• Ponies Around the World Quick Update

    I wasn't really expecting this many entries for this event!  Ponies around the world is sitting at 155 emails, most of which are 2-5 images each.  thats... 310 images to be safe. 

    Tomorrow at 11:59 PM PST is the deadline, and if past events are any indication, that means I'm going to get 100 more emails all rushed in the last 6 hours. 

    This is probably going to take a few hours to sort and post, in fact i might do it in waves since I can barely keep up as is with the normal workload. 

    If you sent an image without your name/location on it, completely un-resized, you would be doing me a huge favor if you went back and:

    -Added the information to it
    -Resized it to something manageable, preferably under 1000x1000px.

    If you do find the time for this, please keep it to the same email thread if possible. 

  • Essay on Love And Tolerance

    Robin G. recently wrote a full on research paper that extensively dives into the Ponychan "Love and Tolerance" meme.  The idea behind it is probably different for everyone.  When I was asked about it in email, I honestly couldn't think of anything to say.  Some take it to the extreme, while others think its a bit ridiculous.

    The author requests that people use the comments below to discuss it, so feel free to go all out!

    You can find the essay here!
  • Shipping/Fusion Chart!

    This crazy brony from ponibooru actually took the time to map out every single possible shipping combo for every major character in the show.  I can't even begin to imagine how tedious this was.

    Can't say I agree with Trixlight though!  Twixie is 100% cooler. *EDIT* Apparently it's there!

    The html for my ghetto rigging up there is crazy long, so if it doesn't load, try this link!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #127

     Derpy Hooves Edition!  Poor girl has been losing popularity ever since season one ended!

    And because those wings are neat. 

    Source 1
  • Random Merch Stuff!

    Source: kirkbot
    There have been so many random pieces of merch popping up lately, that quite frankly, its hard to keep up with it all.  Time to compile it!

    Above is a German magazine, that comes fake plastic phone thing.   Sadly, it doesn't actually "do" anything.  It's still pretty neat though!

    Source: Levi
    Source: Levi

    Out here in the states, (Namely Dollar stories) these three small coloring books are popping up all over the place.  They might be fun for those of you who have finished off the amazing Adult Coloring Book that was released a while back!  The Cheerilee is cute at least! 

    Source: Bronymike
    And here is one that has been around for a pretty long time now.  I keep getting emails about it, so I'll just toss it in the pile!  Have a Pinkie Pie bubble blower,  because Pinkie Pie likes bubbles. 

    There are a million variations of it.  Some come with a Pinkie Pie stick, while others are just liquid with a Pinkie Pie tray.  I think this is the only actual electronic one. 

     Source: Kurt
    Last but not least, a new set of MLP Tote bags have popped up.  The best one being Twilight Sparkle's of course.  It's kind of weird that they keep releasing white Celestia on all of their other merch, but the toy remains disappointingly pink... maybe some day we will get a normal one.  Until then, we can just keep repainting her!
  • Guitars, Shoes, and Sketchbooks

    Lots of crazy items have been sent to me in the last few days, but things have been a bit congested lately.  What better way to handle that, than creating a compilation!

    Above you can find a guitar by Halfdragonpod.  That almost makes me want to learn guitar! Right after I learn how to code, and learn how to draw.  I have a lot of stuff to work on!  It's a shame Twilight Sparkle isn't real.  Having her as a study partner would be a dream...

     And to the left, we have an amazing Luna sketchbook.   I'm pretty sure once you get to that point in art, a scetchbook isn't even required anymore. You can just burn images into your retinas and print them out later!  The artist can be found here!

    And to the right, have some pony shoes! Because shoes + Ponies is always an awesome combo.  Even though they don't actually wear shoes... What a shame.  These were created by someone named Spanchi.
  • Music: Cutie Mark Core / B.Y.O.P. (System of a Down Parody) / My Little Poker Face

    Music time!  Mashups, remixes, and covers.  This one has it all!

    1.) Cutie Mark Core (+NURSE Remix - No Vox) (No embed)
    2.) B.Y.O.P. (System of a Down Parody) (No Embed)
    3.) My Little Poker Face

  • Brony Timeline

    Just in case you guys were curious about how much we have grown, or for the new people that weren't here from the beginning, this timeline does a really good job of laying everything out!

    When I created this site, I didn't really think it would last for more than a few months.  Pony was supposed to be a trend..not a subculture!   I also thought it would die out a month after season one ended.. but here I am with triple the emails I had during the final episode. 

