• Story Archeology: "Dr. Whoof Mechanical Harmony"// "Make Me Better Boutique" // "Equestrian Revolution"

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    [Crossover] Doctor Whoof: Mechanical Harmony
    Description: Diligent Mail Pony Bright Eyes returns from her deliveries one day to discover a strange box and a stranger pony in her garden. No sooner do they make each others' acquaintance then a mechanical army threatens to overtake Ponyville and conquer all of Equestria! Can the Doctor and Bright Eyes overcome the Cyberponies and defeat their mysterious leader, the Robot Unicorn?

    [Shipping] Make Me Better Boutique
    Description: Pinkie Pie invites her friend to a new shop called the Make Me Better Boutique after a long, tiring day of cloud-busting. Grudgingly, Rainbow Dash agrees. Will she be able to lift Rainbow's spirits?

    [Grimdark] Equestrian Revolution
    Description: Still needs an Official one as well! Lots of Pony wars and Military stuff in here!