• Story: Doctor Whooves: The Worst of Times (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal][Adventure] So much Dr. Whoof! And still 2 more in review right now. You guys are nuts.

    Author: Maverick Vox
    Description: After narrowly escaping the total destruction of Earth, the TARDIS malfunctions, stranding The Doctor in a world unlike any other. Can he adapt to his new form and make it back in time to save everything he ever loved, including himself?
    Doctor Whooves: The Worst of Times
    Doctor Whooves: The Worst of Times Part 2  (New!)

    Additional Tags: Doctor Whooves, Adventure, Regeneration, Adjustment, Time Lords
  • PMV: Pony Souls / Pinkie Pie - Life of the Party / High Hopes

    Random image?!  check!

    Random PMV's?!


    1.) Pony Souls
    2.) Pinkie Pie - Life of the Party
    3.) High Hopes

  • Story: Blacksmith

    [Normal][Random] Pinkie Pie in armor.. oh lawdy

    Author: HunBrony
    Description: When Pinkie Pie thinks about a new kind of party, she seeks help from the most unexpected pony.
    The Blacksmith

    Additional Tags: A hyperactive pink filly in armor
  • 13 Mil comic and Ooh Sir Spike

    Poor Fluttershy...  I wonder what it's like to spend every waking moment on the edge of absolute terror. Looks like Speccysy has taken up the reigns for million threshold comics! 

    And some spike stuff from RusselH below! Poor kid just doesn't understand compatibility.

    Sources: Speccysy / RusselH

  • Job Openings at DHX Media

    DHX Media over in Vancouver is hiring Animators/Posers, Supervisors, Animation Revisionists, Designers and Storyboard Artists right now.  According to Jayson Thiessen's Twitter page, this is THE place to apply if you want to work on Friendship is Magic.

    So, if any of you artists out there are interested in giving it a shot, you can find the facebook page with the shout out for job opportunities here
  • Story: The Ponyville Chronicles (New Part 3 + 4!)

    [Normal] Another Oc Pony Story!

    Author: Northland Pony
    Description: The tales of Aurora, a student of journalism and pegasus who comes to Ponyville.  And also the ongoing tales of the mane cast between season 1 and season 2.  Evil stirs.  Adventure is embarked upon.  Muffins are eaten.  Laughs are had.  The crazy history of Ponyville continues.
    Google Documents
    The Ponyville Chronicles Part 1
    The Ponyville Chronicles Part 2
    The Ponyville Chronicles Part 3 (New!)
    The Ponyville Chronicles Part 4 (New!)

    The Ponyville Chronicles All Links

    Additional Tags: Long, Series, OCs, Everypony, Evil Muffin
  • What Would You Ask Jayson Thiessen?

    Most bronies immediatly flock to Lauren Faust whenever My Little Pony is mentioned. This is with good reason: she did help build this amazing world for us to play around with... but she was only a piece of the Friendship is Magic pie.  

    Jayson Thiessen is the supervising director.  For those of you who don't know that means, he's in charge of creative oversight for every aspect of the show, and making sure the script, voice acting, music, and animation all come together into a cohesive whole.  Friendship is Magic wouldn't be the awesome cartoon it is today without his genius guidance. 

    Someone working for Hasbro is allowing us to interview him, the same way we did with Daniel Ingram a while back, and just like the last one, I'll be gathering questions from all of you!

    I'm not 100% sure what we are allowed to ask about in terms of season two, though I was told that these types of questions aren't completely banned.  Try to keep them to a minimum at least!

    So, toss your questions in the comments below!
  • Story: Coming Home


    Author: Polecat
    Description: Luna's last night as the "Mare in the Moon", after spending a millennium watching Equestria under her, prepares herself to return. A speculative look at what this final day may have been like for Princess Luna.
    Coming Home

    Additional Tags: 1st Person Luna, Contemplative, Talking to herself?
  • Comic: My Little Sunshine

    In honor of our first Summer Sun Celebration, have a comic! This is My Little Sunshine, by Pixelkittens.

    You can find the entire low-resolution comic on Ponychan here, or the full version in five pages on the artist's DeviantArt here.
  • Pony Plush Pattern Template

    So I heard you like Plushie Ponies!

    Meliadhor over on Deviant Art has released an pattern template for the ones found above! Sew now you can try your hoof at actually creating one! And earning that really high point value achievement while doing it!

    If you are interested in giving a shot, you can find the entire thing on the DA page below!

    Pony Plush Template
  • Pony Piano

    Piano time!

    I'm pretty sure the Fluttershy version is the best. 

    Also this song is the best...

    y w r y w r y i u t r t y w q e w

    Yep.  I'm gonna go replay that game now. 

    You can find the link over at the Bronies United Livejournal Page below!

    Pony Piano
  • PMV: Pony Bebop / Ponysiders 2 / Beatles Are Magic

    Can we get more PMV's like that first one? That was awesome.

