• 10+ New OpenPony Costumes and Rewards for Nightmare Night 2023! - A Guide to Pony Sim Events

    It's that time of the year once again for Halloween, and no one celebrates it harder than the pony community on Second Life! As OpenPony has essentially taken over the world in terms of model people use for their pony shenanigans, we've got a ton of new rewards this year for anyone that wants to collect candy in the various sims people do pony things on.

    Below the break, get a breakdown of the big 3, including all of the new costumes you can collect for your Popen, and how to do it.

    Luna's empire has upgraded their event big time from last year. Instead of just flying around zepping ghosts with your Ghostbusters style gun, they've added three separate classes, loads of new mechanics, and a massive boss fight that rewards a ton of candy. You can pick the hunter that spawns little mini bosses after it zaps enough ghosts, the cleaner that cleans slime off other ponies and clears puddles for candy, and the tanky Binder that protects other popens from the loads of slime you will see flying everywhere this year.

    All of last year's awards are available, but they also have a bunch of new costumes, manes, tails, and other things to collect, including for non-OP models. Since we are mainly focusing on OpenPony as a poni website, have some standouts for that:

    Jacket and skirt, Medical pony outfit, and robotic hooves - 1500 Candy Each
    Ridable OpenPony witch broom - 8000 Candy
    Luna and Nightmare Moon Statues - 1500 / 2000 Candy Respectively
    Manes and Tails - 600 Each
    Mercy Outfit - 30,000 Candy
    Pirate Outfit - 5000 Candy
    Steampunk Outfit - 5000 Candy

    The grind isn't too bad here outside of the Mercy outfit. I've put about an hour and a half, primarily just killing the boss and have around 20k candy, so expect to put a few hours in at least if you want the premium award. Everything else should only take a little time.

    Anyway, have some screenshots! The area you hunt in is really cool looking:

    Ponyville continues its Trick-or-Treat mini game, where you wander the town clicking doors and getting either tricked or treated. Some of the tricks this year come with a massive injection of candy though, so you might end up hunting those anyway! Be sure to explore when you get teleported, as the bowls with the rewards in places like Discord's domain aren't always straight up the path of least resistance.

    They also have a handy map this year that lets you know which doors you've already tagged for the day, so you don't have to keep track on your own.

    Ponyville has a bunch of new Popen costumes, along with one that has yet to be revealed as of me making this post. Here's the rewards this time:

    Bewitching Hat and Mane - 750 Candy
    Diving Suit - 1000 Candy
    Heian Robes - 1000 Candy
    Postmaster Suit - 1000 Candy
    Sun and Moon Samurai Armor - 5000 Candy
    Chrysalis Statue
    G6 Horn, Teletubies suit, and a WSIS box with a bunch of random accessories and hats
    Nightmare Moon Statue and last year's rewards.
    Popen Lighting System - Free! Carry a lantern, or light your horn.

    And some shots of the amazing environment they've set up:

    Neighberry actually sent over a press release, so I'll be running with that one. They've greatly expanded their fruit murdering game for candy, added a new area for collectors, and have an amazing Samus costume, with more to come! You can also collect the huge amount of costumes they had last year if you missed them.
    Have the presser:

    In a thrilling continuation of the beloved Freakyfruit saga, Neighberry's 2023 Nightmare Night event promises to be bigger, bolder, and fruitier than ever before. This year, the event is packed with an array of new prizes, innovative weapons, and enhanced features that are set to captivate and entertain participants.

    The quaint town of Neighberry is once again under siege, as mischievous fruits wreak havoc, leaving a trail of stolen candy in their wake. From the sandy shores of the beach to the rustic confines of the farm, these audacious fruits have left no stone unturned. It's up to the brave residents and visitors to restore harmony and reclaim the stolen treasures.

    Participants have two thrilling options: they can embark on a daring quest to collect the scattered candy, retracing the steps of the fruit invaders, or they can gear up for an epic showdown in the eerie graveyard. Armed with an array of new weapons and an improved heads-up display (HUD) that provides vital information on the range and health of the menacing fruits, players are better equipped than ever to take on the fruity foes.

    But the excitement doesn't end there. Once players have amassed a bounty of candy, they can head over to the local candy shop to exchange their loot for a plethora of brand new prizes. Neighberry's organizers have teased that they will be unveiling at least two new prizes every week, ensuring that the anticipation remains high throughout the month. Moreover, participants should keep their eyes peeled for special surprises that promise to add a quirky twist to the event's lore and a truly exceptional prize that's bound to be the talk of the town.

    The event, which runs from October 1st to October 31st, is not just about battling fruits and collecting candy. It's a celebration of community spirit, camaraderie, and the joy of the Halloween season. So, gather your friends, stock up on supplies, and maybe even whip up a jam sandwich or two, because Neighberry's 2023 Nightmare Night is an event you won't want to miss!

    Update: More Neighberry Costumes

    And some scenery shots:


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