    You guys are crazy.
  • Season 2 Completion Date?

    *UPDATE* Apparently it is an old link!  Sorry!  I kind of figured it was, but just thought I'd toss it up.

    Jayson did say Fall, which is totally not December, so hopefully we can roll with that instead!  

    Anyway back to reading about all the objects/creatures/ponies Rainbow Dash can ship with while we wait.  

    Note: Completion Date does not = When Season 2 Starts! 
  • Rhode Island Convention 2011 Q&A

    Hey! Someone recorded it.  Apparently this was pretty difficult to get into.

    It sounds like they are planning on actual toys for us!  Which is really cool.  And of course the Blurays/DVD releases.  Hopefully they have some awesome behind the scenes stuff included.

    You can find both embeds after the break!

    Due to popular demand in the comments, have some bolded, underlined, and colored information!

    • Brony Toys Potentially in Production!
    • Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD'S are ON THE WAY!
  • Ashleigh Ball Signs Ponies!

    Bronymike recently met up with Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash and Applejack's voiceovers) and actually got her to sign a pony!

    I think I'll be a bad overworked journalist and let him tell the entire story.  It's a pretty good read!  You can find it after the break. 

    Also check out her band's Myspace page here
    And a gallery fo more images here!

  • Story: Forgotten (Update Part 2+3! )

    [Normal] Pre-readers said it invoked the power of potential tears! So maybe a bit sad?

    Author: JenovaII
    Description: A pony from Twilight's past returns.
    Forgotten Part 1
    Forgotten Part 2: Soft (New!)
    Forgotten Part 3: Hollow (New!)

    Additional Tags: Nopony should ever be forgotten.
  • Pony Playing Cards!

    A full set of pony playing cards is download/printable on Deviant art.  Hope you guys have the correct paper for them!  Or something!

    Click the Great and Powerful Joker above for the image, or visit the source DA page here!
  • PMV: The Soldier on Rarity / The Blues Crusaders / Major Tom

    Random PMV's time!

    1.) The Soldier on Rarity
    2.) The Blues Crusaders
    3.) Major Tom

  • Story: Lunar Eclipse


    Author: Landmine
    Description: Luna is about to get everything dreamed of. She will shine like her sister at long last! However, the smallest mistakes can alter what is recorded as history and create a permanent scar on one's character.

    Additional Tags: Luna, Moon, Redefining, the, Banishment
  • Story: Rainbow Colored Falling Stars (Update Part 3!)

    [Shipping] Dashyloon... Lunabow... Yah I give up.

    Author: Morgan Artemis Ville
    Description: Luna is off in search of a falling star so that her wish of ponies enjoying her beautiful night would come true. However, she never could have imagined the feelings of friendship felt after meeting Rainbow Dash and how the pegasus pony might change her forever.
    Rainbow Colored Falling Stars Part 1
    Rainbow Colored Falling Stars Part 2
    Rainbow Colored Falling Stars Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: adventure, friendship, flying, hope, comedy
  • Brony Documentary from SlateV.com

    SlateV.com has done a quick 6 minute documentary on the brony craze.  It's nothing we haven't heard before, but at least it's positive this time around.

    You can find it after the break!

    Also on their main page!

  • Story: The Light Never Goes Out (Update Story 2!)


    Author: BrianBlessedPony
    Description: Equestria prepares to celebrate a great event, but for six certain ponies, this event means much more to them
    The Light Never Goes Out

    Additional Tags: Future, Loss, Acceptance, Minor OC

    [Sad] Story 2 (New!)

    Author: BrianBlessedPony
    Description: We all lose someone or something close to us in our lives. It's how we remember them that counts.
    The Candle That Burns Twice as Bright

    Additional Tags: Sad, Sacrifice, Rememberance, Closure, Death

  • Nightly Roundup #34

    Oh god its creepy

    I was going to use Luna in socks, but I had to use it for something else.

    On to the news!

  • Story: Rise of the Shadow Ponies


    Author: Sithicus
    Description: When Nightmare Moon returns to Equestria, all of Ponykind is threatened. Can Princess Celestia and her prized pupil manage to defeat the beast? Will Princess Luna finally be able to stand up to the monster that overtook her body and soul? Will the author stop asking such silly questions?
    Rise of the Shadow Ponies

    Additional Tags: Exciting, Adventure, Story-In-A-Story