubbsCAM pony
    2.) Rainbow Dash Filly Speed Paint

  • Archaeology Event: Stories!

    Rarity is eating marshmallows up there. I am not even kidding when I say I performed her laugh when I saw this picture. It's so perfect that it nearly broke me.

    Okay, so this isn't really an event, per se. And yes, I did spell that right this time, for everypony who complained that I spelled it wrong last time. Per se. Bite me. Anyway, we've gotten a few requests over time to bring back the story archaeology posts. For those uninitiated, these posts were something that Seth did when the blog was still a baby where he would go back and dig up stories posted a while ago that may not have gotten as many views or comments as they probably deserved when they were published. Well, today I have five fics for you that the pre-readers have chosen that fit these general guidelines: they're all old, and they all have under twenty comments on them.

    It's time for a blast from the past, ponies. Enjoy these classic stories! Oh, and by the way, several of my fics did qualify for this post, but I didn't include them because I'm not an attention horse. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Doctor Whoof and the Gala of Terror
    One Problem Child
    Swayback Mountain
    Special Derplivery
    The Storyteller
  • Nightly Roundup #40

    Galaxy pony edition!

    Or kitsune pony, I don't really know what that thing is.  Is this even an FiM image?


    On with he news!

  • Story: The Best Night Ever Extended (Update Complete!)


    Author: Stainless Steel Fox
    Description: I'm tired of Grimdark, are you tired of Grimdark? Even Celestia's tired of Grimdark, and that _is_ Grimdark. I've never been so tired of Grimdark except when I read Cupcakes, and I mean who can top that...

    Pinkieness aside, I want to see something good happen. After all, we're supposed to like these ponies. And what better opportunity is there than the Grand Galloping Gala? Does anyone else feel that our heroes got a rather raw deal? Princess Celestia telling them it's all okay went some way towards restoring the balance, but I don't think it went anyway near far enough. Here's my non-canon, but heartfelt extension to the story. With added Luna.
    The Best Night Ever Extended (All Links) (New!)

    Additional Tags: Humour, Post-Gala, Teamwork, Friendship, CheerfulLight
  • Pony Kart Game Round Two!

    Remember that pony kart racing game Cereal posted about a while back? Well, it looks like it has evolved quite a bit! To a full 3D version at that.

    You can find the video after the break!  If you want to help out on the project, you can PM him at his youtube page!