• Halloween At Luna's Empire - Haunted Ponyville, Ghostbuster Game, Lots of OpenPony Costumes & Rewards

    For everyone out there who has joined me in OpenPony shenanigans, today begins one of the biggest months for Second Life, where pretty much all the sims throw up events celebrating Halloween to both play around with your popen, or decorate it with a host of costumes.

    As of today, Luna's Empire has started up their event. Within, you will find a beautiful haunted Ponyville decked out in graveyards, ghosts, pumpkins, and of course Nightmare Moon as an overall theme. The entire area is dedicated to one big game where you run (or fly) around capturing a variety of specters with a gun straight out of Ghost Busters. Each ghost captured earns you points which can then be spent for a bunch of different rewards, from costumes to skins, and even furniture with custom animations for your houses.

    I'll break it all down below!

    The World
    If you are like me and just enjoy collecting pictures of popen, there are a bunch of neat locations to explore with this one, including Sweet Apple Acres broken and covered in pumpkins, an animated haunted house, crypts, creepy graveyards, witch huts, and of course a mini version of Ponyville with a bunch of themed houses and haunted streets. 

    The Event

    The entire place is set up for ghost hunting, which is the main attraction for everyone collecting rewards right now. Throughout the area, you will find constantly spawning ghosts to zap and capture for points. There are small ghosts worth around 7 points, and medium size creatures that take a group of ponies to capture worth more, and Nightmare Moon that takes a bunch of people to take down worth around 100. Collect your ghost gear and equip it, then enter mouselook mode (first person coming from MMORPGS) to fire it. You will only see a beam if it has a ghost to lock on to. Capture a bunch and go get rewards~

    The Rewards

    This year they have a huge selection of costumes to win. The grind is pretty epic if you want it all, but it doesn't take too long to pick up one or two. Joining those, there are skins, furniture, sily things for your poni to carry around in her mouth, statues, and a bunch of other things. I collected pictures of all of the available costumes since that seems to be what most of the ponies I've been zapping ghosts with are interested in. Have a breakdown:

    Moondancer Mane - 650
    Various objects - 50-70
    Weapons - 1000
    Nightmare Moon Portrait - 300 / Medieval Garment - 1000
    Dress 3000 / Leather outfit - 4000
    Multi-layer Dress - 3000
    Stallion Armor - 3000
    Gundam - 5000
    Ghost - 500
    Batpony Armor - 4000
    Nun - 3000
    Firefighter - 4000
    Asian Dress - 3000
    Ghost Hunter Outfit - 5000
    Adorable bat perch - 2000
    Cuddle Cushion with tons of solo and duo poses - 7000

    And that's about it! Go zap some ghosts. It took me about about 45 minutes to earn a set, so collecting everything will be a pretty huge grind, but free stuff is always fun~ 
    Expect more posts once other sims get their events going.  

    You can hit the event up by following the Luna's Empire Event link with your Second Life viewer.