    1.) Pony Bebop
    2.) Ponysiders 2: Extended Version
    3.) My Little Pony: The Beatles are Magic

  • Massive Updates to the Soundboard

    That soundboard I posted a while back has had a ton of quotes added to it, including all two of Luna's lines!

    Someone needs to convert this into a phone app.  I need 24/7 access to pony quotes dammit!

    You can find the fully updated version below

    Pony Soundboard Version 3
  • Story: The Midnight Run


    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description: Twilight is approached by Applejack with a strange request - to join her that night for a run, but all is not as it seems. Why is Applejack so nervous? What could this be about?
    The Midnight Run

    Additional Tags: pagan, nature, mystery, friendship
  • PMV: My Little Midnight / The Swarm / Reborn

    Parasprites, and Rammstein, and Twilight Sparkle!

    1.) My Little Midnight (FIXED!)
    2.) The Swarm
    3.) Reborn
  • Story: Elements of Discord (Updated Complete/Re-write!)

    [Normal] This idea has been floating around for a while now.  It was inevitable that we would get a story about it.  

    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description:  A strange storm leaves destruction in it's wake, stirring up an ancient evil best left in the dark. The six ponies bearing the elements of harmony may just have met their match as evil, twisted versions of them appear in town causing havoc and mischief. There are rumours of Nightmare Moon's return, but Luna is still Luna - what can it mean? Who is behind this? Is this the end of Equestria? Who is the empress who rules these new nega-ponies with an iron hoof? Stay tuned and find out.
    Elements of Discord (All Links) (New Chapter 10!)

    Additional Tags: adventure, chaos, battle, bravery, magic

    All side stories after the break!
  • Typography Images

    I never knew half the art stuff submitted here even existed before FiM.  This show is a learning experience every day! These are pretty awesome!

    Source: Skylinefaux
  • Three Pony Covers

    You guys like these last time... I think! So have a round two!

    1.) Fluttershy's Lullaby
    2.) Giggle at the Ghostie
    3.) So Many Wonders

  • Nightly Roundup #13

    Well it IS her day I guess.

    This one is going to be a bit less...wordy.  I'm doing this in "grind mode", where I play music and just blow through things!  I'm tired!

    Anyway on with the news!
  • The Summer Sun Celebration...

    Greetings to all of my faithful subjects!

    I hope you are enjoying your pointlessly temporary lives this fine morning.

    Unfortunately, it seems everypony around here has forgotten the most important day of the year; my birthday.

    Each and every day, I, your benevolent overlord, raise and lower the very thing that keeps your despicable little hooves from turning into cute little pony popsicles. I do very much enjoy popsicles, especially cute pony shaped ones, but for the sake of my loyal followers, I endlessly sacrifice my enjoyment for the betterment of a bunch of thankless world consuming foals.

    And don't even THINK about pulling the "but Luna could do it too!" card. Do you HONESTLY believe that little tyrant wouldn't backstab you the second she got the chance? I see her lurking in the shadows behind my throne...with that conniving look on her face. She's just waiting for the perfect time to pounce and bring back that ridiculous "eternal night" she kept blabbering about a thousand years ago. The crying and "but Cele! I'm So lonely!" is all an act!

    I hope you are all happy. I think I'll go on a murdering rampage. It has been SO long since I have done something fun like that, and it's not like you wont repopulate like a bunch of dirty little rabbits anyway.

    Your Benevolent Overlord and Stewardess of the Sun
    Princess Celestia

    PS - I have promoted Sethisto to Captain of everything in my absence.

    Robot Voice
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 26

    It should go without saying that tonight's gallery is a special dedication to Madmax. She's been churning out amazing art and hilarious pony comics since this fandom was still finding its legs, and I'm happy to take this opportunity to give something back to her. If you're reading this, I hope the many, many ponies who drew tributes for you make you smile, and I hope those smiles help you through the rough patch in your life. Thank you for everything. But, we are whalers on the moon ponies on a mission, and that mission so happens to be the delivery of drawings of ponies drawing. An absolutely massive number of you took up the banner of the bonus challenge, so a huge percentage of tonight's 176 entries feature her glorious visage. Our grand total is now sitting pretty at 4,836 images. Woo! And just in case you missed it yesterday, here's the Event Archive link if you want to go diving through old galleries and can't find them. You can also click the Event button on the sidebar.

    Ever onwards and forward, friends. Here's your daily link to the submission guidelines so that you can continue to send me ponies, and yet another reminder that my e-mail is still phoe@equestriadaily.com. Apparently some of you are still entertained by this paragraph! I am both surprised and very very happy. I hate being boring.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony raising (or pretending to raise) the sun. In honor of June 21st, the Summer Sun Celebration, we're paying tribute tonight to our dearly beloved Princess Celestia. So give her your art, or draw a pony pretending to be her, or draw a pony partaking in this festive day's activities. Something to do with ponies and the sun. I'm not picky. I hope she isn't either. I'm so sick of the moon. Heck, you know what? Bonus theme! Draw me overthrowing her. That'll learn her. (bonus bonus theme: me failing and winding up on the moon).