• Story: The Centerpiece Of My Collection (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal][Sad] "Hauntingly beautiful."-Pre Reader #23

    Author: Geldon
    Description: This story explores a dragon's nature somewhat, and spins a narrative of a middle-aged Spike regaling a visitor about the favorite item in his hoard: a statue of his favorite pony.
    Google Documents

    The Centerpiece Of My Collection
    The Collection Of My Centerpiece (New!)

    Deviant art
    The Centerpiece of My Collection
    The Collection Of My Centerpiece (New!)

    Additional Tags: Spike, Rarity, dragons, reminiscing, nostalgia
  • CMC and Trixie Comics

    Oh god.. this comic It's the most ridiculously amazing thing ever.

    Click the images for each part.

    All comics from someone named Spurkeht!
  • Brony Day 2011 Festivites Around the Internet!

    It's tomorrow on the East coast now right?  So lets get this show on the road!

    A whole bunch of stuff is planned for Brony Day! 

    Below the break you can find all sorts of events sent to me in the last week, celebrating the first official holiday for pony fans everywhere.  Lets make this a yearly thing!

    I will continue to accept more entries, so keep an eye on this post for anything new!  If you have one to submit, send an email with BRONY DAY as the subject line. 
  • DJ PON3 - Promo / My Little Graffiti / Single Link Season One

    DJ Pon3 gets an upgrade!

    Graffiti Kingdom Ponies!

    And have a single video with the entire first season in it, just in case you have a marathon planned in the future.

    1.) DJ PON3 - Promo
    2.) My Little Graffiti: Bon Bon, Lyra and Derpy
    3.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - All Episodes of Season One

  • Drawfriend Stuff #129

    Unicorns are the best ponies edition.  

    (Or shipping edition, there is a ton of that going on here) 


    Source 1
  • Story: The Poseidon Project (Update Part 6!)

    [[Normal][Crossover] "Mulder, I don't believe that talking ponies are trying to take over the earth." *45 minutes later...*

    Viv the Feline
    Description: On the trail of a centuries-old pattern of mysterious disappearances, Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are whisked away to a strange new universe. Adjusting to their new surroundings, they must figure out who has brought them here, and why.

    The Poseidon Project: Chapter 1
    The Poseidon Project: Chapter 2

    The Poseidon Project: Chapter 3 
    The Poseidon Project: Chapter 4
    The Poseidon Project: Chapter 5
    The Poseidon Project: Chapter 6

    Additional Tags: Long, X-Files, Sci-fi, Paranormal, Investigation.
  • Story: Mareway and Hurst

    [Grimdark] "<3" -Pre Reader who speaks in emoticons

     Author: BronyCray
    Description: It only takes one bad decision to make a life of regrets come crashing down. Based on the song "Broadway and Hurst" by The Outline.
    Google Documents
    Mareway and Hurst

    Deviant Art
    Mareway and Hurst

    Additional Tags: Love, Regret, Drinking, Bad Decisions, Mature
  • Music: Return of the Moon Goddess / Nightfall - Zecora Battle Theme

    Why is Luna music so awesome!? It doesn't even have anything to do with pony!

    1.) Return of the Moon Goddess (Season 2, Baseballs, and Polyrhythms)
    2.) Nightfall - Zecora Battle Theme
    3.) MLP: So Many Wonders - Fandub

  • Bronycon PMV Contest

    The New York Bronycon happening in September is holding a huge PMV contest with actual prizes! And the best part: You don't even have to attend to win, so everyone is invited to join in!

    If you are a creator of said videos, you might want to check out the ponychan thread here!

    Also a have a demo PMV for the contest after the break!

  • The Great and Powerful Case Files: Flutter Your Way to the Moon!

    Well, well,well, according to this 100%, FLAWLESSLY accurate pony pasta can, The Great and Powerful Trixie, (Legendary crime solving ace detective of the Imperial Elite Unicorn Genius division) Has made a STARTLING discovery.   You FOALS were entranced by this despicable little heathen, but the Great and Powerful Trixie, your beloved protector and savior, is here to dispel this charade of evil that she has dug into your pathetic little pony minds. 

     The one you know as "Fluttershy" is in fact a notorious international spy from Stalliongrad.  Her true identity, "Flutterby",  is held accountable for numerous transgressions, including, but not limited to, theft of highly classified documents, international espionage, and stepping on Trixie's immaculate cloak during a riot in Mexicolt City. 

    Through COUNTLESS hours of exceedingly complicated testing that layponies like yourselves could never even hope to comprehend, The Benevolent and Wise Trixie has deciphered the lies and misdeeds of Ponyville's so-called animal lover.

    Your"Friend" should be orbiting Equestria and counting moonrocks within the week....  assuming Celestia finally answers the Great and Powerful Trixie's letters.
  • Ponies Around the World Round 2!

    Confound this event! I have been bitten by the travel bug thanks to you guys and your amazing locations!

    Everything from Paris to New Zealand...  there are way too many cool places to check out.

    Has anyone ever tried backpacking across Europe?  How expensive is it?

    I'm honestly considering something like this!

    Anyway have some ponies chillin at various landmarks!

  • Letters to Celestia, Volume 1

    We don't have an editor here at Equestria Daily, so I guess that means everypony's favorite sun princess is in charge of listening to our reports on the Magic of Friendship. I'm testing out a new segment here. This is either going to be the first of many such letters, or it'll just fade away as the result of some quirky experiment. Either way, find one pony's thoughts on what it means to be a pony fan after the break.

  • Garrys Mod Ponies


    It has been done.

    Our favorite little equines are now available for Garrys mod.  These are based on KP-ShadowSquirrels models, for those of you that remember that.

    The readme is copy pasted after the break!  

    Thanks to Oogaboogaman for bringing them to us!

    The download link is here

    GARRYS MOD SERVER Thanks to our bros at the MLP steam group: - MLP: Friendship is Magic - #3 RP 24/7

    Password: MLPFIM

    (Uhh hope it doesn't crash!) 
  • Story: Shameless Self-Insertion

    [Grimdark][Crossover][Random] That right there is BOLD.

    Author: Hannah
    Description: Princess Luna discovers a rare creature in the Everfree forest, and is delighted to have a new, exotic pet! However, the pet in question is a human! Written, from my, the author's, point of view, it's a look into who is truly on top- is it person, or pony?
    Shameless Self-Insertion Part 1
    Shameless Self-Insertion Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: human, pet, Luna, long, weird
  • Derpy / Rainbow Dash / Applejack Plushies

    I heard you guys liked plushies, so have some!

    That hair is really well done on dash.  I'm actually pretty surprised.

    And what would we do without our brony mascot pony?  At least I THINK that's what Derpy Hooves represents.  It would make sense wouldn't it?

    Also some Applejack, because 10% of you think she is the best pony for some unknown reason.
  • Custom Rarity / Zecora / Super Hero Ponies


    This thing is nuts!  That's some serious detail right there, and I don't even like the drag queen Rarity much!

    And to the left we have a clay Zecora, because the best zebra in any cartoon is way too under-represented.

    And to the right are some super hero ponies!  Crazy Pinkiepool...
  • Nightly Roundup #36


    Have some news.

  • Story: The Night's Rebellion


    Author: Levatis
    Description: A thousand years is a long time for history to be obscured. Just as the saying goes 'to the victor goes the spoils' so do the quill and parchment. As the muddy waters of the past are swept clear by new tides all that will be left behind is truth. Guilty or innocent, learn of the tale that Princess Luna was banished for.
    The Night's Rebellion

    Additional Tags: Long, Epic, tragedy, Adventure, fantasy